Dumbed-down Christianity

This is REALLY bothering me, so I have a vent coming.  If I hear another person say “Oh, I can’t read the King James… all those ‘thees’ and ‘thys’… it’s just too confusing.” … I may just scream.

Okay, let’s just get this out there:  Thee means ‘you’ and thy means ‘your’. That is NOT HARD to grasp.  “Thee and thy kin” means ‘you and your family’.  Even a redneck can grasp that.  IT’S RIDICULOUS!!!

And btw, the KJV (written in 1611) was not written in the language of that day.  They didn’t use ‘thee’ and ‘thou’ in 1611.  They did it on purpose… and for a purpose.

“I’m too tired to read that stuff.”  “Those books are too thick.” “The words are too hard.”  It’s a chorus of standard excuses, but the truth is, people don’t want to think.  Let’s just be honest – “I’m too lazy and dumb to bother – God is a cruel and unjust God to write symbolism, prose, parables, and prophesy.  I’ll just let a pastor (who may or may not be really getting his stuff from scripture, I dunno) tell me what I need to know, and that’s if I’m not pre-occupied with cleaning the frosting from breakfast from under my fingernails during his sermon.”

I was talking to a gal about Elizabeth George’s women’s spiritual books the other day.  She was praising them to the sky.  I said, “I dunno… what is better, to read about someone else’s journey to knowing Christ, or to open the Bible and start your own journey?”  She didn’t much like that… but this is the same woman who didn’t know how many books in the NT have “John” in the title.  Hello…!!  Her excuse is that it’s easier to read someone’s story (especially if it’s less than 150 pages long) than the Bible.  Now doesn’t that statement speak volumes?

I’ve just started “The Story of Christian Theology”.  It’s a 2000-year history of doctrine and dogma and the upholders.   It’s 613 pages.  Not that that makes me ‘all dat’ or something, but I’m betting you would look at it and say “Ack!!!”.

It said some VERY POIGNANT things…  There can be no vital, dynamic, faithful Christian discipleship completely devoid of doctrinal understanding.  Theology is inevitable insofar as a Christian (or anyone) seeks to think coherently and intelligently about GodBut you know as well as I that people yawn when you mention delving into theological principles in regards to spiritual truth.

Do you have ANY IDEA how true this is????  My home study complains constantly about how it just doesn’t feel like they’re growing closer to the Lord… but nobody (other than FanaticAnna) opens their Bibles, three of the six lost their study workbooks, and only two of the six study the lesson before we meet.  Gee, I wonder WHY they feel stagnant?  Because they ARE stagnant!!!!

They’ve talked about starting to memorize verses… but when I mentioned my flash cards, they said “Oh, no – we need to start with just one or two… It’s just too much!”  Already they’re setting themselves up to fail.  What UP!!!!??!!!

Pastor Tom said he did a poll of 25 Christians in our church to find out why they believe the Bible to be true.  In his own words, “The results were pathetic.”  Why am I not surprised?  He said every one of them said because they had “Faith” or “a Feeling”.  ACK!!!!

Christians are stoopid.  You’re lucky if they can name sixteen books of the OT from memory, and if they can find Ezra, I’d wet myself.  ((There’s a book called Ezra!?))  My mind reels…!

My calling is to ‘grow Christians’.  I know that what God wants me to do is not so much bring what I know to nonnies, but to straighten out the believers – but how can I feed them even spiritual Jell-o when they can’t even handle spiritual milk?  Ack!!!

Laodicea runs with lukewarm water.  Whereas hot water santizes and soothes, and cold water refreshes and invigorates, lukewarm water breeds disease and was used in Medieval times to make people vomit.  Too many room-temperature, lukewarm Christians.  Ack.  No wonder Jesus said He will spew them from His mouth.

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