Story of the World – 30

~~~~~ Siddhartha Stuff ~~~~~~~

THIS… is kewl stuff.  And what’s really amazing about it is that chrischuns will fluff it off, or skip it completely and then miss the astounding Truth that is in this.  Because in every really good falsehood, there is always Truth.  Bear with me, because… this gets really interesting.

This week (which was actually weeks ago – I’m playing catch-up on the blog) we’re learning about Buddah, who was also known as Siddhartha.  And me having a thing for Keanu Reeves’ movies/roles… you KNEW that I was going to pull out my VHS copy of ‘Little Buddah‘ and show the kids the story of Buddah with Keanu front and center.  Because if you want to do something, you do it right.  Heheheheh.

sotw30aThere are interesting parallels to the life of Moses found in the story of Siddhartha.  He was born chosen and set apart.  He was a prince, raised to a life of privilege.  He came upon poverty and need, and realized that life was sacred and that there was more than just riches and entitlement to the world, and he set out to change, to understand and connect with the Higher Power.  Much like Moses.

sotw30bBut there the story changes.  Because Yehovah is not a part of the picture directly, here (as He is with the Jews).   Siddhartha is left to himself to try to figure out how to connect with the Higher Power.  Remember how Romans 1 said that even those who do not have the Law are given Truth, even by nature, itself, declaring the glory of God?  RIGHT here!  This is an example of that.  Siddhartha wants to find Truth.  He wants to find peace and joy and… Yehovah, although he doesn’t have a name for that Higher Power.

sotw30fHe starts out by screwing up massively.  He went from one extreme (being a prince: having riches, food, women, clothing, power) to the other (starving himself, putting aside all material goods, not bathing, barely sleeping).  He became delusional, having hallucinations and coming close to death.

sotw30cBut then he comes to a realization – Truth isn’t in one extreme or the other, but all things in moderation (which is actually Asian thinking, too).  It’s only in the middle – in balance – that one finds the Higher Power.  So Siddhartha (now the Buddah, since he has come to the realization of Truth) gets up and washes and eats (which stuns his followers), and he clothes himself and begins to speak and to live…

And you know?  This is a Biblical principle?  If only Siddhartha had the scriptures!  Because this is what I’ve said for YEARS.  The Jews are one extreme (obedience to Torah without Faith in Messiah) while Christians are the opposite extreme (Faith in Messiah without obedience to Torah), but just as it’s not by works but by faith, faith without works is dead.  The truth is in the middle.


More than that… have you ever seen a rainbow?  Roy-G-Biv?  What’s in the middle?  G – green.  Red is too hot, violet is too cold, but Green – the primary color of this earth – is in the middle of the balance.  And wouldn’t you know, but Yehovah’s throne is green?

Immediately I was in the Spirit; and behold, a throne was standing in heaven, and One sitting on the throne. And He who was sitting was like a jasper stone and a sardius in appearance; and there was a rainbow around the throne, like an emerald in appearance. Around the throne were twenty-four thrones; and upon the thrones I saw twenty-four elders sitting, clothed in white garments, and golden crowns on their heads.  Revelation 4:2-4

The throne is Jasper (Yehovah, green of life) and Sardius (Yeshua, red of blood), and is surrounded by emerald – also the green of the Godhead.  Green is life in balance, God as central… in the midst of all.  It’s amazing Truth!

Poor Siddhartha.  He came at it the long way, but even without the Law and the Prophets, he still found  Truth.  Isn’t that amazing?  I love it!  It’s Romans 1B illustrated.  And yes, there are things about Buddhism that are really screwed up.  There are things about Christianity that are just as horribly screwed up.  There are things about Judaism that aren’t right, too.  Finding balance isn’t so easy when you have mankind constantly tipping things one direction or another.  Time is another factor against things.  That all aside… there’s something amazing, here.  And I’m not entirely sure that Siddhartha didn’t actually come to a belief in Yehovah (Higher Power), even though he had no one to share with him about Adonai Elohim.

Anyhow, I found a few interesting things (unrelated to my own revelation) that pertain to learning about Buddah.  Here is a NOVA interactive site that shows the different meanings of things found in Buddah illustrations (like the long ears, etc.).  It’s history and interesting, at any rate, and the kids would like it.  It helps decipher the poses Buddah is shown in in artwork.

