Number Crunching

I asked yesterday how many people realized what was actually going down prophetically, and my good (thinkerly) friend Tozhannah gave me this HUGE inspiration.  ((Her comment was “Remember only Christians would be watching, and of the Christians, only evangelicals would be looking for fulfillment of prophecy, and of the evangelicals, only non-neo-evangelicals would be looking for an end, which lowers it down.))  And I thought… ((being blonde))… how many people is THAT?!?!   So I thought I’d crunch some numbers.  Speculatively.

A 2002 ABC poll said only 38% of Americans go to church regularly.  ((It’s the most recent data I could find.))  A Barna poll last year said 7% of churchgoing Americans actually hold a Biblical worldview… and I pulled up the census site (here) and found out that there are 293,634,138 Americans.

So if the number of Americans is 293,634,138
The 38% attending church totals 111,580,972.
From that, the 7% of Truth-holders is 7,810,668. 

So if we think of the Rapture, that’s 285,823,470 that will be left behind.  Tentatively figured.  Hardly a ripple, really.  And that’s from a “God-fearing” nation!  The numbers in, say, Poland or France would be drastically lower than that, as Catholicism is not evangelical and doesn’t hold to the Biblical worldview, and Europe is predominantly Roman Catholic.  I could pull up the number of evangelicals in Europe, but I don’t think we really want to know, at this point.   YIKES.

Do you realize – that with 150,000 people dying everyday, of that number, 146,010 are going to Hell?  While we sit in our LazyBoys and watch Friends re-runs?  God have mercy on us…!

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