Something and Nothing

((Go slowly, be prepared to think, and enter at your own risk))

There has been a series of blogs at KrisinLuck’s sites on her beliefs, and I’ve been partially biting my tongue, partially praying vehemently and partially refuting some really anti-scriptural concepts, both from the blogs and fromthe comments.  But today… well, it took the cake, that’s all I’m saying.  So I’m bringing it here.

The Question:

What do you think about the idea of -“What if after you die- nothing happens”? No reincarnation, no heaven or hell, or God- nothingness?  How does that “idea” sit with you while you are alive? Does it make you sad? Does it make your heart beat faster knowing that you need to make the most of time now while you are here? I mean of course, putting all religion aside? Is that something that is too hard to accept? …So I am just wondering what it is like for someone who is SUPER religious to think of nothingness?


As you know… I’m anti-religion in a HUGE way, but anyone who would look at my site would say I’m ‘super-religious’… LoL!!  So I thought I’d just pop in and cause my usual trouble.  ((wink!))

There is no nothingness.  The very suggestion is ludicrous.  The evidence itself stacks completely against it.  Look at yourself – for example.  You are something, you have to be, on the mere factor of substance alone.  There was never nothing, or there would never have been something to start the something that our reality itself is today.  There would still be nothing, as change requires something to change.  Which is where the ‘big bang’ theory goes ka-put.  You need something in which to have a reaction… and something in which to have a reaction to.  It’s simple physics.  And that’s not even getting into the mathematical statistics that stack the odds against life forming on its own…

We all must agree that there are many aspects of life around us… all of it the antithesis of nothing.  And when we die… then what happens to our bodies?  Something has to… decay, decomposition, change, and that change (which, btw, is something in itself!) can only happen if there is something to change.  And logically, if something happens to the concrete, something has to happen to the abstract – meaning logic, soul, spirit, and reason.  Because they do exist, as each living being is a testament to.  ((Well, most.))  Therefore, the concept of nothing after something is preposterous.

The real issue is, what is the something that happens to the logic, soul, spirit, and reason after the something (that is death) takes place?  But the given reality is… since something happens to something, it cannot ever be nothing.

The dumbest part of all of this is that we have to point out the obvious to people who try to find a cop-out to the reality that is not only life but substanence and change.  There will be something after this… and given my choices, I know what bases I’m going to cover.

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