Present Perfect I

I’m having the same trouble with our current church as I do with EVERY church… they teach weird shit from the pulpit.  I don’t get it.  Or maybe I’m the screwed up one, but I don’t think so.  I think I’m okay and the rest of the church-going people are totally messed in the head.  Of course, even if I *were* screwed up, I wouldn’t think I was screwed up, because I’m, well, screwed up.  ((Not so screwed up that I can’t think in circles like this – or at the least, pretzeled – but still…!))

Okay, so Pastor (yes, it was another ‘revival’ sermon – sucks to be me) was talking about Walking in the Light.  And how that means we have to totally forsake darkness in order to walk in the light.  I’m good with that.  But then he got around to how hard that is, because we’re still in sin.  “How many of you are perfect?”  He asked.  I think I’m the only one who wanted to raise their hand.

And… your jaw just dropped.  What the HELL are you thinking, Anna?!?!   Yeah, I figured that’d be your reaction.  But think this thru with me, those of you who claim to be Christ-followers.  Because it makes sense.  Perfect ((grins)) sense.

Do you believe that Christ died on the cross?
Do you believe He died for your sins?
Do you believe that it was a once-for-all sacrifice?
Do you believe that the sacrifice covers ALL sins?
Do you believe ‘all sins’ means past, present, and future?
Do you believe that that atonement washed you white as snow?
Do you believe that purity and pefection are in that?
Then you HAVE to believe that you are perfect.

This is what TOTALLY amazes me… Christchuns believe that Christ died for ALL their sins, but they remain imperfect in sin.  Brian says the same thing.  He doesn’t grasp my whole concept of this, and I don’t understand why.  If Christ washed away those sins… how can you still be in them?  You CAN’T be, or He couldn’t have washed them away.  I’m sorry, but I see it that simply.  I *am* perfect.  I *am* pure.  My actions aren’t always pure or perfect, but I am not defined solely by my actions, now am I?  What I do isn’t necessarily who I am.  Having said that, if the sinful things I do are already atoned for, I’m not made imperfect by them.

Now don’t get me wrong… if a person is truly desiring to serve Christ (aka Christ-following), they aren’t going to deliberately do bad/wrong/sinful things.  That’s contrary to the the life of a redeemed person.  BUT… those things are going to happen.  So that we learn from them.  We aren’t ‘soiled’ by them – washed in the blood means washed white as snow, and that means no soil on ya.  Pure and perfect.  Do you see what I’m saying?

And then there’s this preacher in the pulpit, asking “Are any of you perfect?  Raise your hand!  OF COURSE NOT!  No one’s perfect!”  And I’m totally gritting my teeth, because if I claim the gift of life Christ offers me – I am perfect.  And no preacha-man is gonna tell me otherwise… because that is in DIRECT contradiction of the scriptures.  Am I washed white as snow, or am I not?  Because as far as I’m concerned, those sins – the ones I did yesterday and in the past AND the one’s I commit today and in the future have been thrown as far as East is from West.  And I won’t say anything less, or I negate the Cross.

Have I mentioned I have HUGE issues with church?  OTOH, I think it’s good to go, because I sit there and PROVE my faith against the statements made from the pulpit.  And most of the time, it’s just like this – some stOOpid statement only grounds me further in the TRUTH.  And I think that’s hugely important, don’t you?

I’m so glad we’ve talked thru this.  Now it’s your turn.  Feedback, people…

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