Lord – Liar – Lunatic

Now that I’ve finished my fulfilled prophecies thang, I was headed back onto Daniel, to wrap up with The Kings (which will probably be two posts)…  only we’re going off on one more little tangent first.  Because the Lord woke me up Sunday morning and said something that really bothered me.  And I have to address it here.  And because the last Daniel was on the Messiah… and I think the Lord wants me to emphasize the importance of His place in all of this prophecy that we’re looking at.  So first:

What do you make of Jesus Christ?

I’m asking you seriously to consider that question.  Answer it before you read on, if you would.  What was/is He, in your opinion?  A good man?  A prophet?  A teacher?  The Son of God?  A crazy man from eons ago that people have created into something He’s not?  What is your answer?  What do you make of Jesus Christ?

That morning I woke up and this is the thought that flickered thru my head in the wee hours before anyone was awake in our house:

Do you realize how insignificant I am to most people?

Don’t get me wrong – everyone knows who Jesus is.  Everyone knows what happened to him.  He’s as well-known as Napoleon, Hitler, Mother Teresa or Santa Claus.  Everyone can recall the stories of the manger and the cross, maybe a few others, too.  He’s been a part of our world for centuries.

But what is He to people?  Other than to Christ-followers, I mean.  You all know that He is the Son of God to us – our Redeemer, our deliverer, our champion who died, rose, lives and is returning shortly.  He’s our very purpose, our being, our focus.  But what is He to other people?  Even many of the ‘christians’ in the churches?

A prophet?  Yeah, He was.  He foretold more about the end times than many of the OT prophets.  He foretold His death, His resurrection, and His return.  He even foretold who would betray Him.  A good man?  Yeah, He was.  He healed the sick, He kept the law, He stood up for the underdog.  He never sinned, according to the Bible.  A teacher?  Yeah, that too.  He taught in synagogs, on mountaintops, in villages and on the road.  His words are in red letters in most Bibles, messages preserved for the ages.

But these things only hold water if you believe Him to be the Son of God – the Messiah and Creator.  Why?  Because He claimed to BE God.  He said “I and my Father are One.”  He said “No man cometh to the Father but by ME. He said “If you loved the Father, you would love Me, but because you do not know My Father, you do not know Me.”  He said “Before Abraham was, I AM.”  (btw, that’s the name God Almighty gave when Moses asked who He should say sent him to Pharoah.  God said ‘Tell Pharoah ‘I AM’ sent you.’  Jesus was appealing to that when He said “Before Abraham was, I AM.”)

So if He isn’t truly the Lord God Jehovah, Jesus Christ, Second person of the Trinity, Messiah and Risen Christ… then He had to be a liar or a lunatic.

A good man doesn’t lie.  That’s not the sign of a good man.  And Jesus held to His claim to be God for His entire ministry.  So if your answer was “Jesus was a good man who lived years ago”… you’re wrong.  Good men don’t go around condemning people to hell and lying about His status in regards to God.

And a crazy, delusional person cannot be a teacher.  Teachers don’t have credibility if they are lying or written off as crazy.  So if your answer was “Jesus was a Jewish teacher who did a lot of good things”… you’re wrong.  He claimed to be God.  His claims either had to be true, or he would HAVE to be delusional.  Either He was who He said, or His teachings were lunacy.

Logically, you must accept Him as one of the three – Lord of all creation, Liar and phony, or Crazed Lunatic with delusions of grandeur.  There is no other answer, based on His assertions.  Now consider my question one more time:  What is Jesus Christ to you?

All of this prophecy stuff I’ve been posting is well and good…  I’m sure you’re getting a kick out of it – find it either amusing or enlightening or interesting at best… but it all centers around one person, and what’s happened and what’s to come all points to that same person.  My question is probably the most important question you will ever answer.

When you die, your answer – and what you say is only part of your answer, what you lived is the other part of your answer – that answer is the deciding factor for your eternity.  Everything hinges on that one choice.  Is He your Master, Jehovah God, or are you uncomfortable with that and choose not to think about it, not to commit?

I’m not trying to trip you up or anything, I’m trying to make you see just what Jesus’ part in Creation is and what it means to you.  It’s been part of God’s master plan since the beginning, and it’s not a game or a joke.  Adam sinned, and we’ve been trapped in by that… there is only one Redeemer, and if You choose not to make Him your master, you willingly reject atonement and sentence yourself for eternity.

There’s an upside to reading my blog and a downside.  The upside is that you have all of the Truth at your fingertips.  I don’t pull any punches here.  You’ll never get anything but honest, Biblically sound stuff here… as best as I can manage.  The downside is that once you’ve read this – heard the message I bring – you’re accountable for how you respond to it when you reach the Throne.  After reading this, you can’t claim ignorance on the matter.

Do you realize how insignificant I am to people?

Sobering post, I know, but I needed to do this.  You deserve the truth, no holds barred, and I want every one of you to know why the other answers can’t stand up under the weight of the Truth.  Jesus has to be Lord and Creator, and therefore His significance in our lives is of the utmost importance.

I sure hope this pricks some thoughts today…

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