The Spirit World: Part 1

((an overview of angels/demons, ghosts, vampires, witches/warlocks, and werewolves))

This two-part blog series may disturb some people, so I want to tack a warning at the top.  This might take you out of your comfort zone.  Father, I pray that You give those who read this strength so that they might not be distracted, that they might not be afraid or doubtful – for such things are not of You.  I pray that I speak words that will illuminate Your Truth and edify the readers.  In Your blessed name.  Readers, be prepared to think out of the box a bit… and to be confronted with some interesting things.  And if you just skipped that prayer, don’t read any further.  You’ve already been targeted and succumbed, and you’re not prepared for this.

A while ago someone asked me to blog about spirits, ghosts, demons, and angels.  Then two days ago someone e-mailed me, asking about satanic influence in the ‘ordinary’ life.  So I’m gonna blog about it all… but I’m gonna be honest – I don’t want to write this.  I hate this topic, although I’ve read more books on the subject and have had more experiences than I care to remember.  In fact, that’s WHY I don’t want to write about this.  But it *is* important for people to know the truth about the world and the spirits therein.  So… here we go.

Ghosts.  First, I don’t believe in people coming back from the grave.  ‘Ghosts’ aren’t the dead wandering around – that’s not what the Bible says happens.  Sorry.  So if you go to a seance and your great Uncle Humphrey knocks on the table… it ain’t Uncle Humphrey.  I’m not saying there is no such knock, but it ain’t Humphrey.  The Bible is clear that there is a chasm between this world and the next, and only God is able to send people back (ie., Lazarus, Messiah, Jairus’ daughter, etc.).  See Luke 16:26.  People don’t stick around.  So do I believe in ghosts?  No.

Do I believe in spirits?  Absolutely.  Let’s start with the Holy Spirit.  Um… nuff said.  There *are* spirits.  The Bible talks about them in great detail – but basically, there are two kinds of ‘secondary’ spirits (meaning not the Holy Spirit) – and they would be demons and angels.  My mother argued with me the one day that angels aren’t spirit, but flesh, or we couldn’t see them.  Sorry, but I don’t buy into that.  I believe they can take on a form – and that we can touch them and feel them (Lot was led by the hand out of Sodom by two!)… but I don’t think angels are mortal or flesh… or they couldn’t move in and out of this physical world as well as the heavenly world.    Likewise, if demons are angels (albeit fallen ones), they could not possess people if the were flesh.  Sorry.  The verses that come closest to explaining are Colossians 2:22 and 1 Corinthians 15:44.  Logic and rational thinking confirm what’s said in those verses – that flesh perishes, and that there are spiritual bodies that do not perish.  Spirits don’t perish.

But let’s talk angels first.  Angels are not little overweight babies with wings an eighth of the size of their kneecaps.  Nor are they beautiful women with long flowing tresses and harps, with laurel in their hair and gossamer wings.  The Bible gives accounts of angels, and in every account, the name of the angel is masculine – Michael, Gabriel, etc.  The Bible does NOT say they are male, either, though.  In fact, it says that we will be ‘like the angels’, not marrying or being given in marriage (Matt. 22:30)… which some take as sexlessness.  I don’t know.  I do know that God refers to Himself as a ‘Him’, that Christ came as a ‘Him’, that the Spirit is referred to as a ‘Him’, and that the angels are given ‘Him’ names.  That’s all I’m saying.

What is the purpose of an angel in relation to us?  Well, I know that they are able to protect, to give orders, to bring about change to the earth, and that they are strong, mighty, and powerful.  I also know that they are wholly devoted to God and His will.  That’s the good news.  The better news?  While we’ll be ‘like the angels’ – we DO NOT  become angels when we get to heaven (contrary to the popular country song I heard a few weeks ago).  There isn’t gonna be anyone standing at the pearly gates handing out wings and harps, sorry to burst your bubble.  We’ll be MORE than angels in Heaven, according to scripture.  In fact, the Bible says we will judge angels (1 Cor 6:3)… but that in the meantime, God has them watching over us (Luke 4:10).  Angels are the ‘good guys’, the messengers and protectors and workers of God.  As opposed to…

