Ignorance/ Wrong Thinking

“All wrong thinking stems from ignorance.”
Agree or disagree?

(Update):   My pastor stated this as a fact on Sunday and it immediately sat very badly with me… because it’s NOT true.  And I debated e-mailing him to refute the statement, but then I thought I’d try this, first… as an experiment.  Asking my readers on this site what they think.  Knowing that this is a site for uncovering Truth, and you are sucked into participation.  ((wink!))

I totally disagree with the above statement.  Why?  Because ignorance is merely a rationalization for the true cause of wrong thinking – choice.  You see, people are ignorant by choice.  It’s not something that you have no control over.  Think about it – every person is able to ask the questions to find the answers.  Every person is capable of their own journey, and if they’re ignorant, it’s of their own choice.  Therefore, wrong thinking cannot stem from ignorance – because ignorance is an excuse, not a cause.  The cause is choice.

I didn’t just experiment with you… I experimented with my Koinonia group last night.  I asked them what they thought of the statement.  Immediately (as they are starting to figure out that I’m a walking loaded question) they deduced that I did not agree, and asked me why.  When I explained about choice and the above concepts… the laughable happened.

My group leader said, “Well, I agree with you.  And I agree with pastor.”
So… all wrong thinking comes from Ignorance.  AND all wrong thinking comes from choice.
That’s like saying all things were created by God.  AND all things are created via evolution.
You can’t have it both ways!!!  Ignorance and choice are not synonymous!!

He said they were complimentary, so both could be true.  No, they’re not.  My MIL is a nonnie.  She *knows* the Gospel.  She chooses to believe otherwise.  Her wrong thinking is not because of ignorance, but because of choice.  The two are not necessarily complimentary.  ((Commence waffling run-on sentences trying to reason out why the pastor cannot be wrong by four people at once.))

Then someone made the statement, “Well, ignoring comes from the same word as ‘ignorance’.  Maybe it means wrong thinking comes from ignoring.”  ((!!??!!))  At first I thought she might have a point… and made a note to look up the Greek in the sermon passage.  Unfortunately… I’d forgotten it didn’t come from a verse – it came from my pastor.  ((Shakes head))  No root word search there.

But plenty of confirmation about my Koinonia group.  They will adhere to anything the pastor says and fight to defend it blindly, even if it means forsaking both logic and (in some cases, such as Acts 18:21/ 1 Corinthians5:7 NT keeping of feast issue,) scripture.  This isn’t the first time, but it’s the first time I played with it a little, to see if I could get the desired results from the class members.  Disappointing.  And yet completely expected.  And my incredible admiration for our group leader (which has been dropping rapidly) plunged severely.  Ah, well… that’s why we’re not to esteem any man, eh?

I’ll put a break in the comments so that you can add to what’s there, only in this new vein. K?

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