Be Intolerant

(Because Some Things are just Stupid)  by Dobson

Excerpt from – Christian author and speaker, Ryan Dobson, calls himself totally, radically intolerant, and he’s calling on other Christians to be the same way. In fact, the title of his new book is Be Intolerant Because Some Things Are Just Stupid. Dobson joined Lee Webb on The 700 Club recently to discuss his belief that Christians have become too tolerant in today’s society.

LEE WEBB: Ryan, thanks for being with us.

Ryan Dobson: Hey Lee, it’s good to be here. Thanks a lot.

LEE WEBB: I’m sure a lot of folks are wondering with a last name like Dobson if you’re related to Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family. And indeed you’re his son. So you come by your passion for culture and Christianity naturally I guess.

Ryan Dobson: Absolutely. It was easy to fall into this role. In fact, I’m at Focus on the Family today doing the satellite feed from there, so it’s nice to be among friends.

LEE WEBB: Well, you certainly found a provocative title for your book. Is it your contention that Christians have been too tolerant?

Ryan Dobson: Absolutely. And Christians are the only ones asked to be tolerant in this culture. The homosexuals are not asked to be tolerant. Only Christians are asked to put aside their views, put aside their opinions, not speak up, not stand out. We’re asked to sit back and take a back seat to the rest of the culture. And it’s time that we stood up for what we believe in.

LEE WEBB: Well, let me give you a chance to demonstrate your intolerance, if you will. I want to show you and our viewers, comments made by folks we’ve seen in the news in recent months. The first comment comes from Reverend Joan Campbell Brown, former head of the National Council of Churches. Our reporter asked her if she believes that it’s only through the person and work of Jesus Christ that one can have eternal life. Let’s take a look at what she had to say.

Joan Campbell Brown: For me, the way to God, the way to peace is through Jesus Christ. That’s what I teach my children. That’s what I teach my grandchildren. And I believe that very, very strongly. But I also believe that for others there is a way that for them is true and precious. And I don’t deny them that reality, and I respect that.

LEE WEBB: All right, Ryan. How would you respond to her?

Ryan Dobson: Lee, I hear this thing so often. Someone says, “I believe this very strongly for myself, just not for anybody else.” I really believe they don’t believe it strongly for themselves. I believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven. I believe it strongly for myself. I believe it for everybody else, too. And I tell people, “If you don’t believe that you’re going to go to hell.” Being the president of the National Council for Churches she ought to preach that. She ought to tell everybody that. Muslims are not going to Heaven. It is a sad fact, but it is also true. And you’ve got to tell people that, not out of pride or arrogance, but out of love. Because I care about people, I’ve got to tell them what is true. And the truth is the only way into Heaven is through Christ. That’s why He said, “I am the way and the truth. No one gets to the Father but through Me.” He didn’t include Joseph Smith, Ghandi, Buddha, Mohammed or anybody else. He said, “I am the only way.”

LEE WEBB: Yes, a lot of critics have said that even evangelicals are afraid these days to talk too much about the justice of God or the holiness of God or when you emphasize the love of God. Do you think that that’s true?

Ryan Dobson: Oh, it’s absolutely true. I mean you see it all the time. When my Dad went on Larry King Live, and they talked about the homosexual movement and things like that, Larry King was berated and besieged with demands that he go on air and apologize for letting my Dad speak freely. Why? I mean, what is the tolerance movement out there for? Tolerate other people’s viewpoints. If you truly believe that you’re right, why are you afraid of opposing viewpoints? I’m not. I’m here for the debate. I’m here for the discussion. I care about people. I want them to understand what I believe. I will listen to you, but you’ve got to also listen to me.

LEE WEBB: Okay. Well, our next statement comes from Reverend Gene Robinson, the first openly homosexual bishop in the Episcopal Church. Now Ryan, the day the general convention elected him, he made this statement about the impact his appointment would have.

Rev. V. Gene Robinson: This is a wonderful opportunity to say to the world there is no one beyond God’s love, that we are all children of God. How could you say that more dramatically than doing what the diocesan convention did today? That is an extraordinary message. We always have other people who believe because of this. Think of the people who will come because of this.

LEE WEBB: All right, Ryan. That’s the Gospel according to Bishop Robinson. Is that another Gospel?

Ryan Dobson: It is. It is true that no one is beyond God’s love. Christ love extends to every person everywhere in any situation, and we can’t overlook that. No matter where you are, Christ is reaching out to you. What better way can we show that? By telling people the truth, that homosexuality is wrong. It is out of God’s will. It will destroy your life. It is bad for relationships. It’s bad for children. It’s bad for our country. It doesn’t mean that people are bad. It means that that sin is bad. There are many better ways to show Christ’s love than to let open homosexuals at the pulpit and preach or be Boy Scout leaders or adopt kids or join into the holy matrimony of marriage. There are many better ways to show that love.

LEE WEBB: Now you’re making the case for Christians to be intolerant. There is a chance obviously for that to be misinterpreted. How can we be intolerant without bringing disgrace to the cause of Christ?

Ryan Dobson: Well, it’s all in our attitude. It really is. And … I’m doing this, because I care about people. I don’t want to see the masses going to hell. I don’t want to see the masses destroying their lives in unhealthy lifestyles. I want them to succeed and to be successful people and be great members of society, and I’m doing that out of love. And it’s all in the attitude. And you’ve really got to be careful on that.

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