Demons.  Now the only difference between demons and angels (make-up wise) are that demons are no longer in God’s good grace.  If you think they’re little goblins created by evil spells in some pagan ritual, think again.  The Bible speaks of them as ‘spiritual wickedness’ and ‘fallen angels’ – a third of the host of Heaven who chose to rebel against God along with Satan.  Yes, I’ve read This Present Darkness and He came to set the captives free and I know all about the reports of the stench of sulfur and read the accounts of yellow-eyed, raspy voiced nightmares flitting about causing misery.  And I’m not saying they can’t elect to look that way – that look has its purpose.  I’m just saying not to stereotype them.  They’re angels.  Don’t underestimate their ability to appear angelic.

Demons have one goal – to lead astray humankind.  Why?  Because it grieves God when man goes out of His will, and the goal is to grieve God.  We’re just pawns, not the goal.  The goal is getting to God.  How do you inflict pain?  Go for the children of the person you want to hurt.  So that’s what they do – demons try to inflict pain on God by targeting us – God’s creation.  And it happens in many different ways.   We’ll get to that in the second part of this series, k?  Who they target and how… and what that means in your life and mine.

Werewolves and Vampires?  These would be humans, just possessed, if they even exist, which I cannot confirm one way or the other, personally.  Sorry to disappoint.  I’ve heard stories about werewolves (not vampires, though)… those are human individuals who’ve surrendered themselves as vehicles for satanic service and have been possessed in such a way that they actually take on the supernatural abilities of their demons.  Remember Legion in the Bible (Mark 5), who could break chains with his bare hands and had superhuman strength?  Yeah.  Most people don’t encounter them, because there’s no need for it.  From what I understand (if those writing books on the topic aren’t full of shit), they’re used for disciplinary purposes – mostly witches and warlocks that have powerful demons that need to be disciplined.  I’ve read they’ve come after Christians in extreme circumstances, but you’d have to be right in the occultic arena, I would think.  The Bible doesn’t talk about these, to be honest – except that I take Legion to be of this variety of human-possessed demonic activity.  And maybe the demon in Mark 9 that the disciples couldn’t exorcize.  But those are just gut-led guesses.

And of course the last category is witches and warlocks.  Having known a few (and having a few ‘ex’ witches among my subscribers)… it’s first-hand that they exist and are real.  These are individuals that seek power aside from God – and that power can only come from one other collection of supernatural beings.  You might know someone who says ‘oh, I’m a white witch, and white witches are good.’  Bullshit.  If they’re getting their power or knowledge or whatever from a source other than God, there ain’t NOTHING good about it.  Color it white, black, chartreuse, or polka-dot pink… it’s still demonic.  You might hear people talk about Wicca – yes, that’s a ‘denomination’ of occultic practitioners who are known as witches/warlocks, if there is such a thing as ‘demonic denominations’.  ((FWIW, witches are the females, warlocks are the males.))

Truth be known, these people are settling for second best… because their source of power can never overcome OUR source of power.   Why anyone would seek out second-best when the ultimate source is readily available, I don’t know.  I try not to think that way.  Especially since talking about that tends to piss them off.  And yes, I’ve had a Wiccan readership that has been very fun to deal with in the past.  Note that I’m still here, the Truth is shining brightly from this site, and nothing they have done could stop it.  ((shrugs))  As I said, what they have is second-rate, and it’s just not enough next to the Lord to ever amount to anything.  Especially since every one of their ‘spirit guides’ know how the story ends, anyhow.  You gotta feel sorry for folk caught up in that.  They’ll never be what they could be if they had Christ.  But don’t underestimate them, either – they’re often stronger than the average Christchun, and if you aren’t walking with God, you’re easy prey.

What do I mean by that?  What do these people/spirits/etc. mean to us?  What effect can they have in our lives?  Hang in there, part two is coming.  ((This just got a bit long, that’s all.))


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