eightAlso, here’s a picture that has the 8-fold path that Buddah taught.  Eight being eternity in Biblical numerology, which also geeks me… and ALL of the items on the list are found in scripture.  It would be fun to try to find verses to match – or you could use these verses, already assembled, if you wanted to show the parallels to your children.

It’s on my to-do list, for when we do an actual study of religions (which is coming up, too).

***** UPDATED *****


G’Morning.  Ish.  I’m running a little slow, today.  Getting back into the groove of things.  The plan is to take it easy, whittle away at laundry and dishes and putting stuff away, do a simple school day to get the kids back into the groove, and just re-acclimate.  It sounds like a good plan to me, anyhow.

Camping!  We had a fairly good time camping.  The weather wasn’t so great… and it wouldn’t have been a big deal, except that – in order to camp with the grandparents, Aunt/Uncle, and The Cousins, we were back in the mud.  And I do mean MUD.  My camper was just a soupy brown mess from stuff tracked in.  I need to mop in there, this week, too.   But my only other complaint is that… well, people seemed to be so afraid of offending each other that there was a lot of silent berth, do you know what I mean?  Just BIG spaces between folks, so that nobody encroached.  It was almost tangible.  But that could just be Brian’s people, too… I don’t know.  This was our first time camping WITH them, so it was a new experience.

The Good.  We all got along marvellously, though.  I was really pleased with how it went – we took turns ‘hosting’ campfires each night, so we might be at Mike n’ Kev’s one night, then Grandpa’s the next, then at ours… like that.  And Aunt Barb had some crafts for the kids, and there were so many games that we didn’t get to play all of them!  We biked 40 miles last week – did a lot of splashing in the lake (once it niced up)… it was fun.

Strife #1.  We did have a few issues.  Brian’s dad always pops out for a night to visit the grandparents, which… we might’ve made ourselves scarce for most of (and popped in to say hello and be polite), but when Brian asked which night he was coming, he said he wanted to bring MiL to see the kids.  That’d be a BIG heck no… MiL made the first ten years of my marriage a living hell (and abused our sons), so she is NOT welcome back in our lives.  So Brian shot off an e-mail saying no… but that if they wanted to come out and be with the family, we’d go home for the evening, we just needed to know which night.  Apparently at this news, Brian’s mother exploded (but honestly, what did she expect, hello?!)… and went postal on FiL, and neither of them ended up coming out.  Which didn’t hurt our feelings, at all.  Potential problem averted… although it was touch-n-go for a few hours, there.

Fishing Expedition #1.  My mother… hahahaaaaaaa…. I haven’t written here about the pre-camping mind games, did I?  OH, she is a piece of freakin’ work, that woman.  Okay, well, backing up, then.  She called about two weeks ago (for Isaac’s birthday), and said she bought a dog (poor creature).  I don’t think she’s managed to keep a dog more than 12 months solid in her LIFE.  Not even goldfish make it in her house.  She’s not a critter person.  Anyhow, she said that they wanted to go to the Lake Michigan for the day, and needed someone to watch their dog.  Which is… so stupid, I can’t begin to say.

Dog Sitting?  We’re less than an hour from Lake Michigan.  Put the dog on a tether or in a backyard kennel like NORMAL people, for pity’s sake.  Heck, when my landlady went on vacation, I went home on my lunchbreak for a week to let the dog out – it was fine indoors for a few hours.  But here was my mom, was calling to ask us to watch the dog.   Nevermind what OUR dog would think of their dog, or our two indoor cats, for that matter.  But because she watched Sammy for us, seven years ago, I owe her an in-house dogsitting.  ONE.  We could put the cats in the bathroom for a day, it wouldn’t be a big deal.  And she tended critters twice for us, so I owe her two kennel dogsittings, too, and so I said yes, if not just to get that debt paid and over with.  I asked when, and she said, “Well, we don’t want to do it while you’re camping…”  and that right there explained the purpose of the call – this wasn’t about her dog – she wanted to know when we were camping.   It’s all mind games, you see.  I said, “If I don’t know when you want me to watch the dog, I couldn’t tell you if we’re camping or not.”  So she said, “Oh, sometime next week.”  Didn’t have a day in mind (another confirmation of the REAL fishing expedition), PLUS as a bonus that means another reason to call, another foot in the door.  I said we weren’t camping then, and so we could watch the dog.

