Naschon’s Leap

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aNNa’S NoTe: I’d never heard this one before. But I used to get a newsletter via e-mail, and found this to be very interesting, so I thought I’d re-post it here, and see what you thought.

…In the traditional Jewish telling of the crossing of the Red Sea, Nachshon ben Amminadab, the prince over the tribe of Judah, plays an important role. Who is Nachshon? His name is mentioned six times in the Torah. To believers his name is familiar from the genealogies of the Master in Matthew 1 and Luke 3. Nachshon was one of the ancestors of Yeshua. The Torah refers to him as the prince over the tribe of Judah.

In the Talmud, Nachshon is remembered as the first to go down into the Red Sea. According to the traditional telling, Moses bade the Israelites step into the sea, but they were unwilling to do so until Nachshon sprang forward and plunged into the water. …As the water washed over him, the LORD instructed Moses to lift his staff and stretch out his hand so that the water might split. Nachshon then led the Israelites to safety on the other side.

The story of Nachshon can teach us about Messiah. The Torah calls Nachshon the prince (nasi) over the tribe of Judah. The word “Prince” (nasi) is twice translated in the Greek version of the Bible with the Greek word archegos: forerunner, leader, trailblazer, captain, pioneer, prince, head. In the Talmud’s story, Nachshon was a trailblazer who led the way into the sea. He ushered Israel to safety by taking the proverbial leap of faith. He was the archegos of the people.

Archegos is a word used by the Apostles to describe Yeshua. Peter refers to Yeshua as the “archegos of life” (Acts 3:15) and “the one whom God exalted to His right hand as an archegos and a Savior” (Acts 5:31). The writer of the book of Hebrews refers to Messiah as the “archegos of their salvation through sufferings” (Hebrews 2:10) and the “archegos and perfecter of faith” (Hebrews 12:2). He is the archegos of life in that He was the first to pass from death to life. In that sense, the Red Sea can be likened unto the grave. Just as Nachshon led Israel through the sea to safety on the other side, Messiah leads the way through the grave to safety on the other side through His resurrection. …He preceded us as the archegos of salvation. And just as Nachshon demonstrated saving faith for all Israel by taking that first leap of faith, Messiah is the archegos and perfecter of our faith.

In the Dark of Night

((NoTe:  This is a repost from last year, to keep with the series that I’m doing.))

I don’t know if you’re counting the Omer with me or not, but we’ve made it a week!  We’re one seventh of the way thru our trip from… out here, to a closer relationship with Ha’Shem, if we’re doing this whole Passover thing correctly.  Because the trip from Egypt across the sea to Sinai wasn’t just a nice little walk.  It was a time of transition – the people coming out had been fully immersed in the world’s ways, and by the time they reach Sinai, the Bible says they were holy as the angels… they had a HUGE transition going on during those weeks.  And if you consider the reality of duality, the spiritual application of this is that we (people stuck in this damned world) come before Yehovah and remember His salvation at Pesach (both from Egypt – OT – and thru Messiah – NT), and then use the time from Pesach thru the weeks of counting the Omer drawing closer to Him.


I change the cover photo on my FB a LOT, trying to illustrate where we are in the whole thing.  There’s not enough good graphics out there for me, I should add.  But my current picture is of the parting of the Red Sea as seen from the other side.  In other words – the cloud that went before them by day, and the ocean beyond the last of them closing back in on itself, over the Egyptians.  There are no Jews in my picture, just Yehovah-the-pillar-cloud, and the forces of nature in His power.  It’s… an incredible picture… I really love it.  But it kind of sparked something in me.  Because I have never ‘followed along the Omer with scripture’.  ((Is that how you’d say it?))  I never read what THEY did at the same time as I’ve counted the days.  And doesn’t that seem like something we should do?

So I turned to Exodus, where my Bible says ‘Leaving Egypt’.  And it says that after they left Egypt and sanctified at Sukkoth, Ha’Shem went before them as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, and led them the ‘Way of the Wilderness’, instead. That took them from Sukkoth (Dwell with the Lord) to Etham (meaning, edge of the wilderness)… this was like when Messiah was baptised and and the Spirit came on Him in the form of a dove (Sukkoth – dwelled with Him) and then He went immediately into the wilderness to be tempted.  Remember?  Another reality of duality.  We come out of our Passover meal, and… life happens.  My mother shows up with doughnuts, and tries to get me over for Easter supper (2013).  My brother has a party on Easter and tryies to get us to eat cake/crackers/cookies (2014).  Tempting.

