Is your Faith Offensive?

Bringing it Herebecause I read a comment that REALLY REALLY REALLY bothered me today.  It doesn’t matter who it was written by or which blog I saw it on… she doesn’t read me and I don’t read her and you probably don’t, either, and I don’t want to know her, or to think of a specific person when I think about this comment, but… well, frankly, it bristled me right up.  And this being my ‘venting spot’… I’m bringing it here.

((Actually I read two comments that really bothered me today… but I’m not prepared to talk about the other, and I’m not sure how I even feel about seeing that person lurking about in a secretive, strange way.))

The comment that bugged me:  I don’t write about my faith as much as I would like because of my audience. I have a wide variety of people who read my blog and I try not to “offend” them. I think that knowing I am a Christian and then seeing how I handle day to day situations and life in general is a good witness. I don’t have to shove it down anyone’s throat, or over-express it to the point where people feel that all I am doing is preaching. Occasionally I mention things that I am doing or things that are going on, but I don’t typically ramble on and on about my faith and religion. There are actually places I go online (christian message boards) that I share with more along the lines of that kind of stuff… I base that on the verse where it talks about not casting your pearls before swine.

The first thing that put frown lines on my brow (hehe) was the tried-n-tru “I try not to offend, therefore I can’t talk about Christ“.  That totally burns my blood.  First of all, who’s more important to you, Christ or people?  Did you know that claiming to follow Him and not obeying His commands (go, teach, encourage, glorify, etc.) is offensive to HIM?  Second of all, what is your purpose on earth – to please man or magnify Christ?  And thirdly, who do your actions show you’re serving… who does your statement say you’re serving – Christ, or others?

My mom pulls this one on me all the time… You can’t just go up to someone and tell them they’re going to hell, Anna.  Telling people of the joy He brings and of the things you’re learning about by His grace is a far cry from condemning someone to hell… that’s an extreme used as an excuse for not shining for Christ.  And just to play Devil’s advocate… have you ever tried telling someone they’re going to hell?  Just going up to someone and saying that?  If y’ain’t tried it, y’cain’t knock it – because you have no idea what the result would be.  Maybe that person IS serving Christ, and a fantastic discussion would bloom from it… and edification & fellowship would take place.  Maybe that person’s curiosity would be piqued and they’d ask why you’d say such a thing… giving you a primo witness opportunity.  You just don’t know!!!  Ack, this whole stinkin’ attitude frustrates me!!!!  If Paul heard it, he’d roll over in his grave… the first thing he did at his arrival in every city was to go straight to the people and teach about Christ!

The next thing that drives me insane is the ol’ “How I live my life is a good witness” line.  Oh, BS, people!!  Brian’s used that one so many times it’s made me ill.  And it doesn’t hold water AT ALL… My MIL hates the very mention of Christ’s name, rejects God with every fiber of her being… she doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, never did drugs, was a virgin until marriage, doesn’t use any ‘questionable’ language, is kind to others… what makes you different from her, hm?  You’re doing the same dishes, watching the same re-runs, posting the same daily grind drivel as half the people out there who aren’t Christ-followers.  What kind of gain is that going to win Christ for the kingdom?

Yeah, I’m harsh on this, but it’s total bull.  And maybe some people need to hear it straight-up.  Weak people with more fear of man than zeal for God.  I’ve got news:  It’s the same as denying Him to leave Him out and keep Him from being your top priority while claiming Him as your all.  He doesn’t play second fiddle if He’s your LORD, hello.

Next is the fun cliche I don’t want to shove it down anyone’s throat“… ack.  If you don’t talk about Him because you don’t want to offend, then you aren’t anywhere near shoving anything down anyone’s throat.  Another fun excuse for not fulfilling the great commission.  Paul over and over calls the Christ-follower a ‘soldier’… if you don’t wear the armor and don’t employ the sword of the spirit… sorry, babe, you’re not doing your duty.  Heck, you’re not even brave enough to wave His banner… it might ‘offend’.  Bah.

Then there’s the There’s a time and place for everything… I do my God-talk on Christian boards.”  Well, that’s good… that’ll reach a multitude of lost folk, won’t it?  It’s like Sunday Christians… they’re holy in church and that’s enough for them.  They have ‘compartments’ in their lives… this is where I talk about God, this is where I live my own life for me, this is where I put on a false face and cover things up… Newsflash:  If He’s not your Master 24/7, He’s not your Lord.  And if you haven’t given Him Lordship… where does that leave you?  Ouch, right?  Yeah.  Truth hurts.  (I especially liked how she called it talking about ‘that kind of stuff’.  That kind of stuff?  Like it’s distasteful and unmentionable even in this comment?  Sheesh!!!)

Then there’s the clincher.  Oooh, and what a doozie.  “The verse I base this whole attitude on is the one about casting your pearls before swine”.  YOU’VE GOT TO BE STINKIN’ KIDDING ME!!!!!  This, dear readers, is the comment of a judgemental, hypocritical, self-righteous ‘christian’ who has just passed judgement on everyone around her, deeming them as swine not worthy of her time or efforts.  She begins her little rationalization with claims of not to wanting to ‘offend’, and wraps up with a ‘you’re a worthless pig who won’t listen, anyhow, so why should I bother with you?’

MY GOSH!!!  And you bash me for being self-righteous here?  At least I’m willing to share with anyone willing to listen all that I have and all that I hold dear.  This chick finds it beneath her to bother with you – by her own admission! -and y’know what sucks?  I’ll bet you money you’d be more likely to be ‘chummy’ with this faking, confused individual than with me.  Ain’t that a kick in the head.  ((sigh!))  This world is in sad shape.  That’s all I have to say.  Especially since I have heard this… drivel… so many times from so many ‘christians’.  Examples…?… :

Do I feel it necessary to “save” others or to try to convert them?  No.  I find it interesting to hear about other people’s beliefs, too.  But, it goes both ways…I won’t try to convert you…and you don’t try to convert me.  I look at it this way…I think everyone has their own beliefs…it should be that way!

Its not my job to convince them to believe otherwise. 

I, too, agree with you that I won’t “talk religion” or “teach Christianity” to anyone until I have been asked to by someone.  Maybe that makes me weak in my faith, well so be it. 

These are all comments I’ve collected from ‘christians’ here on Xanga.  Fun stuff, eh?  And we wonder why the church is in the state it is.  This is not commentable, because I’ve heard enough defenses of this attitude from Brian tonight, and I’m still riled over the whole durn thang.

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