The Prophecy Summary

There have been so many new people coming all of the time, I’m not sure how many people are caught up to speed.  You see, I post ‘NoteWorthy News’ up to three times a week, and you have no idea why, or what’s the deal with it.  And while many have been watching with me for almost 3 years (some even longer!), I know some of it seems choppy and weird to people who have jumped in and don’t understand what I’m talking about with my NoteWorthys.  So I wanted to explain to you what the deal is.  If you want to know how close we are to the end of the world, this is your post.

There are events prophesied in the Bible which lead up to the end of the world.  There were many ‘precursors’ given… ‘birth pains’ according to Jesus.  They include man traveling the whole earth, things speeding up (advancement of technology, etc.), signs in the sun, moon, and stars, wars and rumors of wars… these things are hard to pin down, because they aren’t absolute, rather on-going.  But there are definite signs that ARE absolute, and those are the ones I watch the closest.  ((Although I do post some of the ‘birth pain’ variety, too, because it’s interesting.))  But as for the absolute signs?

The first is the re-formation of the Roman Empire.  The Roman Empire never actually was ‘conquered’… it kind of died off, and will reform.  ((Revelation calls it the beast that was, is not, but is.  It also describes its fizzle out as a head wound that it recovers from.))  That is what we now call the EU – European Union.  It’s the coalition of all of the nations of Europe (and more are vying to join.).  They signed their constitution in Rome (ironically) in October of 2004.  Yeah, that recent.  This is an empire which wishes to ‘de-throne’ America as the world superpower.  It’s suceeding, too.   From it three nations will be ‘subdued’.  In the last 3 years, three of the EU nations (the news calls them the ‘big three’) have been dominating the scene – UK, Germany, and France.  Watch them… they will be ‘subdued’ in the near future.

The next event is the rise of a leader who’s platform is peace and who has power unlike any man on earth.  This would be the High Representative of the European Union.  Currently Javier Solana.  ((This does NOT mean Solana is the Anti-Christ… he could be assasinated, and the sucessor be the AC, but that also means Solana could very well be the Anti-Christ, just not possessed by Satan yet.  He has more power than any man on earth, and while Bush is using military might to pursue freedom, Solana is the peace-man.  Unlike any other in history.  Many pre-trib people say we won’t be here to see the AC.  I wholeheartedly disagree.  He has to have time to gain the power before pursuing his agenda.  We won’t be here when it goes down, but we very well could see him.  If we’re watching.  Which we’re not.  How many people do you know actually recognize the name “Solana” if you were to ask them?  That’s what I thought.  He’s miraculously low-profile for what he is.

The next prophecy is that this leader (known in the Bible as the AntiChrist) will make a ‘covenant with many’ that will have a 7-year term.  Those seven years are known as ‘the Tribulation’, and begin with the ‘confirming’ of that covenant.  Note that the covenant can be drafted and set before the Trib, but the Tribulation STARTS with its confirmation.  So I fully believe we can see this 7-year plan form and know when the time is come.  Is there such a thing now?  YesSolana has drafted a ‘Neighborhood Policy’ which involves dozens of countries that has a 7-year term… and begins in 2007.  Now this may or may not be the ‘covenant’ from the Bible, but if it is, this has extreme importance to Christians.  Why?

The next prophecy is that the true followers of Christ will be taken out of this world supernaturally.  We call this the Rapture.  There are differing views of when this will happen, but I am a staunch pre-tribber… and if you want to know why (and see the dozens of passages that back me up), there’s a thing on the sidebar.  Anyhow, Pre-tribber means I believe we will be taken out of this world before the 7-year Tribulation.  When I say ‘we’, I mean a very limited amount of people.  Barna polls show that only 7 percent of ‘christians’ have a Biblical world-view. ((See the numbers here.))

Now, putting the pieces together, there will be a Roman Empire, there will be a great leader, there will be a 7-year plan, and before it goes into effect, there will be a ‘disappearance’ of Christ-followers.  If this ‘2007 Neighborhood Policy’ of Solana’s is *the* deal, then we have less than two years left.  NO KIDDING.  Which is why I’m watching so closely.  And remember that the ‘Policy’ is still in the drafting stages… if some great world crisis arises (Iran nuking Israel, Israel nuking Syria, Syria nuking Israel, Russia nuking Israel)… everything could easily be accelerated.  So we are CLOSELESS THAN two years close, possibly.  ((which is about right – I said two years ago that I gave it five years… so I’m down to three, at the maximum.))