Fishing Expedition #2.  A week later, she calls up and says, “It’s too cold, we’re not bringing the dog over… maybe in August.  I said, ‘Fine.’  She said, “So… when are you camping?”  ((Hahahahaaaa!))  “So we can be sure not to show up there while you’re out at the lake?”  And of course she went immediately into pandering (“because we wouldn’t want to overstep our bounds, and we know you like your family time and yadda-yadda, shut the heck up yadda”).  So I told her – we go out Sunday for a week with Brian’s family.  She said she wouldn’t come out or bother us (and started the pandering thing, ad nauseum).  Whatevs.  Brian was SHOCKED that I told them, but it’d prove them, one way or the other, wouldn’t it?

Strife #2.  Fast forward to yesterday.  We packed up camp, hooked up the trailer, went for our last swim, and took everything home.  Our grass was LONG, so I suggested to Brian that we unpack the camper, put everything away, mow the lawn, do the weed whacking, and when we were good and hot, we’d go back out to get the jet-skis, and go for a dip to cool off and relax, and maybe a few last rides on the skis before we pulled them out of the water.  So that’s what we did – we pulled weeds and trimmed trees and did yard work (while the kids cleaned the play houses)… and when we were good and hot, we got suited up and drove out to the lake… to find my mother’s pontoon parked SIX FEET from our jet-skis.  Now she KNoWS that those skis are ours.  And she knew that we’d be coming back to get them.  So she DELIBERATELY planted her ass right on our jet-skis.  Because technically (and with her and her freakin’ mind games, it’s ALWAYS the technicality that keeps her in the clear, right?) we weren’t camping, anymore, so she could do that and not break her word.  Right?  Isn’t that how it works with assholes?  Always finding the loophole to shaft people and still look innocent?  There aren’t WORDS.

Redeeming the Night.  So we turned around and walked away.  Pissed off down to the last kid (Grams just ruined their swimming/jet-skiing trip).  And hello, I’m not saying they can’t be on the lake.  It’s a BIG damn lake – find another spot, not SIX FEET from our stuff!  Is that asking too much?  I don’t think so.  Nobody else thinks so.  But it’s ALWAYS with the games.  And if she thinks these things are helping her cause, she is SO. DAMN. WRONG it’s not funny.  She’s driving a big-ass wedge RIGHT between her and my kids, no help needed from me, thanks.  No… I play it, too.  I get to be the redeeming one, the kind mom who gives them a hug and tells them it’s okay, we’ll go and get footlong subs and have a picnic with the leftover camping pop on our back deck, instead… with pudding cups that I found in the camper fridge that we didn’t get to eat on the trip.  Thus making things better.

Kinda Pooped.  Anyhow, I’m kinda pooped.  From the emotional and physical and… all dat.  So taking it slow and easy today sounds good.  I told the kids our composer this week could be John Williams, so they’re geeked about that.  Poor Brian’s back to work (night CNC was on vacay before us, then we were on vacay, now that he’s back, night CNC is back on vacay, so they’re ALL behind and he’s going back to a mess), but it’ll be okay.  And it’ll be interesting to hear how lunch with his dad goes, tomorrow… heheh.  Gah, if it’s not one family, it’s the other.  And just the mothers.  My life’s goal is to not be an asshole mother to my kids when they’re grown, at this point.  But the whole thing just makes me tired.  Ready for a rapture… but then, I’m always ready for that!

So That’s It.  It’s been a while since I’d updated, and I had some stuff to vent out (obviously)… so that’s all taken care of, and I can go and hang out some laundry on the line.  Have a beautiful day – it’s going to be 86 and sunny, here!

Monday Update.  We went out last night, again, to try to get our jet-skis out of the water.  Just as we hit the shore, my mother’s pontoon came cruising in toward our machines, so it was ANOTHER no-go.  We headed home, everyone disgusted, and I told them that maybe if we waited a half an hour (until the sun set, at 9pm), they’d be gone back to their RV resort (THEY’RE NOT EVEN CAMPING THERE!!) and we could try again.  After all, they were coming in… probably leaving for the night, right?  So we went home, puttered for half an hour, drove back out, and they were JUST wading up to shore from the boat.  Probably to go have a fire with the second cousins.  So there went THAT thought.  Oh, and they parked their pontoon ten foot from the skis.  We just want to pull our dadgum jet-skis out of the dadgum water and take them home without having to deal with the Charlie Foxtrot that is my dadgum mother, for pity’s sakes.   I really don’t think that’s too much to ask…

Snapshot Sunday

IMG_2672 (666x398)

This past week, we were on vacation!!

IMG_2712 (500x666)

The weather was a mixed bag – crap and storms to start with,
but it got nicer & nicer until the weekend was beautiful.

