The Church and the church II

Well, just as a post on a very important and pertinent topic, someone new steps up to beautifully personify my points entirely.  And I don’t wish to embarrass him… it would be nice if he would approach this with an open heart and see the Truth… not that I suspect that will happen… just a *bit* jaded due to past experience.  Anyhow, this is needful, because I don’t think people understand the gravity of the situation.   And I would’ve deleted his comment to protect him had he posted his comment on the ‘Church n’ church’ blog, but he (probably because the Lord is on my side and sent this to me in PERFECT time) placed it elsewhere on the site, so I can address it without giving away his identity.  ((kewl beans!))  His comment?

I finished PDL within the past month and am daily posting my notes on the book on my xanga. I found your site from a comment left on a site I visit with some regularity. I found your comments laced with angry judgment on other “believers” (including Rick Warren and Billy Graham) and was concerned by what I saw. I then came and visited your site. I’ve read several items on your site, including this one, and I’m just as concerned about what you’ve written as you seem to be with what Rick Warren wrote. I can agree with you on a lot of things, but some of the stuff you post is just as bad as what you’ve criticized.

The same Paul you quote as “never saying to be ‘sensitive'” gave Peter the what-fors about not offending the gentiles. Christ accepts us in spite of our sin. He forgives sin. Its our job to believe, to trust in him for our salvation, to act on our beliefs by being obedient to his commands to the very best of our abilities. When you offend someone through your own prejudice you are sinning. You offended me by casting judgment on people who have brought a lot of sinners closer to Jesus.  The truth may hurt at times, you might say, but Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Worshipping Rick Warren is a sin. You obvious don’t worship him. If other’s do, then fine to point that out. I like various study materials that help me understand scripture better, but not materials which replace scripture. I’m no fan of paraphrased “bibles” either, nor studies which don’t use scripture to back up what they say. In this case I think you are too sensitive and with this superstructured site I wonder if you’re not the one wanting to be worshipped. Sorry for going off on you like this, but I really think you are mashing sour grapes with some of your caustic stuff like this entry.

Well, at least he put “believers” in quotes… LoL!!!  I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t laugh, but ‘super-structured’?  Hello… the sidebar is for other’s convenience (started by request, btw), not for me.  There’s no rhyme or reason to what I post or when I post or how I post it… so ‘super-structured’ + little blonde housewife = giggles.  Me?  Wanting to be worshipped?  I wonder if he’d say the same thing about Paul.  After all, people awaited Paul’s messages with eagerness and/or interest akin to some of the stuff recieved here.

Speaking of Paul, this guy – on top of all else – takes scripture out of context (the reference to Paul’s statements about ‘offending’ are actually from 1 Corinthians 8 and aren’t for Gentiles, they’re for those ‘weak in faith’… which, if he’s posting like that, he’s not… nor are my readers!!).  Well, he’s learned well from PDL how to use scripture to make it say what benefits him.  Do you see the dangers of believing things and reading things that are not in alignment with scripture?  Soon you’re doing the same thing – believing things that aren’t true, twisting the Word, and all because you didn’t go into it like a good Berean and hold it up to scripture to find it lacking.  

So I needed to address the comment, and show it for what it really was.  My reply?

So… you’re saying because Jesus offended the Pharisees, He was sinning?  Question: are you nuts?  Wow, I’m so sorry He mashed sour grapes ‘cleansing’ the temple… His bad, I guess.  Should’ve not judged ’em that way, Lord.  ((?!!))  And as for angry judgment, I believe Christ did a bit of that, too… (see previous three sentences).  Do you need  verses?  I don’t think they’re found in Rick Warren’s book… You might want to look at John 7:24 for one.  Revelation 3:16 for another.  There’re lots more, too.  Oh, and one more question:  Do you think Paul was stoned, boiled, imprisoned, beaten, and the like because he was unoffensive?  ((I can’t think like that))

This may not be the site for you.  Fluff doesn’t fly here.  I teach Truth per scripture.  Have a nice day.

Do you see what I mean, though?  The church does not uphold scripture as the Truth it is, but contorts it so that people like this poor bloke are suddenly floundering in their application of scripture, more worried about ‘the unoffensive luvvy happies’ than standing firm, girding up, fighting the fight, and not even bidding godspeed to those who bring false doctrine. (NoTe:  not necessarily false scripture.  Doctrine and scripture are two different things.  Much like the Church and the church.)  Even Jesus offended people – See John 6:61 and the results following in verse 66.  People took off because they were offended!  He never preached unoffensive, luvvy happies.  He taught that He was the ONLY way to eternal life.  Well, hell, we just offended the majority of the WORLD with that one!

Maybe I do have a bit of a blunt approach to things, and maybe there’s a more luvving way to handle it, but the church is so oozing with luvv that I don’t see where they need any more.  Seriously.  Even logically, his argument doesn’t hold, and that’s barring the way it puts scripture into contradiction.    If one simple paragraph can obliterate the man’s argument and show the tenents its based on as faulty and misused, how on EARTH is he going to be of any heavenly use to the Lord?  Do you see why I call these feel-good doctrines poison?  Why Christ called it ‘leaven’?  Do you see how it hurts a person’s witness, their very faith?

We should not be too hard on this man.  He has the Way… he’s got potential to be Philedelphia.  But he’s been sold short on the Truth and lured into Laodicea.  If we’re told to worship God in Spirit and Truth, he’s half a side of a coin short, and it’s thanks to crap like PDL that erroneously uses assorted paraphrases to decieve and teach a doctrine that isn’t found in scripture.  How on earth can the Church grow if the church is feeding it moldy bread?

Point made.  Illustrated.  Lit up with neon.  A-mazing.  Apparently God wanted this driven home, eh?

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