People Pleasin’

I’m not a people pleaser.  I don’t think I have to tell anyone here that, but for the record, there it is.  In fact, people aren’t really my forte.  If there were a major flaw to own up to, I’d have to say that I really don’t get into people a whole lot.  You’d probably remind me of all the times I’ve said ‘people suck’… or ‘I can’t think like that’ in regards to some stOOpid people issue I’ve had.  Hey, it’s not like I’m not honest.  ((wink!))

But that doesn’t mean I don’t get along with people.  To be honest… I come off like I get along with most people IRL.  Even at the wreath-making thang (my most recent attempt that I’ve blogged about)… the ladies there all thought I was a sweet little blonde thang.  I can smile at people.  I can bite my tongue.  I can even act civilly among really obnoxious people.

And on top of this, I can say honestly and openly that I write only encouraging (if not somewhat silly) comments on your sites.  The controversy stays here.  I respect your blogs, and make sure that I keep the baking mess at home and serve up only good stuff out and about.  ((grins))

However, I want to reiterate that I’m not a people pleaser.  It’s not my job to make you happy, comfortable, and affirmed.  My job is to tell the Truth.  I’m a Christ-follower.  As such, I do as Christ did.  And His goal was NEVER to make people happy, comfortable, and affirmed.  Most of the time, it was the opposite.  Bringing up the woman at the well’s past sure didn’t make her happy, comfortable, or terribly assured of herself.  He did it because He had to bring her back to the need in her life.  The need for Truth.  Truth as in… the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  As in Christ.

That’s my job.  To bring people around to the need in their life.  I can’t fill it for them, but I sure can raise the questions that will challenge them to grow and think and see.  THAT’S my job.  Whether people do that or not is out of my hands… it’s for the Spirit to decide.  But I can sure point in the right direction.  And that direction isn’t always the way you might want to go.  You might’ve been headed the other direction all your life.  You might not LIKE someone pointing another way, because it’s not terribly convenient to change tradition, your mindset, your routine, your beliefs… EVERYTHING.  Convenience is also not in my job specifications.  Sorry.

This, btw, doesn’t necessarily make me popular.  Never has… and I’ve been at this a LONG, LONG time.  My goal isn’t to be popular.  Being a person who doesn’t like people, I would think that would be obvious.  My goal is to shine a light in dark places.  That tends to piss people accustomed to the blackness off, btw.  My goal is to be salt to a world hurting.  People also tend to get pissed when salt is applied to wounds.  People are not my problem.  They’re in the hands of the Spirit.  I just put the Truth out there.  What He effects in them is up to Him, not me.

Messiah was never on the top of the ‘Most Liked’ list.  He had most of the ruling and religious leadership wanting Him dead.  He turned down the rich, young ruler flat, and called it like it was.  At one time, (in John 6:66, ironically) He lost a huge number of His followers for not preaching stuff that made people happy, comfortable, or affirmed.  We are assured ALL OVER in scripture that we will be persecuted for our stance, will be ganged up on and attacked, even by those closest to us.  I’m good with that.  Sometimes it hurts more than others, but I’m not about to bend from my mission in order to save a friendship or please a person.  It doesn’t work that way.

A lot of Christians seem to think that they need to be ‘kind’ to others above all.  That includes Truth.  If it’s not what someone wants to hear, well, just let it go, agree to disagree, and luvv each other.  Paul distinctly said NOT to do that.  Ever.  (1 Cor 1:10)  So I don’t ever agree to disagree, let it go, or cover the Truth with luvv.  That’s tolerance, and with Truth there cannot be a tolerance of lies.  Right cannot tolerate wrong, or it is no longer right.  It’d be like God tolerating murder and sin.  You can’t DO that.  And I *won’t* do that.  Unfortunately, that means I can’t please people.

But y’know what?  That wasn’t my goal, anyhow.  And you wouldn’t be reading me if I were some wishy-washy, ‘lets-embrace-it-all’ kinda gal.  The christchun sites out there with that fuzzy, sugary, Kum-ba-Ya luvvv going on out there are a dime a dozen.  They’re literally EVERYWHERE.  The sites that do a real work are harder to find.

So!  Having said that, I think we’re ready to tackle the Fruit of Kindness.  ((LoL!!))  And I think I’ve made my point… that although I’m here for you, I’m not about to EVER compromise my message for the sake of ANY person.  Pleasing people will never be a concern on this site.  But if you want to be challenged, you need a little iron on iron, you don’t mind the ramblings of a little blonde housewife-slash-momma in the middle of Nowhere, Michigan being thrown in the mix… then you’ve come to the right place.

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