From there (still in that 7-day period of unleavening), they would TURN after Etham, camp beneath Midgol (elevated place), and end up between Pi Hahiroth and Baal Zephon.  ( Between a “rock and a hard place.)  They were trapped, with Egyptians coming behind them, and nothing in front of them but the sea.

What happens, next?  Exodus 14:19 tells us… and it’s AWESOME.  It say the Angel of God that was leading them (that pillar of cloud?) came between the Egyptians and the Israeli camp, and protected them.  It says that pillar was dark and ominous and a heavy barrier to Egypt, but it was light and reassurance to the Jews.  Now how about that?!?

ImageThen the Lord had Moses stretch out his hand toward the sea, and all night long  the waters pulled back – did you know that?  It was a sunset-to-sunrise thing.  The night of deliverance… their joy must’ve been great.  Seeing that?  Watching it happen?  Wow!!

It says that the Divine presence was still a cloud when Egypt was separated from Israel, not a pillar of fire, yet… and it says the water split back at sunset.  Which means deliverance came just as the seventh day began – just as the leavening/life came back into the people.  They did NOT go to bed that night – they were ready to go… and contrary to all those pictures in christian books, the Bible clearly says that the Red Sea parting happened in the dark hours, only.  Israel crossed at night.  It wasn’t until dawn that the waters were allowed to fold in on themselves (Ex 14:27), did you know that?  I don’t know how I missed this for so many years – I have read this passage so many times, you’d think I’d have seen that!  It says that Egypt didn’t know what was happening until morning (vs. 24) and so they were quite a long way behind… that’s why they were driving so hard (vs. 25).  But it did them no good.

My header picture at FB is of that morning.  As the sun hit the horizon, the waters folded back in on themselves.  It was over – no daytime crossing, everyone safe on the other side.  What a night that must’ve been!

I think I’m going to like looking into this journey, further…

The Three Stops

I just realized tonight is the Red Sea crossing, and I’m not there yet!  SECOND BLOG POSTING OF THE DAY ALERT!!!!!  And homiGAWSH, but I see some really amazing things, here!

Okay, okay, calm down… first things first.

I don’t know why, but when Israel left Egypt, no mention of their first two stops was made.  Could it be because stragglers were joining for those first few days, and the number of people leaving wasn’t complete until the third day?  Or maybe because – until the Lord came down among them and let them, Himself – it didn’t matter?  I don’t know.

But we don’t know the name of the first two stops Israel made out of Egypt.  And I guess it doesn’t matter, since nothing important was recorded during those days.  Likely, people were trying to come to terms with what was happening, and were trying to find some rhythm to the journey.  I don’t blame them – I’d be the same way.   All’s they know is that they were to take the lower trade route -  the ‘Way of the Wilderness’ instead of the ‘Way of the Philistines’.

The ‘Way of the Philistines’ led up to Canaan/Assyria,
the ‘Way of the Wilderness’ led to Saudi Arabia and Mohenjo-Daro (India).

So they’re headed due east on the orange line.  Three days in, (the third day/Resurrection Day!)  Israel stopped and was sanctified to God, and that’s when Yehovah came down and dwelled with them… there at Sukkoth.  We already talked about that Friday.  And it says that from Sukkoth they went to Etham.  And it wasn’t until Etham that they received further instructions for their journey.  Up until now, they knew the way they were taking, and then had a pillar join and lead them.  But watch what happens at Etham:

Exodus says, “Speak unto the children of Israel, that they turn and encamp before Pi’Hahiroth, between Migdol and the sea, over against Baal-Zephon: before it shall ye encamp by the sea.”  (We’re in chpt 14, now.)

Here’s another account – in Numbers 33:6-8, it says: “And the children of Israel removed from Rameses, and pitched in Succoth. And they departed from Succoth, and pitched in Etham, which is in the edge of the wilderness. And they removed from Etham, and turned again unto Pi’Hahiroth, which is before Baal-Zephon: and they pitched before Migdol. And they departed from before Pi’Hahiroth, and passed through the midst of the sea into the wilderness, and went three days’ journey in the wilderness of Etham, and pitched in Marah.”

Etham (“which is the edge of the wilderness”), is where the rocky bits make way for the smooth bits.  It’s on the WEST of the sea, after the hilly stuff.  I pulled up a topographical map, to take a look, and found where the rough give way to smoother desert on the Egypt side.  Then, using the 14 miles per day set, I spanned it out, and put Sukkoth on the third day… and hey – it’s ANOTHER three days before they hear from Yehovah, again!  Threes are His thing… and I love it!

