The Added Commandments

Momma731 is the culprit.  ((Actually, the taker.))  Y’see, I wanted to blog about something good today, but I didn’t know what.  Something passionate.  I feel passionate.  But I just did a ‘NoteWorthy’.  Just did a ‘For Discussion’.  Just did a poll.  Posted pictures a few days ago.  Did a ‘Grateful’ yesterday.  Hrm.  I have the first Paul blog ready to go (has been since Saturday), but I wanted to wait until the Sunday Sermon was out of everyone’s systems, and they were ready to read deeper stuff.  ((The plan is to post it tomorrow.))  So… what about today?  Well, let’s see what others are blogging about.  Maybe I’ll be inspired.

Momma731 was my inspiration.  This morning (or was it last night?) she wrote about Genesis, and how God commanded Adam and Eve not to eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil… and when Adam and Eve reiterated that command, they added to it.  They said they weren’t to TOUCH the fruit… which wasn’t God’s command.  She said that when we add commands to our faith, that we feel if we break them, it’s okay, and then that moves into people feeling it’s okay to break God’s commands… and rationalizaton sets in.  ((Then she called for discussion, which is a silly thing to do when I’m a subscriber, because you KNOW that kind of thing is right up my alley.))  So I thought I’d bring my ga-zillion thoughts here.  On “added commandments”.

You want to see the results of “added commandments”?  All you have to do is look at the church.  Go to church and watch the people.  It makes me cry to see how ‘cookie cutter’ they are, in their little pews, with their little pasted smiles, standing when the pastor says to stand, sitting when the music dude says to sit, nodding along with the sermon, bowing their heads at the appropriate time.  So obedient.  So submissive.  So kind and gentle and… fake.  That’s right – phony baloney.

You know that’s not how they are IRL.  I know that’s not how they are IRL.  And bits of that carry over into their ‘given persona’ during the week… I’m a christchun, therefore I’m *appalled* you would use a word like that!!  I’m a christchun, and I can’t associate with behavior like that.  Pious pricks that adhere to all of these unscriptural rules… Thou must not say ‘dammit’.  Thou must avoid homosexuals – what would people think if you were seen with one, especially fellow christchuns!!  Thou shalt dress in nylons and beads for services.  Thou shalt do everything your pastor tells you to, as if he were a sinless Simon Says coordinator.  Thou shalt not drink, Thou shalt not wear bright red lipstick, Thou shalt not offend anyone with your faith… the list goes on and on and on.

Only I don’t see people as feeling that they can break God’s law because of this… I see them as substituting what they SHOULD be doing (to fulfill GOD’S will) with what they ARE doing (to fulfill THEIR will)… and seeing themselves as far better than they really are.  For example, how many cookie cutter christchun housewives read Beth Moore, Elizabeth George, Stormie O’Martian – or (taking it higher and finding more ‘knowledgable’ male authors) Philip Yancey, Max Lucado, and James Dobson?  They nod in agreement… but don’t study the REAL Word, because it’s not in ‘story form’.  It’s not *easy*.  But they read the ‘christchun’ books, learn about what others learn about God.  They’re good little christchuns, aren’t they?  But God never told us to read ‘christchun’ books – he said ‘in THIS Word doth he meditate day and night’.  That’d be the Bible.  Ouch, eh?  Sure, you can glean truths from those authors, but what about reading the Author, the Book?  What about gleaning your OWN Truths, letting the Spirit work directly in you?  And then they bemoan the fact that they can’t find what they want when they need it, they can’t remember where they read this, but…  ((shakes head))

The added commands are ‘light-weight’, so they’re easy to keep.  Don’t offend others with your faith, for example.  It’s far easier to be a quiet, gentle (aka generic, passive, useless) christchun than to adhere to 2 Tim 4 and correct, encourage, rebuke people.  That’s offensive.  Associate pastor yesterday pissed the HELL out of me by saying that we shouldn’t offend people with our faith, because we need to attract them to Christ.  I have NEVER read ANYTHING about that in my Bible!!  ((I have yet to hear that man preach a single truth – my respect for him keeps sinking further and further below nil… I see that the real pastor’s missing and beg to leave before services start and go home.))  Because it’s NOT true.  We’re not supposed to attract people to Christ.  There’s not a thing we can do to ‘win’ people.  The Spirit does that.  My Bible says the world will hate us for our faith.  ((Matt 10:22))  My Bible shows Jesus telling people that he didn’t come to unite, but to divide – even brother against mother, sister against father.  Associate’s message is in direct contradiction to the scriptures.  ((More on that later – I need to unpreach his untruths yet to purge.))

Anyhow, because people ‘keep’ these added commandments, they see themselves as somehow are ‘holier’ than everyone around them.  They have reason to look down their noses.  Oh, she doesn’t conform, there’s something WRONG with her faith.  She’s out of God’s will, not in the Spirit like I am.  He has long hair and tattoos, he’d make me look less ‘holy’ than I am.  She’s controversial and problematic – I need to avoid her.  He’s doesn’t do what he’s supposed to – he’s a nutcase.  Pharisees.  Brood of Vipers.  Jesus NEVER judged people like that.  Never.  And it’s NOT God’s will, it’s your own devices.  But you wouldn’t know that, with your little noses stuck in your little christchun self-help, CGM books promoting the added commandment BS.  ((Yes, this sends me totally off.))

Do christchuns even know what Christ was about?  He spent more time with the sick, the sinful, the ‘homos’ and ‘skanks’ and red-lipped, tattooed people than he did with the ‘holy’ folk.  He tore strips off the ‘holy’ folk for their self-righteousness and added commandments.  He NEVER aligned Himself with that BS.  He spoke honestly, frankly, and because that was different than the holy people, it drew attention.  It was Truth given with a breath of fresh air.  Isn’t THAT what we’re supposed to be?  And, yes, that pissed off the ‘holy’ folk… didn’t it?  Let’s be honest.  ((grins))

I know most christchuns around here don’t like me.  I have more ‘enemies’ among christchun Xangites than I can shake a fist at – because I say things they don’t want to hear.  One gal (who incidentally goes as far back with me as my first pregnancy message board – SN) e-mailed me to tell me that she loves me as a fellow believer, but could no longer read me because I use 4-letter words and therefore am not holy enough for her.  ((No shit – and I see her at your sites often.))  It’s too bad – think of all she’s missed in the four years I’ve been here witnessing and sharing.  Look among your commentors, the friends who encourage you.  I can name at least two on each of your sites that hate me with a vengeance.  ((M, your very next commentor, for example.))  Oh, they won’t say as much, that wouldn’t be luvving, but when you look at the state of their hearts when my name is brought up… it’s so obviously true, it’s not funny.

They aren’t ‘better’ than I am for obeying the added commandments.  Nor am I saying I’m better than them – I suck, to be honest.  I feel like such a hypocrite because I don’t give what I should, and live WAY beyond my needs, and there’s little I can do about it… and I know I shouldn’t get so angry and hurt about the way they treat me (Christ didn’t), but being hot-headed and stubborn and pathetic…  well, you get the idea.  And all of this stems from the same thing – people adding to scripture.  Did you know that the Scribes and Pharisees had over 250 ADDED laws to the original laws given to Moses?  No kidding.  And then we wonder why Jesus chastized them on sight.  It’s an age-old problem, and apparently it goes back to the Garden.

Something to think about, eh?

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