Irrational Faith

Apparently, I have irrational faith.
And, I overstepped my rule yesterday.  I argued a point at someone else’s site, and my rule is that I state my opinion once, then bring it back here.  So I owe *HUGE* apologies to FKIProfessor.  I blew it.  I’m sorry.  But I’m rectifying the situation – I’m bringing my shtuff back here, where it belongs.
Having said that… I have irrational faith.  ((grins))

If you haven’t been a part of the discussion over there, I’ll give you the skinny.  Lance (aka The Riddler, aka FKIProfessor) is going thru the book of James right now on his site.  He’s going word by word… which means I’ll be 80 by the time we get thru it.  But it’s fun.  Each day, he asks a question about that word, and the discussion gets pretty interesting.  It’s good shtuff.

The word for the past three days has been “Temptations”.  And I’ve had a REAL problem with the discussion.  Because day one they established that temptations were of Satan and we were to flee from them.  Day two they established that we *also* have to deal with Satan, and we’re to resist him.  And we didn’t even need to get to day three before Anna had a problem.

Y’see, I don’t differentiate between Satan and temptations.  How do I encounter Satan?  Via temptation/trials.  I don’t see Satan.  I don’t even hear Satan.  What happens is that he tries to trip up the saints… by way of trials and temptations.  He did the same thing to Jesus – remember the 40 days in the wilderness when Christ was tempted by Satan?  Yeah.  That’s the dude’s M.O.  He tempts.  So if I encounter Satan, I encounter temptation.  It’s the same to me.  He’s been given boundaries, and therefore hasn’t got any choice but to work within them, unlike God, who can work within Creation, outside of creation, and with many different M.O.s.

But my lack of differentiating doesn’t work with the established points.  You don’t flee from temptation and resist Satan – two separate responses – if the way you encounter Satan (who we’re to resist) is thru temptation (which we’re to flee).  See my problem?  It’s an issue.  Mostly because I don’t flee.  I never flee from evil.  I abstain from it whenever I can, and I resist it, but I don’t believe in fleeing.  The word denotes running away, and why on EARTH would an overcomer – a joint heir with Christ – run away?!

The conversation took a HUGE nosedive after that, because apparently I crossed a line I’m not supposed to cross.  Comparing my temptations to Christ’s isn’t allowed, because I’m not sinless, and therefore I’m not able to overcome – not even with the Spirit within me.  Comparing my position to Christ’s isn’t allowed, because He’s perfect and I’m not, and it’s… wrong!!  To compare myself to Jesus is blasphemy.  But…!  I thought that we were to emulate Christ.  That is, to be like Christ.  And I thought that with the Spirit within us, we could overcome – we “could do ALL things”!  I thought that redemption meant that I *am* found without sin – that it was cast as far as east from west. Which would make me as spotless as He is… wouldn’t it?

((Brian had GIANT issues with that.  You think you’re sinless?  Yes.  But you sin!  Yes.  If you sin, you’re not sinless.  Not true.  Those sins are covered the moment I commit them.  That’s not free license to sin, but the fact stands that my sins – past, PRESENT, and FUTURE – are already covered.  I’m sinless.  A sinless sinner.  The man could *not* get his head around it.  I think it’s because we don’t like to let go of things – even our old state of being.  Why do people make things so difficult, anyhow???))

But…that’s not rational.  To count yourself free from all sin – past, present, and future – it’s irrational.  Therefore my faith is irrational.  Now I’m not saying I *don’t* sin – God forbid!  But I am saying that my faith stands in the fact that I have been washed from the effects of that sin, made white, and I am counted righteous.  Pompous fool that I am.  I just don’t see how someone weighed down with guilt and wrong could be a joint heir – that’s why Christ came.  I just don’t see how the Holy Spirit – who is part of the Holy and Blameless Almighty – could reside in a stained and sinful person.  I thought sin separated man from God… then how can God dwell within us, lest we be cleansed?  If the Spirit is in me, I’m free from the chains of sin.  Sinless!

Sacriledge!  You can’t go around telling people you’re righteous and sinless!   Why not!?  I am!  So is anyone else who has accepted Christ’s atonement and has put their life in Him.  It’s not rational!  I don’t frankly care.  I have hope in my redemption, and faith in the power of my Master, that His blood was fully effective.  That’s blessed hope!  That’s new life!  That’s the *good news*!  That’s why the Bible says to encourage each other with these words.  I’m telling ya, it’s true.  It has to be, or my faith is in vain.  And if it’s true for me, it’s true for you!   Hallelujah, eh?!

Further, if I’m made like Christ – pure and spotless – if I’m truly indwelt by the Spirit – why CAN’T I resist temptation?  Why must I flee?  And whoever said faith was rational?!  After all, ‘Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world’, no?  ((grins))  I get giddy just thinking about it.  Because I cling to that.  But the whole argument against me (and my above beliefs) goes completely against that.  Because you can’t fight the good fight if you’re running away – fleeing.  Impossible.

The thing that got me the most was what was lying just under the dialogue.  I thought that saints were supposed to build each other up in the faith… but what was being done was a tearing down of my faith.  I thought that scripture was meant for edification… but what was being done was the exact opposite. And I didn’t know what to do with that.  How can you be free in Christ and ‘fellowship’ with someone who wants to keep you bound – even if just with the boundaries of rationale?  I… didn’t know what to do.  It’s like flying and feeling the other birds suddenly dive bomb you.  The reaction is a stunned ‘huh?!’

I can’t think like that.  I can’t give up my hope, my faith.  I can’t lessen my belief, can’t believe that I need to flee from anything.  ((And I looked up the verses – all of which used the same Greek word for ‘flee’… and that word “implied an abstaining”.  Abstaining is TOTALLY different from fleeing.  I can fight while abstaining.  I can’t fight while fleeing.  And again, I can’t think like that.  I don’t know why the Bible would’ve been translated that way, but it makes no sense to me – in light of the Greek, in light of my position in Christ, in light of the Spirit within me, in light of other scripture.  It… just doesn’t work!!!!  It contradicts all other scripture, and you *know* I can’t have that.  But if it refers to abstaining, things work better.  I dunno…

I don’t believe the saint should flee.  We don’t need to – we have WON.  Haven’t we?  I was always taught we have… Hrm.  Why on earth would anyone WANT to be bound, to retreat, to be restricted by boundaries?  He whom the Son sets free is free, indeed!  Don’t run away.  You can’t if you’re gonna do what the Bible says to – and that would be to ‘stand firm’, ‘keep the faith’, ‘fight the fight’, ‘run the race’, ‘press on’, ‘gird up’…

By all means, DON’T FLEE!!
Rather…?  Have irrational faith.

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