But at Etham, the Lord says, “TURN!”  And Israel – that had been expecting to go the ‘Way of the Wilderness’ found themselves NOT going the Way of the Wilderness, anymore.  They had to be going, “What the heck?!!?”  Because there wasn’t anything south!  They didn’t know Yehovah’s plans to show His power with a sea crossing.  Instead, they’re just turned and freaking.  I’d be whispering ‘Follow that pillar!’ under my breath nonstop!

I’d never SEEN that before, have you!?

Migdol means ‘elevated place’ in Hebrew, like a watchtower or a pulpit.  The meaning indicates something very high… and I’ve seen some stupid things from the christian sites (which have it on the end of Sinai, where they couldn’t have gotten to, yet… or up along the way of the Philistines, which… NO.)  But if you pull up an elevation map of Egypt:

The ‘V’ shaped land is (of course) Sinai, and… oh, look!  The only elevated place in Egypt, the ONLY orange between the Nile and Sinai?  Is on the map is RIGHT where they would be when they turned at at Etham!  I think we’re on to something, don’t you!?

After they camped ‘before’ Migdol, they headed south to Pi’Hahiroth, which faces Baal-Zephon.  Here’s what I’ve read about these two:

Pi’Hahiroth means the mount of the caes and also in some translations  is ‘place of liberty’.  Baal-Zephon is a tower or military fortress.  It is also representative of God’s judgment.  Together, these two make up the ‘rock’ and ‘hard place’.  Yehovah backed them into it, so that the only deliverance would be by His hand.

Is. That. Not KEWL!?  Amazingly wonderful.  I mean, if you were traveling it, you’d’ve been freaking the heck out, but… I’ve never seen any of this, before.  I’ve never traveled it, proved it… seen where they went and thought what they must’ve thought.  It’s AMAZING!!!

Snapshot… Whoops!

Yeah.  Guess what I forgot to do yesterday?
In my defense, I was thoroughly engrossed in re-working that chart.

And after that, we went BACK outside to do more spring cleaning.  Now when I say ‘spring cleaning’…?  Our definition is a *little* different than everyone else’s.  Because it involves three wheelbarrows, pitchforks, shovels, rakes, a power washer and a copious amount of various kinds of poo.

What I’m saying is that the compost bin is emptied into the garden… The leaves around the critter pens, and the ashes from a winter’s worth of burning in the barrel, the straw from the dog house, the wood chips from the baby chicks, the rabbit droppings, six inches of chicken poo and the entire top three layers of trampled down and defiled goat barn floor are all in the garden.  Not to mention all the stuck-on from winter poo from the rabbit hutch sprayed off.

Goats, watching their humans hard at work.

And it’s not just about scooping, carting, and dumping stuff… then we have to go out in the garden with our implements of destruction and spread the stuff all around.  Because you can’t just leave big piles of ick in the garden… you spread it, so that when it’s time to till it in, it’s an even dispersion.

Look at the piles that need to be spread.
And that’s just HALF of the garden – the other half’s full, too!

I pulled everything out of the coop and sprayed it all off (a winter’s worth of dust is about two inches thick on EVERYTHING – stuck to the walls and hanging from the ceiling in thick layers).  Then Brian set up the primary department (to the left), and we got the baby chicks out of the garden tub in our bathroom (aka ‘the nursery’) and into the coop’s primary department.  It looks MUCH nicer in there, I assure you!  ((BTW, the McD cups are for collecting eggs and scooping critter food.  They work excellent, and stack well.))

We also got the roosters out of the hen house.  Last year we got 15 birds by mail order.  Three didn’t make it, and of the twelve SEVEN were roosters… bad luck!  So we’re keeping two (they’re in with the goats, so they don’t track up the backs of the hens (aka ripping out all the feathers on their backs with hanky-panky), and the others are going to be shabbat suppers!

It was a lot of hard work, but everyone pitched in.  We had gatekeepers (who opened/closed gates and made sure no critters got loose), barrow movers (when one got dropped off and another lugged away, kids needed to move empty barrows back over to where people were working… there were people fetching shovels and taking things to the trash bin and raking leaves into piles – all with play breaks in between, of course.

And then they went in and made lemonade for us big people who were still doing the heavier stuff.  Mmm, good.

A day full of accomplishments!



