2004: Prophecy Fulfillments

I just want to show you something a moment.  Take a look and compare, if you would:

FoxNews Top 10 Events 2004 Top 10 End Times Events Anna’s Top 10 2004 Events
10 – Court Stories: Kobe Bryant, Scott Peterson, and Martha Stewart  10- Rebuilding the Temple (building the third temple) 10 – Re-formation of the Sanhedrin (giant step towards the 3rd temple)
09 –  Hurricane Disasters
(No mention of monsoons/tsunami)
09– Apostacy, the hardening against the true Church 09 – ACLU attacks on Christianity  (’04 Secularism battle of X-Mess)
08 –  Arafat’s Death 08 – Israel a millstone around the necks of all nations 08 – Israel the problem behind Middle East peace process
07 –  3/11 terrorists in Madrid 07 – The earth shall be shaken (earthquake reference?) 07 – 9.0 Earthquake resulting in the deaths of nearly 150,000 people
06 -9/11 probes – did we know? 06 – Signs in the sun, moon, and stars 06 – Arafat’s death: an open door for EU-led peace efforts begin
05 – Ronald Reagan’s Death 05 – Roaring of the seas 05 – Hurricanes & Monsoons
04 – Beslan Massacre
(Terrorists in Russian school)
04 – Rise of the final (Revived) Roman empire of Daniel 04 – 5-1-04 EU unification begins 10-16-04  EU constitution in Rome
03 – Food for Oil Scandals 03 – Roman leader rises to unsurmountable power 03 – Solana assumes duties of EU Foreign minister ahead of schedule
02 – War on Terror (Iraq) 02 – Seven year treated confirmed with ‘many’ 10 – Solana’s Neighborhood Policy introduced: 7-yr plan for peace
01 – 2004 US Elections
(Bush vs. Kerry)
01 – Rapture of the Church(Millions vanish worldwide) 10 – Israel’s Sharon offers Lupkid party joint leadership within gov’t!

I was amazed at FoxNew’s list.  Kobe Bryant was in the top ten?  Hell, why did they leave out Desperate Housewives?  If that’s news… ((shakes head))  The tsunami didn’t even make the list, hello!!!  ((Of course it’s only been in the news a few days, so it has a lot of catching up to do, but, still…!!!!))  My first reaction was “how could they miss the most important events”???

And so I made my own list.  Then I thought about it – if we look at the Bible’s top ten events of the end and compare to my list… how close is it?  Well, last year was the signs in the sun, moon, stars (nearing of Mars, solar flares, eclipses, etc.)… so we’ve already embarked on that.  ((Actually this year is a large space year, too – with solar silence, unseen forces pounding earth, and other interesting phenomena like the earth’s rotation changing)).  But I was amazed.  If we’re to be watching, we – as a nation – are watching the wrong things!!!  Look at the difference in the lists!!  Isn’t it amazing?  FoxNews is missing the REAL news!

((NoTe:  Some of you might be wondering about my #1 event of 2004.  I will explain in the upcoming NoteWorthy what has happened and what it means.  It will change everything in the Middle East.))

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