Rationalizing Ignorance

(or, Equipping the Saints)

My job is to equip the saints.  Frankly, that’s what my goal is.  I’m a thought-provoker.  I stir up trouble with loaded questions on purpose – and the reason I do that is to cause people to ask why.  If they don’t know why the Bible says something, and they are caught answerless… maybe it will get them thinking… get them digging… get them learning.  So that’s what I do.  I stir the waters in order to get people to get off their comfortable little pew and seek.

That is considered ‘trouble’ by most.  People like to be comfortable.  They like to sit in a pew and let the pastor do the thinking for them.  They like to go to Koinonia and let the leader defend their faith, because heaven knows they can’t.  And that’s embarrassing… so we’re not supposed to expose that side of them.  It’s not kind.  But to let them sit in ignorance isn’t what the Bible calls us to.

I’m a ‘trouble’ maker at church.  In prayer class, Pastor asked for questions – I had two typed pages.  When he acted on them, people looked like deer in the headlights… and there was this noise… this rusty cranking noise as you could see the wheels start to turn in people’s heads.  It was amazing.  It doesn’t always happen that way, though.  Most leaders don’t want their *peace* messed with.  At GCC, they assigned a pastor to ‘handle’ me.  And now there’s Koinonia.  Ah, Koinonia.  Last night, Koinonia happened, and I got angry.  I got so angry that I got a headache, and I’m not a headache kind of person.  I got so angry that I couldn’t sleep last night.  And this morning, I need to purge.  I need to rant.  I need to scream at the ceiling.

WHY do christians hunt for, claw at, cling to ANY verses they can find that might give them an excuse to choose to be ignorant?  Why is that?  Tozhannah is going thru the Beatitudes on her site, showing how they are a hiearchial progression of growth in the believer’s life.  Amazingly enough ALL of my Koinonia group are ‘seasoned’ Christians (have been in church all of their lives, and put forth extra effort, or they wouldn’t be in Koinonia)… but HALF of this same group display only the first TWO of the Beatitudial characteristics.  And they are offended that I want them to move further than that.  I call it edification and the equipping of the saints.  They don’t see it that way.

Last night I had a question.  So I asked it.  And what’s amazing is that someone came up with a really lame answer to try to ‘end the matter neatly’, and quickly everyone else clung to it.  The question was in regards to the fig tree in Mark 11 – Jesus saw a mature fig tree ahead of season, and it looked healthy, but there was no fruit.  And because it bore no fruit, He cursed it.  Then He went to the temple and ‘cleansed it’ (overturned tables and drove out the merchants).  Pastor had said that it wasn’t a cleansing of the temple, Jesus didn’t clean it for further use – He shut it down.  So the next morning, the disciples pass the same fig tree, and it’s withered from the roots up.  Dead.  Totally.  And pastor contended that the cursing of the tree was symbolic of the temple – what He was going to do.  It looked healthy but bore no fruit, so He would curse it.  Then He went to the temple and did the deed.  And the withered fig tree was symbolic of what He’d done – shut it down.    So my question was, if the temple was now *dead/withered*, then it would not be a viable means for atonement of sins.  But Christ was not yet sacrificed for our atonement at that time – so between the ‘cleansing of the temple’ and the crucifixion, there is no means for atonement of sin?

The answer was that it’s all just symbolic, so it’s only an illustration.  That even after the crucifixion, the temple was still standing.  Yes, but the problem with that answer is that the illustration doesn’t match the actual event.  I agree – the fig was dead and still standing, but there’s no life in it.  That means it cannot be used for atonement.  So the temple cannot be ‘symbolically’ useless.  (?!?!)

