Prophecy: Keep Watch!

I got into it with somebody here last week.  See, I’m reading a book on prophesy, and checking all of the information against scripture, and really getting excited about the end times… only to have this guy tell me we aren’t to know the day or the hour with the attitude that God’s hidden that stuff from us and to explore future events is presumptuous and wrong.

((And maybe you didn’t mean it that way, but it sure came across that way.  Anyhoo, I think he has a lot to contribute, so moving on…))

I beg to differ with that line of thinking, though – lots of people feel that way.  And it’s been REALLY bothering me.  Because the one thing Satan hates is to be reminded of the lake of fire and the ultimate defeat of sin and death.  It totally pisses him off.  ((It totally rocks my world, lemme tell ya.))  But that’s why people are led to believe we aren’t to know, we aren’t to go there, it’s too shady and complicated… too deep or tough to grasp… all lies!!!! 

As I said before, 30% of the Bible is prophecy.  That’s more than there is instruction in it!!!  Some of it is fulfilled, but most of it still coming.  Every prophecy about the Messiah was fulfilled in Christ (a notable thinker did a paper once on the likelyhood of just 8 of those prophecies pertaining to one man, and he concluded that the chances were one in ten-to-the-seventeenth.  That’s… pretty hard to fathom!)  And even better?  There are FIVE TIMES the prophesies in the Bible about the second coming as the first!!  If He promised His son to come placidly the first time, and He promises His son will return to kick some Sinner Booty FIVE TIMES as much… I’d say that’s pretty believable!

Now I know that makes some people wiggy.  Uncomfortable.  But I SO WANNA SEE IT.  Because it’s like ‘Celebration on the Grand’ in GR – the fireworks and excitement is just incredible.  If we have that much fun watching fireworks, what kind of BLAST will it be to watch the final ‘fire works’ display?  It’s gonna be unequalled.  It’ll be the light show of eternity!!  I’m geeked!!!  Bring it on!!!

((Okay.  I’m sorry.  Back to the topic.))

If God wanted to keep it all a big secret, why would he devote THIRTY PERCENT of scripture to telling us what’s going to happen?  I’m talking detail here, people!!  From the one-world church and World capital in Babylon to Russia’s invasion of Isreal …

((Which won’t happen – the attack will be thwarted by the power of God, and it will take Isreal seven years to bury the dead and burn the weapons!  Yes, burn.  You see, the warheads Russia currently has are made with Lignostone – a material developed by the Dutch that is stronger than steel, very elastic, and burns better than coal.  Didn’t know that either, did’ja?))

…to the unparalleled earthquake at the Mount of Olives…  BTW, did you know the largest plate rift on earth just happens to be under the Mount of Olives?  Whoa.  It’s real.  It’s true.  And to sit back at the Marriage table of the Lamb in Glory and watch the fireworks and actually see God’s power and might…?  Oh yea – I’m so there!!

Anyhow, why would God tell us these things if He didn’t want us to know?  If He wanted us to plug our ears and close our eyes and go “LaLaLaLa…”  That’s just totally illogical!  He’s got it all planned, down to the last detail, and although we aren’t gonna know when, we sure as heck know how and why and where and what!  And I like knowing!!  We’re told to hope, and it’s so much easier to hope when you know what you’re hoping for, KWIM?!

And actually, although no man knows the day (the Greek word actually means ‘date’) or the hour (or ‘time’)… we know the season, the month, even the feast it will occur during!  We know it will be in the fall… Christ’s time was the spring, we’ve been in the summer since AD 70, and the fall colors started peeking out around 1917… We’re so close!!!  We know the rapture (trumpet blast and ascension of the saints) will be sometime during Rosh Hashanna (the Feast of Trumpets… get it?)  And that Judgment Day is slated for one of the Yom Kippurs in the future… Yom Kippur meaning Day of Atonement.  And the New Heaven will be put into play during Succoth (Feast of Tabernacles – Tabernacle being the word for God’s Dwelling place).

It’s all there – right there!  So much detail that during the early 1900’s they refused to credit Daniel with his prophesies… because his descriptions of the world powers that came after him were so accurate, they couldn’t accept that they weren’t written by someone of their day.  No kidding!!

I’m not a date setter.  I’m not saying Christ is coming September 28th, 2003… which just happens to be my seventh anniversary (God’s number of perfection) AND Rosh Hashanna this year… but if He wants to take me home then, I’m ready, baby!  I’m a little concerned about my children… I don’t know much about the concept of the age of accountability… it niggles my mind, but I know in my heart that the Lord will take care of it all.

Having said all of that… when Christ gave glimpses of the future, He always said ‘watch’ along with it.  Check it out in Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 12 an Luke 21.  There’s no other reason He’d tell us unless He wanted us to watch!

Dear friend He is not slow in keeping His promises
As some understand slowness to be
Keep a watch out, don’t lose faith; He said He would come for you
He’s gonna come for you, you wait and see.
— Charlie Peacock, “Dear Friend”, Secret of Time

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