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I see you are following the news of the middle-east quite closely. I wonder if any of this has anything to do with Bible prophecy? What do you think?  According to prophecy – things will get worse before Jesus comes again. That is scarey. When the world trade center came down, many thought that it was going to be the end. What is your opinion?

I think it’s already worse.  ((grins))  And I think it all has a LOT to do with Bible Prophecy.  The Bible says the ‘King of Gaza’ (which is the area the Palestinians are about) is going to be destroyed.  The Bible says that the world will hate Israel, and gang up on her.  The Bible says Damascus (Syria’s capital) will be made desolate.  It says that someone will step in and make a peace treaty with Israel for seven years, and that will start the Tribulation period spoken of in the book of Revelation.

What do I think?  I think 9/11 was a ‘birth pain’, just as all the other things that have been happening.  Only the pains are hours apart these days.  Just a few months ago, they were days apart, and just a few years ago they were weeks apart.  The Bible says the signs of the end will come like birth pains.  I think that there is a good chance the saints will be raptured out in approximately two weeks.

I think that at that time, the AC (Who may or may not be Solana, but some prophecy students believe he’s one to watch.  Another one to watch is the next Palestinian leader.) will step up his now-low-key campaigning, and become a major international voice.  This is the first seal.

I think that when the saints are gone, the Holy Spirit will no longer be upon the earth in the same capacity He was during the age of grace.  With Him gone, it will be every man for himself… and Isreal will cut loose on the nations around her.  There will be some major Middle East conflicts at this point, and a LOT of bloodshed.  On a world war scale.  This is the second seal. 

During this time, Pope John Paul will die, and a new pope will be elected.  I’m 98% sure that he will be the False Prophet, who will preach peace and pave the way for our friend the AC to rise in his power.  Together they will work wonders diplomatically.  Which will lead to the AC’s peace treaty with Isreal – a move that will allow the rebuilding of the temple.  This will be a treaty of seven years that will be broken halfway thru.

With the Holy Spirit gone, the hand that has been staying the volcanos will no longer be there to stem them, and Yellowstone will erupt, covering a 600+ mile radius with molten lava, and covering the entire MidUS with a thick layer of volcanic ash… and that Mt. Ranier will blow, covering the MidWest, as well.  Which will lead to the scarcity of wheat and other necessary crops.  Which is why the third horse is black and Revelation 6:6 says “a quart of wheat for a day’s wages, three quarts of barley for a day’s wages, do not harm the oil or wine.”  A day’s wages today is quite an amount.  Add to this that the heat wave of this past summer in Europe has severely crippled their crop for next year.  This is the third seal.

I think that because it’s fall, the ramifications of all of this will not be felt immediately.  We have what crops we need until spring of next year, and that the winter snows (which could be harsh) will cover the damage and hold off the truth – and that is that the damage done by the ash and such will ruin the likelyhood of crops in the US – the world’s major supplier of many staples.  Which, coupled with Europe’s lack of crops, will result in a famine that will lead to the deaths of many, by fighting (over food) and by disease and by hunger.  This is thefourth seal.

Because of the apparent (but temporary) success of the AC’s treaty, the world will turn to this man for help.  He has worked wonders in solving the Middle East’s troubles, and so now they look to him to solve the famine troubles.  He (thru the EU… and this is already underway) will move the world to a one-government system (the US will not be in a position to protest, because of the vast damage it will be reeling from).  The ‘unity’ will sound wonderful, country helping country in an effort to survive the devastation.  Under this, the AC will begin his persecution of the Christians… although I don’t know how or when.  They will be martyred, the Bible speaks of beheadings.  This is the fifth seal.

I don’t know what the sixth seal is.  It sounds like there may be such a devastating earthquake that the atmosphere is completely polluted, and the sun will look black because of the atmosphere, as will the moon look red.  Or maybe it means that in addition to the devastating earthquake, there will be some cosmic event that affects the way the sun and moon look.  I’ve read some possible things, but don’t know what it could be… the one that sounded most plausible to me was that something will slam into the earth from space, something that will cause the earth to quake and will affect the atmosphere as I’ve mentioned.  It says stars will fall to the earth, and the sky will unfold and that the earth will move… that’s why I’m betting we’re hit by something… or somethings.  Revelations 7:1 sounds like as a result, there will be no more winds upon the earth.  Sounds… hot.

At this point, the Jews (who don’t believe any of the NT) will see that the NT is coming true, and profess Christ.  There will be 144,000 witnesses from the 12 tribes of Israel.  They aren’t the only ones – there will be a soul harvest (a coming to Christ) as never seen before, as people realize that the Bible is true and God is real… but it is too late for them to escape any other way besides death.  And it won’t be an easy life or death, either.

This takes us thru the first quarter of the Tribulation – one and a quarter years after the signing of the treaty… but who knows how much time will pass before that treaty comes about after the rapture.  I’ve speculated three years based on the 10 days between Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur.  These things can be read in Revelation… but I’m only giving my opinion on how it will pan out.  God is the author of this, so only He knows when it will happen and how and when.

Someone once commented here that they knew they wouldn’t be raptured because they were called to witness during the end.  I was going to e-mail her privately, but I’ve since received several e-mails asking about that comment… so I’m gonna talk about it here.

If you believe these things and know it’s coming, you’re insane to not fall postrate before Christ and declare Him your Lord.  It’s like the guy who’s trapped in a burning house who says to the firefighter on the ladder, “Y’know, I believe I’ll just hang out here – thanks anyhow.”  Christ is giving His own a way out… to turn it down is insanity.  It is also the blatant rejection of Christ.  That you’re ‘called to stay behind’ is a lie – God’s Spirit is withdrawing at that point, and He would never call His own to remain where He isn’t upon His departure.  He’s already arranged for end time witnesses… the 144,000, the soul harvest, the 2 prophets, and the Word.

I have said this before, and I’m saying it again – time is short.  Shorter than anyone wants to admit.  Shorter than anyone thinks.  The decision you make in regards to Christ affects you in a BIG way… not just because of all of this, but in the judgment and eternal destination that follows it.  He is calling all peoples to Himself.  What is Christ to you?

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