Anyhow, somehow the conversation went around to holidays and holy days, and I contended that the church was remiss in its neglecting the feasts.  Oooooh, that didn’t go over well!!  First they pulled out the scripture on how any day can be anything to anyone (fine, then let’s not have a sabbath – after all, it don’t mean squat to most people, right?  No more church, no more sermons…)… then they went for 1 Corinthians 8 and Christian Liberty (if we can throw out God’s commands, then our liberty has gone past it’s bounds and we are in peril, frankly)… then they went for Colossians 2 – the feasts are but a shadow (they are a shadow of things to come… we still should be very much involved and aware of the feasts, as they are part of what is yet to be!!)… then they went for Romans 14… which totally doesn’t apply as it is about the new Christian and judging him by what he does or doesn’t do.  That doesn’t pertain to a *seasoned* group of Christians at all – and nobody was judging (except the leader, who was desperate to establish that the law is abolished, even though Christ said it wasn’t.)

And what TOTALLY BLOWS is that these are the SAME VERSES that people use with me in regards to EVERY SITUATION when they want what they want, and it always amounts to one thing:  IGNORANCEWhy would a Christian want to be ignorant????   Okay, so if we can throw out the feasts, then let’s throw out the bit about tattoos… that’s not commanded in the NT, either.  For that matter, a incest is fine, because it’s not a law carried over to the NT, either.  If you’re gonna cancel out God’s commands, let’s go with it.  Where do you stop?

Jesus came to FULFILL the law, not to abolish it – scripture states that.  It was still valid after His gift.  The fulfillment was in that the old sacrificial system was ended by His sacrifice.  So the only thing that stopped was the need to make sacrifices.   Even Paul went down to the feasts in Jerusalem, but y’know what they said when I told them that?  HE ONLY WENT TO WITNESS.    BULLSHIT!!!!

Purge out therefore the old leaven, that ye may be a new lump, as ye are unleavened. For even Christ our passover is sacrificed for us:Therefore let us keep the feast not with old leaven, neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness; but with the unleavened of sincerity and truth. 1 Cor. 5:8

But bade them farewell, saying, I must by all means keep this feast that cometh in Jerusalem: but I will return again unto you, if God will. And he sailed from Ephesus.  Acts 18:21

Now the firstday of the feast of unleavened bread the disciples came to Jesus, saying unto Him, Where wilt thou that we prepare for thee to eat the passover? Matt 26:17

As far as I know, there is NO REASON to throw out the feasts, and by the testimony of Luke, Paul kept them, too.  Heck, so did JESUS!!  Paul didn’t just go to Jerusalem to preach – or it wouldn’t have been called ‘keeping the feast’.  Good grief!  It’s a given that we don’t have to sacrifice, but that doesn’t end the feast!!  The purpose of the feast is to mark an event.  And frankly?  THEY ARE COMMANDED TO BE KEPT FOR ALL TIME.  Why?  Because they have significance for all time!

Passover is THE DAY of the coming sacrifice of the Lamb… now it’s marks the Crucifixion.  ((Hell, throw it out though.  We have Good Friday – No-Fish-Day, we don’t need God’s feast or symbols!))  Unleavened Bread is THE DAY that begins the three days in the grave.  Firstfruits is THE DAY that was fulfilled with the resurrection of the Lord ((we don’t need that, either, though, we have Ishtar’s Sunday – the first Sunday after the spring equinox following the new moon… PAGAN thru and thru and not even the day God set aside!!)  Pentecost is THE DAY the Holy Spirit was sent to us – I don’t know about yours, but my church didn’t even mention this day this year.  Sad.  What’s worse is that God foretold the coming of John the Baptist, and the records in Luke place his birth ON the feast in which a seat is left open for the ‘coming Elijah’.  Rosh Hashanna is the day set in OUR future to be the fulfillment of the rapture.  Yom Kippur is the day in OUR future in which Jesus will return and judge the world.  Succoth is the day in OUR future in which we will abide with the Lord forever.  It’s also (if you have faith in God) the day Jesus was born… Ah, but we don’t need that, either – we have Mithras feast day (pagan Christmess!) instead.  Screw God and His set days, right?

I just don’t understand how people can rationalize away Truth.  Why would they WANT to?  Because it’s tedious to learn?  I thought Christians were to hunger and thirst for righteousness.  And I’m SO SICK of being painted as an idiot wrongly clinging to God’s word.  What up!?   Anyhow, feeling VERY defeated right now.  I have some Isaiah to read… so I’ll put up a NoteWorthy later, and call it a day.

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