In it, not Of it

((Changed my mind, and am posting it here.))

The other night I was talking to my friend Pat at the theatre about homeschooling.  She said, “I’m still not sold on it.  I mean, I know that the kids are smarter and get individual attention, but they’re so sheltered.  You see them come here to do youth theatre and they can’t seem to fit it.  It’s not that they aren’t nice, but they don’t understand what we’re doing or what the other kids are talking about.  They have only the view their parents have allowed them to have.”  The comment bothered me, but it was further aggravated by a comment this morning on the Ambleside e-lists and another by a ‘visitor’ comment here… and now I need to talk about it.

The e-list comment was about Shakespeare.  And the gist of the comment was “I know we have to read Shakespeare as part of CM homeschooling, but some of the content are too risque for us…”  And I immediately thought of Pat’s concern from the other night.  I’m sorry, but this really bristles up the hairs on my neck.  Why?  Because what I’m seeing is her fears (and they ARE justified) being played out in MY reality.  I mean, it was a hypothetical problem when Pat talked about it.  But not in MY reality.  My daughter doesn’t blush or gasp when daddy says “Isaac’s kickin’ your ass.”  Because that’s reality.  She has as many black Barbie dolls as white ones, and she knows about homosexuals and understands that it’s not right, but it’s part of life.  It isn’t a “gasp, turn it off!” kind of a thing.

We are IN this world.  There is wickedness around us.  Murders.  Drugs.  Abusers.  Good people who sometimes do bad things, as well as bad people who sometimes do good things.  If we’re to color their world and open their eyes to the things around them, we can’t be selective, or they won’t be prepared for what they’re gonna face in their lifetimes.  Shakespeare painted the world as it is.  Sometimes there are jealous people.  People who kill other people in anger.  Betrayal.  Sometimes things aren’t rosy.  But does that mean we skip that part of the story?  Not if you want an accurate picture of the world.

This morning in my on-going argument of Anna vs. Harry Potter (and yes, it’s still going)… someone really… not bright… said, “Well, you endorse the Matrix… what’s the difference between that and Harry Potter?”  WRONG thing to say.  The difference is that the Matrix is an accurate potrayal of the world as it is – with all it’s beauty AND ugliness… but it glorifies the discipleship life in contrast to the world.  Harry Potter does NOT portray an accurate illustration of the world, and it glorifies that which the Bible calls ‘wickedness’.  BIG difference.  I wholeheartedly endorse an accurate portrayal of the world… I do not and never will endorse evil.  Ever.  EVER.

That does not mean I won’t inform my children of Wicca.  We might very well add religions to our homeschooling curriculum some year… and we would study Mormonism, Islam, Buddism, Wicca, Kabbalism, Catholicism, and other beliefs… but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna hand them a book like HP that glorifies occultic practice.  Being IN the world, they need to know what is out there, and what other people believe and think and do.  But being NOT OF this world, they need to know that we aren’t to dabble in those things that are evil.  I don’t need to buy a ouija board to teach my kids that dabbling with spirit contact is wrong.

In it, not of it.  That’s the way it is.  And to shelter your children from reality is to leave them unequipped to handle life.  It’s not healthy, and I won’t to it.  But I will turn away from, abstain from the things that are evil in life.  It’s obedience to scripture.  But scripture doesn’t say to shelter yourself from the truth about the world around us.  It says “be ye not conformed… but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind and that means knowing the Truth and being ready to face reality with that Truth in hand.

Just my two cents on the subject…

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