The Church and the church I

I am challenged on Xanga by very few people (not too many really like to inspire thinking)… but one person who always seems to challenge my thinking is Tozhannah.  ((Anyone with ‘Tozer’ in their name can’t be bad!))  And yesterday she posted that the top three evangelicals out there are Rick Warren, Billy Graham, and James Dobson.  Having said that, she wryly stated that she’d rather stand in the shadow of the moon than align herself with that lot.  I wholeheartedly agreed.  But then, I think all three of them are poison.

This morning, I was subjected to Time Magazine’s Top 25 most influential Evangelists.  According to Time, Rick Warren is the number one evangelist.  Amazing, considering he’s the number one twister of scripture, cares more about marketing ploys than Truth, and presents a version of the gospel not found in any Bible I’ve ever read.   I have more problems with that man… ((shakes head))  If that’s the number one most influential evangelist, we need to repent mightily and pray for those being ‘evangelized’.  Because I’d almost rather them remain nonnies than get a sick version of Truth and be decieved into a religious lie and led straight to hell (or stagnant waters) in the name of Jesus.

James Dobson was number 7 – which was no surprise, but again, I’m appalled.  The man preaches psychobabble with ‘christianity’ tacked on as a label.  He’s made so many messes of things better left alone, I can’t begin to tell you (and the Gay SpongeBob thang is just the tip of the iceberg).  Our church has Focus on the Family inserts in the bulletin… and on Sunday James told parents that if your child is a picky eater, just let him get down and go play, and when he’s ready, you can fix his supper again later.  Hello!?   Is that teaching your children anything, except they can do what they want whenever they want?  On the back of the sheet, a christchun parent concerned about her kids picking up ‘foul language’ asked how the Bible deals with ‘bad’ words.  He twisted more scripture than I care to shake a fist at trying to make the Bible address specific words, and taught a WHOLE lotta shit that… well, let’s not go there.

I don’t know the people between, but I can tell you that the people I respect didn’t make the list.  ((surprise, surprise.))  I understand no fundamentalists made the list.  Apparently we aren’t luvving enough to be considered evangelists.  ((?!?!?!?!))   The number one evangelist in my opinion would be Ray Comfort.  Others include David Jeremiah, Ravi Zecharias… John MacArthur… yeah.  Well.  I hear they’re shunned by the ‘big names’… which tells me a LOT.

I went back today to read what people after me commented over at Tozhannah’s, and saw this:  … do you honestly feel we don’t necessarily need the church?  i for one feel as though the church is intrinsic and central to Christianity.  sure, the church has problems, but we must work to fix those problems rather than be overtly cynical about how we no longer have faith in the church.  could it be that our faith in this entity called the church is dwindling precisely because we, the faithful, are ourselves losing faith in our ability to actually represent Christ’s body on earth?

And I want to talk about it.  First of all, there’s a difference between the Church and the churchThe Church is the bride of Christ.  The church is the organized body of religious people.  BIG difference.  Within the church, the number of people who are actually the Church are less than 7 percent of the attending congregants/clergy.

Now consider this:  If the percentage of ‘religious’ people who do not hold an actual Biblical world view is 93% of the church, then is the church a healthy thing to endorse?  That would be a BIG honkin’ no.  And considering the fact that the TOP of the “evangelical greats” list sits a person who’s writings and statements reflect a church view and not a Church view (and the fewChurch views I trust didn’t make the list at all)… should we put our faith in the church?  It’s obvious not only the church is unhealthy, but so is its leadership.

I often wonder if the church shouldn’t be thrown out completely.  If you think about it, the seven percent who are the Church are being exposed to unhealthy doses of leaven in regular doses… thanks to the church.  What does that do to them?  What does it do for those already with an unBiblical worldview?  It’s a lose-lose situation.  There’s a gal on Xanga who (just this morning) I had to explain why her supplemental book was off-base to, because she didn’t see it.  Leaven.  Disease.  Wrong concepts.  UnBiblical teachings.  It’s eating at what’s left of the Church at alarming rates.

We can’t throw out the baby with the bathwater, said one commentor.  I heartily disagree.  If the church were only 65% out of the Word, maybe keep it.  If it were 45% out of the Word, still… but 93% chance of being treated to disease instead of nutrients?  Would you eat a loaf of bread that was 93% moldy?  Seriously!  You’d have to inspect each nasty, green, smelly slice for a speck of white left within.  Is it worth it?  Hell, no!  You’d throw the sucker in the trash!  Amazing what we won’t touch physical-food-wise, but what we’ll scarf down spiritual-food-wise.  Jesus compared such ‘religious organizations’ and members as “open graves”.  Blech!

I’m not saying forsake the Church.  We are the body of Christ – those of us who actually believe and uphold the Truth, testing the spirits and rebuking the false teachers – we need to stay strong.  But is eating moldy bread the way to stay strong?  No.  NO.

I almost feel as though we need to start over from scratch.  One on one.  Truth only.  Throw out the Rick Warren, James Dobson, John Eldredge supplemental shit and go straight back to the word.  Reteach truth, challenging people so that they don’t just ‘buy’ it, but find it, see it, and see why it matters.  Philedelphia needs to be rebuilt, and Laodicea exposed for what it is.  I’m not sure if it could happen, but SOMEONE has got to try.


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