IMG_2717 (666x499)

We went for bike rides, sunset swims, chased seagulls,
roasted (vegan) marshmallows, sat by campfires… it was good.

IMG_2731 (500x666)

When you don’t have a pocket,
make one out of your pant leg to hold feathers in!

IMG_2742 (666x461)

We brought out the jet skis, because we had extra people
who could take kids for rides.  We camped with Brian’s
grandparents, aunt/uncle, and two cousins.

Four campsites in a big square.  Cupcake decorating, games of softball and soccer.  Lit up palm trees and water squirter fights.  Drying in the sun and burning my thighs bright pink accidentally.  Crocheting with our aunt and coloring with grandma.  Listening to stories about Germany during WWII with grandpa and tales about the race track with the cousins.

It was a wonderful week!

Shabbat Shalom!


I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the downing of the Malaysian plane.  Not to go all linky on you, but here are a few very informative links that you might want to look at, today:

The Jews (who are at present in the process of starting a big war)……/interesting-recent…

…who believe we’re on the cusp of WWIII and the Coming Mosiach……/protecting…

… are scoffing at Obama’s fear and lack of reply……

Interesting times!

Paul’s Conversion

We’ve been reading thru Acts in our after-supper Bible times.  I have to admit something… it’s been good for me.  Getting to see how the apostles dealt with a Messiah-less reality.  Well, I mean that they had Him, but it wasn’t the same as when He was physically there with them, y’know?

What has been AMAZING to me has been reading about Saul/Paul.  I’ve written about him before, and meant to do more, but… reasons.  Anyhow, after supper there we are, reading about Stephen getting stoned, and Saul being there watching and secretly delighted that these heretics are being killed/persecuted for their ridiculous belief in Yeshua bar Yosef as Messiah…

4_paul-conversion… And then *WHAM!*  Yehovah Himself strikes Saul down on the road to Damascus, and says, “Why in the HELL are you persecuting my servants, who are representing me!?!”

And I got to thinking about it.  That was a BLOW to Saul.  He had spent his whole life believing that he was serving Yehovah.  He knew the Torah and the Tanakh better than just about anyone outside of the chief rabbis and high priests.  He was in the church – with the church – serving the church.  He KNEW Truth… or so he believed.  Was thoroughly convinced that what he was doing – getting rid of people who were twisting up scripture – was the RIGHT thing to do.

Until Yehovah Himself  came along and smote him on the road, brought him to his knees, asked him straight up, “WHAT are you DOING??!?”

Yes, the presence of God blinded Saul, and that’s what everyone focuses on when they tell the story, but you know what gets me?  Is how he had to feel about finding out that EVERYTHING he was doing was wrong.  How EVERYTHING he thought was right was wrong, and how he’d blown it.

I know, because I was there.  2003, in a bar inside of an inn with a friend, and I thought I had all of the answers.  I’d been a chrischun all of my life.  I knew that Bible better than most seminary graduates – made it my LIFE’S GOAL to know Him and do His will.  And then I was hit broadside with the Truth – that EVERYTHING that I thought was right was wrong.  That being in the church, serving the church, supporting the church… I was completely and utterly blowing it.  Do you know how that hurt?  ((Some of you remember that time… and know exactly the torment I went thru.))

This is all found in Acts 9, by the way.  In case you wanted to know.  Verse nine says that after his companions led him by the hand into Damascus, he spent three days and nights neither eating or drinking.  If you think it was because of his messed up eyesight, you’re wrong.  Saul was utterly beside himself, dealing with the horrific realization that he had been outside of Truth, and that he had grieved his Creator.  He was repenting of his stupidity and ignorance, humbling himself and dealing with the grief and hurt of the whole terrible thing.

Galatians 1 tells a little more of the story of what happened after his sight was restored than Acts does (it skips stuff).  Here’s what Paul says in Galatians:

For ye have heard of my conversation in time past in the Jews’ religion, how that beyond measure I persecuted the church of God, and wasted it:  And profited in the Jews’ religion above many my equals in mine own nation, being more exceedingly zealous of the traditions of my fathers.  But when it pleased God, who separated me from my mother’s womb, and called me by his grace,  To reveal his Son in me, that I might preach him among the heathen; immediately I conferred not with flesh and blood:  Neither went I up to Jerusalem to them which were apostles before me; but I went into Arabia, and returned again unto Damascus.  Then after three years I went up to Jerusalem…  vs 15-17

He tells us straight up, “I was exceeding zealous of the traditions of my fathers, moreso than anyone else.  But then Yehovah called me by grace.”  And he didn’t go right out and try to talk to people about it, right away.  He didn’t go to Jerusalem and try to get answers from the apostles.  He says he went into Arabia for THREE YEARS, first.

