Spiritual Dyslexia

I received a comment this morning that caused me to go into instant-fury mode… which is why I left it there and got up and primed the mudroom.  ((Amazing how motivational anger can be – towards prayer and projects, both.))  The comment was – “Really, Anna!  You’re supposed to be a Christian.

I have just sat back down (with paint splattered hands and a much better attitude – I no longer want to tear a piece of hide off the commentor… count yourself forgiven) and I was reading my SIR and came across Romans1017‘s blog on spiritual dyslexia.  It said everything that I worked out thru the guidance of God while priming this morning.

Loving others doesn’t cause God to dwell in us and love us. But having God dwell in us and experiencing His love will cause us to love others. Our acts of holiness don’t cause God to love us, but experiencing God’s love causes us to act holy. This is the difference between religion and true Christianity.

Religion tells us what we have to do to be right with God. True Christianity tells us that we are right with God through our faith in Christ and right actions just naturally follow. We cannot walk in the Spirit by denying the flesh any more than we can bring light into a room by shoveling out the darkness. We have to turn on the light to drive the darkness away. Likewise we have to walk in the Spirit to keep from fulfilling the lust of the flesh (Gal. 5:16).

I think a lot of people need to see this.  It’s like my summary message for the week.

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