Other things to be watching?  The Bible talks about a mark that all people will have to take in order to buy and sell.  VeriChip is the size of a grain of rice, has just been FDA approved this past year, and goes on the market next month.  It’s used for storing medical, security, personal, financial, and professional information… and for ease of access, the most favorable placement is in the hand or the head… like the mark the Bible prophesies.  Note that I DON’T believe the VeriChip is necessarily the ‘mark’… it could be, if it isn’t fully implementable and required until the necessary data is included.  But it could be an ‘upgrade’ to the VeriChip required at a later date, too, so don’t freak too badly about it quite yet.  Just watch.

I also keep a close eye on Israel.  The reason is because there are HUGE prophecies about Israel set to happen.  The first being the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple.  Just in the past year, some interesting things have happened in regards to this – the Sanhedrin re-formed for the first time in 1600 years… that means they have the priests/council.  They’ve traced King David’s ancestry and located a monarch.  And amazingly BOTH parties took control last month (that’s akin to the Dems and Republicans BOTH working in accord as head of state).  They have begun talks about reinstating sacrifice.  The Temple Mount has become unstable (it’s the location of the Temple, only there’s an Islamic Mosque on the site right now).  Every item needed for the temple has been prepared… excepting the altar.  It’s ready to go… and just this week, I hear Americans are funding the project to rebuild.  Wow.

Another Israel thing to watch – there are battles a’coming.  Israel is supposed to nuke Damascus, according to prophecy.  Damascus being the Capital of Syria… ironically the place that’s funding both the Iraqi insurgents AND the Palestinian terrorists.  Russia is also slated to attack Israel, and will be destroyed (to the point where it will take 7 months to bury the dead).  Iran is included in the list of attackers… and last week Iran announced the capability to attack her enemies ‘without gunpowder’.  That would be nukes.  Which spurred an attack plan to be drafted by Israel on Iran.  This week Syria meets with Russia to obtain nukes that would obliterate Israel.    All of the major players are in place (excepting Turkey).  Which is why I don’t care about the US/Iraq thang – it’s not where the action is gonna go down.  It’s a red herring.

This is all of the stuff I’ve been reporting in my ‘NoteWorthy’s’ for the past few years.  I link to the articles, so you don’t think I’m just making shit up.  It’s real, and it’s now.  People aren’t watching.  They watch the Scott Peterson trial and don’t know Solana from Jack Straw.  ((who?))  The church is asleep, and it’s going to be taken by surprise.  Half of them avoid prophecy because ‘it’s too hard’.  Which is why I do this.

Is it possible there’s another 500 years?  Honestly, No.  Another 50 years?  No.  Why is now any different than 10 years ago?  Because 10 years ago there was no Revived Roman Empire, there was no powerful Roman leader, there was no drafted plan, there was no Sanhedrin, the Temple Mount wasn’t unstable, Iran/Syria didn’t have nuclear weapons, and there wasn’t the apostacy of the CGM movement.  Ten years ago CGM didn’t even have a name.  NOW everything’s in place.

Which is why now, more than ever, we’ve GOT to get the word out.  Because soon it will be too late.  And I won’t have people saying “Anna never told me what she knew.  She didn’t care enough to say anything.”  I won’t let that be said of me.  If this site goes dormant and you hear strange reports of missing people, you’ll know.  Because I made sure you knew.  Which is why I have my sidebar assembled.  Because the Revelation posts will help people prepare and know what’s going to happen.  The NoteWorthy’s will catch people up to speed and make it all clear.  The Bible posts will come in handy for understanding God and what we’re supposed to be/do.  Believe it or not, I only partially write on this blog for you – the other part I write for future readers.  Weird, I know, but if I believe what I say I believe, I couldn’t do any different.

So hopefully that sums up what’s going on, why I post NoteWorthy’s, and why my site is so… ((grins))  Indescribable.  Unique.  Factual.  If you didn’t know before, you know now.  I think a good update was called for, don’t you?

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