Circumcision and the Feasts

I’ve been riled up again.  And you know what happens when I get riled.  I draw my sword (of the Spirit) and charge headlong into the fight.

Someone attacked my decision not to circumcise my sons.  Okay, maybe she wasn’t attacking but using it to make her point, but I’m sorry, that TOTALLY pissed me right off.  Especially since the illustration was in regard to the feasts, something you know I’m rather passionate about.  And to me, it was presented in an extremely confrontational way.  So I’m riled.  Partially because of the presentation, but MOSTLY because of the irrelevancy of circumcision in the debate of the feasts.  Here’s what was presented:

People were saying that it doesn’t matter which day you celebrate Christ’s death/resurrection on (Good Friday/Eashtar or Passover/Firstfruits)… because God knows we mean well, and if our hearts are in the right place with Him, we’re fine.  The reply (not by me) was that if it’s about obeying, then we need to do God’s will… and just as circumcision is God’s will, so are celebrating the feasts.  And Anna chooses not to circumcise…

Whoa, whoa, WHOA.  Okay so there’s a VAST difference between circumcision and it’s purpose, and the feasts and their purpose.  And we’re gonna talk about this right HERE and NOW.

The FEASTS were given as an EVERLASTING ordinance, to be celebrated by all generations.  They were a shadow of things to come, culminating in the end of this world.  They are NOT fulfilled yet to completion.  And they were not ended by the atonement of Christ on the cross.

OTOH, CIRCUMCISION was a blood covenant made by Abraham with God, symbolizing the cutting off of our sins from us so that we might be found righteous people in the eyes of God.  Much like the old act of sacrificing to atone for sin, blood needed to be shed in order to approach the Lord and be found acceptable in His sight.  This was NOT an everlasting ordinance, to be celebrated by all generations.  It was a shadow of things to come, but it culminated in the shed blood of Jesus Christ.  Therefore it IS fulfilled to completion.  The old covenant has been replaced by a new covenant, and the New Testament is CLEAR about this.  Christ’s atonement on the cross was THE final shedding of blood for sin and for righteousness’ sake.  The end of sacrifice, the end of circumcision.  NO MORE BLOOD… Christ’s is sufficient.

BIG DIFFERENCE between the feasts and circumcision.  One is over – we are no longer required to do it.  In fact, just about every apostle showed up before the Pharisees to debunk and formally put an end to circumcision and the requisite thereof in the book of Acts.  NOT ONE apostle debunks or puts an end to the feasts.  NOT ONE.  So to compare one to the other is completely incongruous.

And as for this ‘I mean well, so God will understand’ bullshit… do you think you’re any different than nonnies?  My MIL is a Christ-hating woman.  She thinks she won’t go to hell because she did her best in life and ‘meant well’.  After all, her heart was in the right place, right?  God doesn’t want you to feel you did your best, He wants you to commit and obey.  You don’t do that, and all the feelings and heartfelt well-meaning BS isn’t gonna make a damn difference.  Obedience is the evidence of a right heart.  Your heart is NOT right if you don’t obey.  You can’t say “I love you, Lord!” with one breath and “I’ll do it MY way” with the next and expect Him to buy it.  You know what Jesus said?  “If you love Me, keep My commandments.”  It’s as simple as that.  You wanna know what a person’s heart really is about?  Watch them live out their faith… or not.

God said to keep His feasts, not the feasts of man.  See the verses I gave Monday.  Now… let’s see just how genuine your belief is.  What’ll it be – God’s holy Passover or man’s Eashtar?  God’s Sukkoth, or man’s X-Mess?  This is where we know the *true* state of your heart.  And rationalizing that God’ll understand isn’t gonna wash in the end, and you know it.  You’re choosing YOUR way, and wrapping it up in CGM ‘feelings’ and ‘heart’ and ‘luvvv’.

Same with circumcision.  The Bible is clear that the old is gone and the new is come.  That there’s a new covenant in Christ… that His blood was shed for ALL… are you shedding your children’s foreskin blood for something that’s been completed in Christ?  Are you gonna condemn me for standing with the apostles and saying that circumcision is no longer relevant?  Go for it.  Try it.  You’re not just going up against me, but the very Word of God itself.  Don’t play that game.  If it is a game.  You’ll lose.  And you’ll find you’ve clung to something no longer part of God’s will.  Circumcision is as necessary as ceremonies involving animal sacrifice.  Don’t call me to that.  I’ll rise up and have a word or two to say.

And now that I’ve said them, I’ll get off my high horse and leave you to examine your ‘well-meaning’ hearts.

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