Running Hot and Cold

I got a comment yesterday.  ((Yeah, you already know that bit.))  It was one of those ‘yeah, but you need to be squishier and softer and more luvving’ comments.  It went like this:

… the question I have is ‘what are you trying to accomplish on your site?’  If you just want to vent, then you are doing it well. If you want to lovingly steer people towards the truth, then I think your words should be softened. Jesus spoke softly when needed, but He still spoke the truth.  It was the anger that almost made me stop reading. The only people Jesus really displayed his anger at were the Pharisee’s whose hearts were so corrupt He was really trying to reach those around them. To the others he spoke truth – to the point, but with a heart of love, not a heart of contempt.

Now I like this guy.  ((So far. He’s new.))  But the comment has ‘I like fluff’ written all over it.  And you know how that goes over with me.  The guy didn’t know what he was getting into, obviously.  My response?

What is my purpose?  To open eyes.  To fight the good fight – yes, fight.  To press on, to gird up, to run so as to win the prize – that means with every ounce of determination and strength within me.  To wrestle against spiritual wickedness in high places.  To be bold in my faith.  That’s my purpose.  To live (and die, if need be) for Truth.  You want softness and luvv, go to one of that ba-zillion CGM sites.  They’re a dime a dozen around here.  Biblical love isn’t like that.  And I don’t soften much… nor do I keep that a secret.

Now there are a few things this guy didn’t know.  The post he commented on was from October 2003… smack in the middle of the WAH fun.  ((For those of you who missed it, be glad.))  He also has no idea how many problems I’ve had with Pharisee-christchuns on this site – meaning people who are ‘religious’ but can’t see past the ends of their noses to *REAL* spirituality, much like the Pharisees.  And Jesus did NOT speak softly to people like that.  Neither do I.  Sorry, but that’s the way it is.

As a result of that encounter yesterday, I spent the rest of the day with Revelations 3 bouncing around my head.  ((Don’t do that to me, k?  If you’re gonna stick me with scripture, at least make it a Psalm, so that I can sing it, thankyouverymuch.))  Anyhow, where were we?  Ah, Revelation 3:

I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot,
I will spue thee out of my mouth… as many as I love I rebuke and chasten;
be zealous therefore, and repent.  (Rev. 3:17,19)

There are two (actually three, but I don’t talk about Thyatira if I can help it) churches still in existence today.  ((NoTeI believe the churches of Revelation were not only actual churches, but prophetically illustrative of the church ages from Christ’s ascension to His return, giving us a timeline to the end))  Those two main churches are Ephesus and Laodicea.  And man, does Laodicea give me indigestion.  And amazingly, Laodicea are the folk who call for luvvv, for ‘softness’ and ‘meekness’ and… well, FLUFF.  Cushy Christianity.  Lukewarm… neither hot nor cold.

Neither Hot nor Cold?  What does that mean?  Brian took it the easy route when I asked him.  ((Poor man, he  has to put up with my little ‘tests’ to see how he will respond.))  He said cold means ‘icy’ – cold-shouldered (“like you, honey”)  He said hot means ‘on fire’ for the Lord  (“like you, honey”)  Well, he kisses gludious hiney well, doesn’t he?  LoL!!  *wink!*

I don’t believe that’s true, exactly.  People are wounded.  They don’t want to recieve a ‘cold shoulder’, they don’t need to see people ‘on fire’ for something they don’t understand.  They are hurting… what they need is healing, no?

What I see in ‘Hot & Cold’ is this – what do you do to treat a wound?  Cauterize it – apply searing heat to kill the uglies that are threatening infection.  What do you do to the swelling around a wound?  You apply cold – very cold – to ease the pain and bring down the swelling.  Cauterization isn’t fun – it hurts.  So does extreme cold.  Believe you me, I know.  I have a herniated disk in my spine that’s given me fun times occasionally over the past four years… the way to deal with the pain when it flares up is to either apply moist heat, or to lay on a bag of frozen peas (since I’m too cheap for cold packs).  It’s not fun, but it’s necessary to bring about healing.

We’re supposed to be about the Lord’s work – helping the hurting.  Bringing them to a knowledge of the Lord, so that they might be made whole out of their fractured lives.  Do you think soft, lukewarm fuzzies are going to help?  Hardly!  Jesus calls for ‘hot’ and ‘cold’… not lukewarm.  ((And incidentally, infection can’t spread in boiling water or in frozen conditions… but it thrives like pond scum in lukewarm water.))  Yet that’s what people keep telling me to do… to luvvv them.  I’m sure a big, mushy, sympathetic hug is gonna make everything better.  NOT.  They can get that from the world!!  Even when talking with the woman at the well, Jesus pegged the ‘sore spot’ with her – her promiscuity.  Threw ice water on her, stunning her with Truth.  When He was silent, writing in the dirt and said, “let him without sin cast the first stone” – He cauterized their sore spots.  Soft?  Hardly.

Yeah.  Well, my point being that if I’m to be of use to the Lord, it isn’t gonna be as a lukewarm person.  He even TOLD us not to be… yet that’s not what the ‘church’ endorses… which is why I don’t endorse the ‘church’.   That about sums up what you’re gonna get here.  I’m running hot and cold on ya.  You want warm-fuzzies, go elsewhere.  I can direct you to at least three dozen cozy-christchun blogs (that will sympathize with you against my postings).  But I’ve a fight to fight, a race to run, a world to teach, and spiritual wickedness to wrestle.  People think being a Christ-follower is following a list of ‘thou shalt not’s.  I have news – I’m so busy doing the ‘do’s that I don’t have time to mess around with much fluff.  There’s a job to do.

Wanna join?  Pick up your sword and climb in the fray.  ((wink!!))  But wuss out on me, and expect to be called on it.  It’s the way the game goes.  And….  ((looks around))  who’s turn is it, anyhow?

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