It’s exactly what happened with me.  I knew that the church wouldn’t have the answers I wanted, because I’d BEEN THERE, and had learned wrong and gleaned unTruth from them.  I was also hesitant to take the word from someone else about what was Truth and what was not.  After all, if the people with their noses in the scripture had it wrong, the people that I had known and trusted… how could I go to people who _header_0I *didn’t* know and trust?!

That time apart, that time of self-recrimination and then repentance… it was followed directly with a resolve to find out what WAS Truth – straight from the source, damn it – and to make SURE that there was no faulty influence.  Saul and I both… we went BACK to the scriptures and started digging, alone (with the Father).  Trusting Him to clear up what was right and what was wrong, to show us what we missed – each of us, in our own ways.

More than that, it took that initial “OH SHIT” revelation to trigger our ability to open our minds TO things outside of what we knew.    That’s another thing – to have that moment… and then second-guess it, or suppress it because it’s easier not to change, or because it means going outside of the acceptable spiritual norm… That’s hard, too.  But imperative.  And only AFTER we were able to sort the wheat from the chaff, the Truth from the misconception, could either of us move on and grow, and teach out of that.

I am SO amazed at how these things work.  How He waits until just the right time to make the revelation.  And the time that’s ripe for me isn’t necessarily the time that’s right for you.  But I pray that everyone I know is willing to make the changes when that moment comes.  Because it’s a matter of life or death.  And I feel it so, SO strongly, right now.

According to Astronomy…

On the heels of the fun blogs I posted earlier in the week, I wondered if there would be Grand Crosses or Cardinal Crosses or Trines or WHAT-the-heck-ever coming up after the three supermoons of this summer.

And the one thing that I learned is that people don’t post about these things on-line ahead of time.  They do what *I* do… they wait until three days (or in their cases, the day OF or the day AFTER) to tell people about stuff.  Now, I do that because if I post about a trine or cross or sextine a month before it happens, people forget about the whole thing by the time it gets there.  So I usually post and date it for about three days ahead of time.

But that’s because I’m nice.  These other people don’t give a warning.  They just say “Today’s the Day!” or, “Yesterday this KEWL thing happened…” and then I find out too late to give a heads up.

At any rate, there’s NO information on any astronomical alignments or pending excitement in the heavens this early in the game.  We’re only one supermoon into it, and just coming out of a Grand Cross.  So apparently I need to be patient and wait.

BUT…!   A Jewish astronomy site that I read did post one list of line-ups for this year.  In fact, she’s beyond excited about the spiritual things that the heavens are pointing to.   Frankly?  I don’t understand all of them.  But I thought I would share the list, here, with my side notes in green:

9-10 July “a star will step forth from Jacob”

11-12 July full moon Capricorn/Cancer ~ an illumination, an allowing of something, rare but enough on its own,
for the soul, [Capricorn being symbolic of redemption and Cancer being symbolic of the Sheepfold.]

13 July late Saturday night/early Sunday morning; fixed star Spica conjunct Mars, the Virgo is Armed, a moment of truth, reckoning, on many levels - also 17 Tammuz

22 July Sun enters Leo (coming King)

24 July Sun/Jupiter conjunct [Yehovah and Yeshua our High Priest]

26 July Moon/Sun/Jupiter @ 1-2-3 Leo  [say what?!]

26 July Month of Av also begins/new moon

10 August the full moon [supermoon #2]

17 August Aquarius/Leo [????  Except to say Aquarius is 'He who will pour out', and Leo is the 'Lion of Judah' - so this points at Messiah the coming King, too.]

12 August Venus in Leo ~ A transit is complete [what transit?  I looked on SolarSystemScope and I think this is Venus transiting Jupiter, but I don't know for sure.]

12-15 August Venus, Mercury, Sun, and Jupiter in Leo

9 September Supermoon #3 – Tishri begins – ROSH HA’SHANA

Now, the LAST August one is amazing/interesting.  Because that’s a LOT of planets all in the Lion symbol.  And like I said, I don’t know exactly what it all means but… I can at least post it for posterity’s sake, right?