Regarding Relativism

(Exerpts from Frank Peretti’s The Chair as typed rather poorly by Anna)

You may not realize this… Christians have a particular, peculiar view of reality.  It comes head to head with the way the world thinks.  And the more the world buys into athiesm and humanism and all the other ‘isms’ out there, the more conflict we have.  Now I would like to help you learn why you think the way you think.

The fixed point of reference.  Let’s imagine… it won’t be too hard.  Just imagine I’m in a big, humongus, dark room.  It doesn’t even have corners, it has round walls.  And the point of that is that I don’t know where I am.  And I’m groping around, trying to find where I am… and … oh, what is this?  Oh, it’s a chair.  Ah, it has legs and a back and a seat… it’s a chair.  Thank goodness, because now I at least know where I am.  I’m in the chair.  ((grins!))

…it’s a home base.  And I can navigate from the chair… do you realize that no fixed point of reference is going to do you any good unless it has two factors:  #1, it has to be separate from you, and #2, it can’t move?  As soon as I pick it up and make it a part of my mobility, I’ll never know where I am… because the stupid thing moves!   Now as long as it stays there, that’s security.  That’s one of the points of navigation… you don’t know where you are and you’re sailing, you can look up and measure from the stars, and the reason you can do that is because the stars don’t move.  Of course we all know the stars look like they move, but it’s really the earth that’s moving, but we know all that stuff.

Fixed point of reference.  …How do you know if what I say is truth?  There is no way for you to know whether what I’m telling you is true, unless you know what ‘the truth’ is… AND there is no way for you to know what the truth is, unless there is a Truth that you can know.  (Have fun with THAT one!)  There has to be a Truth that is fixed and objective and separate from you, it has to be true whether you believe it or not, it has to be true whether you like it or not, it has to be true whether you have ever heard of it or not… it’s just true.

It’s kind of a betrayal of the athiest starts to ask questions like ‘why are we here?’, because if they are able to ask that kind of question, because he’s proving he’s a person, which means his source had to be a person, too, which means the ultimate reality of the universe is personal and not impersonal.    When they say ‘we gotta do good for the community’… well, how do you measure good when you have no standard with which to measure good?  If you’re going to be a good athiest/humanist, you have to believe what is, is.  It’s not good, it’s not bad, it just… is.  There’s no fixed point of reference!

And then they ask  “Well, how do you define God?”  It’s not up to man to define God.  God is not a matter of opinion.  He’s the great ‘I am that I am’, not ‘I am… uh, whaddya want me to be’?  He’s not here to please you. He is here to be pleased and worshipped.  And if you want to know God, you have to know Him as He is.  Your opinion don’t amount to diddly-squat.  But if that were not so, He would not be God.  And what’s important is that if He were not self-existing and self-defining, He would not serve as a fixed point of reference.  Because he would be changing as often as we do.  Which is why it’s been said, “If you’re searching for Truth, don’t search within yourself… you’re the one who’s confused!”

[For example]  Kids… welcome to Biology 101.  We’re gonna learn lots of fun things in this class – but the first thing you need to know is that you are an accident!  You have absolutely no reason for being here.  There is no meaning or purpose for your life, you are merely a conglomeration of molecules that came together purely by chance billions and billions of years ago.  All the dust and the gas in the galaxy floated around for who-knows-how-long, and then they bumped into each other and said “I know, let’s be organic”.  So they became organic.  And… they became what you are today – from goo to you by way of the zoo.  As such, you really have no reason for being here.  Your existance is pointless and the universe won’t mind a bit when you die.  And when you die, you just become someone’s compost.  (((RING!!)))   Class dismissed, head on down to that new class we’re starting this week on ‘self-esteem’.

Yeah, kids.  You are an accident, but you’re a good accident.  You have so much potential for causing more accidents, it’s just… just do it safely, I mean, and you’ll be fine.  Just look in the mirror and say “I’m important because I’m appreciated!”  How many of you are appreciated all of the time?  “I have value because I belong!!”  Where do you think peer pressure comes from?   The foundation of a Christian’s self-esteem is not in what you can do, or anything you can do at all – it has to do with the fact that God put you here for a reason, and you are worth the life of His Son. 

…. they have these telecopes aimed at the heavens – why – to see if there are exterrestrial life out there… they are looking for a pattern, because nature is random and if they find a pattern then its a sign of extraterrestrial life.  Down here they’ve been studying DNA for years, and it’s an incredibly interesting pattern… oh, but that happened purely by chance.  And here’s the point of tention:  Carl Sagan, when asked why he’s searching for extraterrestrial life, said the reason he’s searching is because “when we learn who they are, we will learn who we are.”  Carl…  Carl… are you searching for me?  Even an athiest astronomer sometimes lets it slip that he is looking for a reason, a purpose for our existance.  And I’m gonna crack up someday when they are able to find a pattern and decode it (it may take YEARS)… and it says…  “when we learn who they are, we will lean who we are…”

((It’s two 45 minute segments, but it’s SO WORTH the listen.  Frank isn’t a great speaker – he’s a fantastic writer, and he can pick the banjo like nobody’s business (I’ve seen it myself!)… but he does very well with this, and touches on some interesting points.  I highly recommend it. And… it’s a free download.  (And if I were $20 bucks richer than I am, I’d buy the video of it and donate it to my church library.)  Very good stuff.

I posted this for a reason – it’s going to tie the “Under God” thang to the “Without God” thang… because that’s the pivot point for the whole debate.  And today is a misplaced town day, so I only had time to pull up the audio, and type REALLY fast.  Forgive any misspellings.  Frank talks pretty fast.  Anyhoo, hopefully this will start you thinking in the direction I’m about to head…))

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