I Mess with my Mind

Which sounds ULTIMATELY stOopid, but it’s true.  I’m always confusing myself.  Or maybe that it’s that stuff is confusing to being with, and I succumb to it?  Not sure.  Mostly I think I’ve got a handle on things, but then I start second guessing and backing up and then trying to re-figure it out, wondering what I did in the first place… it’s really kind of sad.  I’d blame it on being blonde, but it’s such a dark gold-ish dishwater color, anymore… I’m not sure I qualify as blonde, anymore.  Meh.

Anyhow… yesterday we were putting barley on our Omer calendar, and I started the ‘Wait… is this Firstfruits/Resurrection Day?  Did I screw it up?  What about the sunset thing… was it the day before, or starts tonight…???  And you see?  It’s not really my fault, it’s part of being in a society that counts day from midnight to midnight (or for most of us, sunrise to sunset) instead of sunset to sunrise.  See?  Already the Hebrew way is easier – cuz we’re awake for the start and finish… and the Western way has us sleeping half of it and not knowing which way is up.  And I’m PROGRAMMED that way… so it’s EXTREMELY easy to be confused.

Luckily, I’m semi-logical… which is more than I can say for most people.  I mean, MOST of society is celebrating Easter/Ishtar… that paganism mixed with truth that makes me want to vomit in my mouth.  But even among the people who have ditched that half-breed monster of a celebration… they’re seriously screwed up.

For example, this morning, I saw this picture:


I understand what they were trying to do, really I do.  But you can’t have fricked it up WORSE… and they did that because a) they didn’t use logic, and b) they picked and chose verses and left out key information.  Oh, it looks impressive.  And if you’re a sheeple, you might grab hold and run with it.  But it’s WRONG.  It’s like they were TRYING to work out to a Resurrection Sunday… and in doing so, they twisted up Truth, entirely.

First, they start it on the wrong day.  Passover started at Sunset on Monday… because it’s based on the new moon (1%), which was April 1st,  which makes April 14/15 the feast.  I can’t even dissect that again.  April 15/16 would be Unleavened.

Secondly, they were smart enough to know that Leviticus 23:11 says that Firstfruits is the ‘morrow after the Sabbath’.  But they put it after Saturday (aka Shabbat).  And the problem in that is that… well, not every year does Pesach/Passover fall on a Tuesday.  Which means not every year is Shabbat on a Saturday.  But note that there’s a ‘high sabbath’ – Unleavened Bread.  THAT is also a ‘sabbath’ – and it doesn’t change from year to year.  The time Messiah was in the grave doesn’t change from year to year, either.  So they really screwed the pooch, right there.

Also, they insist that ‘christ in the grave for three days’  means LITERALLY “in the grave”.  But the Bible doesn’t say that – it’s a chrischun catch-phrase, this ‘in the grave’ business… and it’s a way of saying He was dead.  It’s like saying someone’s ‘passed away’ or ‘gone to glory’.  It means dead.   These nifty little phrases can’t be taken literally, because people don’t really ever ‘pass away’ – they take on another form or travel spiritually to another plane, but…  ((twitch, twitch.))

So we have the maker of this chart LITERALLY waiting until Messiah’s in the grave to count days, which puts us in a different day – a whole day behind!   Matthew 12:40 says that Yeshua is ‘in the heart of the earth for three days and three nights’… let’s not go into the hollow earth (ministering within the earth) thing again… but note that it doesn’t say ‘three nights and three days’.  If these people want to be literal, they shouldn’t be starting it at night.  If Messiah died at 3pm (ish)… that’s DAY.  GAH, people drive me crazy!  If you’re going to screw up, at least be consistent in it!!

I had to fix it.  You know me and my anal.  Besides, I was second-guessing where I had put Firstfuits to the point where I was thinking I had it in the wrong place on the Omer calendar and shouldn’t have posted about it at all.  THAT discombobbled.  So in fixing their chart, I would accomplish two things:  a) I would set them straight, and b) I would reaffirm (or disprove) what I’d held earlier in the week.  See?  It’s a win-win.

No comments about my shoddy editing job – it wasn’t about pretty, it’s about truth.   And to clarify, Leviticus 23:11 doesn’t say the day after Unleavened, it says they ‘morrow’ after Unleavened… so it works out right.  In other words, we’re unleavened until Monday night, and this chart makes more sense and is correct.  For this year, anyhow.

Do you see why I second guess myself… six times?  It’s confusin’, man…!!!

Should probably let you know
that I’m expecting SERIOUS boom-boom-boom
come (Ishtar/Easter) Sunday.

There was an M-7 solar flare with a CME released
and just before that, three slightly smaller CMEs… So today and tomorrow.

May your day be blessed, regardless!