Are You Cut of the Cloth?

Gideon in the book of Judges was told to take an army and fight the Midianites for the Lord.  The army assembled was both sizable and formidable.

God told Gideon to thin the lines… He didn’t want Israel to think that they won the battle because of their own might – He wanted them to be outnumbered, so that the win would be God’s and God’s alone.  He wanted to be sure they knew who would provide the victory.

First, God said to send home anyone who was afraid.  More than half of the army took off.  They didn’t want to fight, didn’t want to die, preferred the easier, safer route.  God doesn’t want namby-pamby soldiers in His army.  Those strong in the Lord have no fear, for they know He will bring victory.

Next, God told Gideon to take the remaining men to the river.  Whoever scooped water into their hands to drink was to go home.  Whoever lapped up the water was taken on-board.  God doesn’t pander to societies niceties.  He doesn’t care one whit for formalities or socially acceptable behaviors… and He doesn’t want to be slowed down by them.

The end result?  300 soldiers.  Against an army over seven times that size.  And God came thru – Gideon and his army defeated the Midianites.

There’s a battle out there – the ACLU is attacking Chrisitianity any way they can.  Ten commandments being removed, Jesus’ name being prohibited from public display, verses pulled from the Grand Canyon, old people no longer being able to pray in nursing homes… there are three bills before congress per year trying to outlaw the Bible as anti-Semitic, homophobic, and other nonsensical things.  It’s a huge issue in Canada right now – there’s a legal battle on those very lines.

God is calling an army.  It’s gonna be rough going… some will die, some will be jailed, others will be persecuted, there’s no safe place these days for those who practice true Christianity. Those afraid will be sent away, as will those who pander to political correctness, socially acceptable ideas, and worldly details.  Those people are of no use to Him.  He wants nothing more than faith and obedience.  And with those few who put aside the rest, He will bring about His greatest victories.

Straight is the way and narrow is the path
that leads to righteousness… few will find it.

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