Our Rocks

An ex-Xanga reder of mind had this incredible illustration of how we should prioritize our lives.  She said that if you take a jar (and rocks and rice) and fill the jar with the rice first and then the rocks, the rocks won’t fit.  But if you fill the jar with rocks and then add the rice, the rice will fill in around the rocks and everything will fit just fine.  ((kewl!))

The point of the illustration is that rocks are the fundamentals in our lives.  They’re what matters.  The rice is just filler – and though that doesn’t mean rice isn’t nice… it’s not what really matters.

So I’m thinking…  …   …what are the rocks in my life?

  •   Knowing God.  To know Him is to know His will, which comes through reading the Word and prayer.  Emulation is a sign of ‘knowing’.
  •   Teaching God.  This is just as important – because if someone who knows God doesn’t share Him, that faith is not being acted out, and therefore is dead, according to James.  That’s not faith.  Faith must edify others, and glorify God.
  • Family: Husband.  My relationship with Brian is of great importance.  It’s ‘rocky’  ((hahaha)) at times, but as we grow together, it will become smoother.  It’s constant work, just like anything else.
  • Family: ChildrenCan’t just say ‘Lydia’ anymore… I have a job to do here, too.  To raise them to be honest, kind, Christ-seeking people.  To teach them right from wrong.  To nurture them, educate them, show them what fun is, too!  Big task – well worth the effort.
  • Health.  If we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t fulfill a single thing.  So I’m thinking this is important… regardless of the fact that I am, indeed, a whale, and cannot even tie my shoes without gasping for breath.  Four weeks… and we’ll talk health, k?
  • Mental Stimulation.  I cannot function without it.  I need to learn something new at least once a day.  ((Usually more.))  I’m addicted to learning, thinking, evaluating.  Puzzles, studies, books… It’s like food.  Only less fattening.  Not that I’m fat… I’m just extraordinarily whale-ish.
  • Performance.  This is rice to some people.  I’m not some people.  I HAVE TO create.  Whether acting, singing, playing my piano,  making baby announcements, refinishing furniture… I have this deep-seeded need to create.  There’s no limit to the categories I have tried… and no end to the list of accomplishments I’ve yet to tackle!!

You might note that friends and extended family fall into ‘rice’ right now.  Hey, I’m being honest, here.  I don’t do people well, and therefore don’t see them as ‘rocks’.  I can survive nicely without trekking down to the IL’s for a night of torturous boredom.  I don’t care much for church, am fully capable of surviving without friends, and could easily exist without the cat.  Nuf’ said.

Seven Rocks.  ((Seven being the number of perfection, of course!))
So think about it a moment… what are your rocks? 

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