Preterism I


I’ve needed to go for help on some of this.  In doing so, I have learned that this questionable book holds a preterist viewpoint.  And I’ve learned that I’m fairly close to being a dispensationalist… since I don’t know what it all entails, I’m not committing… yet.

Preterism is that teaching which says that all or most prophecy was fulfilled in or around 70 A.D. when Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans.

Dispensationalists seek to interpret the Bible literally, that is, to consistently understand the Scriptures in their plain, normal, natural, obvious sense, much like we would read and understand the newspaper, a book,  or other types of literature.

I think I was happier not knowing.

But part of me says I can’t hold Truth if I don’t learn these things, now that I’ve stumbled upon them…

… I know what you’re thinking:  Why, oh why can’t you just be a NORMAL blogging housewifely mom, Anna?  LoL!!  How many housewives do you know that delve into the arguments of preterism in light of dispensationalism?  Well… there ya go!

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