Judging the World

I want to talk about the world.  Okay.  It sucks.  It’s full of hate, greed, crime, sin, darkness, cruelty, and other ugly-buglies.  It’s FALLEN.  Do you really expect anything different?  And further, do you REALLY think it’s going to change for you?  And even further, do you REALLY think you can shut yourself off from it, being in it as you are?  Will someone PLEASE hand 90% of the Christians out there a clue phone?!?!!  It’s THE WORLD.  It’s not going to do good things!

It all started with an e-mail from one of my e-lists.  I get 127 home ed e-mails a day (on average), which means I do a LOT of skimming.  And as I’m skimming (backwards thru the list, I might add), I see a question:  Why aren’t the Jean M. Auel ‘Earth’s Children’ series books on the AO reading list?  And the reply I read first (because I’m reading most recent backwards)… is one where a gal says “they’re a XXX sex-book set in prehistoric times.”  Basically she dismissed them as smut, made it sound like the AO women would NEVER engage in treading THAT kind of literature and moved on.

I’ve read half the Jean M. Auel books.  Read them at a young age, actually.  They are incredible books… they were written in minute detail describing the way the pre-flood peoples operated in tribes, made food, weapons, tools… how they healed and what they made medicines out of, it dealt with racism and clan loyalty and all sorts of real-to-life things.  They weren’t fast-paced, exciting books… more along the lines of informative and detailed and very interesting.  I personally enjoyed them VERY much.

But they’re written by a nonnie chick for a nonnie audience in a nonnie world.  They *do* contain sex.  Graphic sex, since this woman describes everything in minute detail.  Fourteen pages STRAIGHT of sex, in Valley of the Horses.  It’s part of LIFE, hello.  It’s not sick, it’s not twisted… it’s sexual intercourse.  My first experience with it, to be honest, as I was 13 at the time I read them.  And if you’re accurately writing about a society down to the very roots used to lather and wash your hair, you’re going to accurately depict the sex… especially when the main character is raped by a male from another race and her ‘half-breed’ son is reason for her to be cast out of her tribe.  That’s life, hello.  It wasn’t written to be anything but honest.  Yet here’s a GOOD example of christianity foisting their principles on a fallen world.  Sniffing at something that isn’t even wrong… and even if it WERE wrong… what do you expect from someone writing from a nonnie perspective?!!?

Today I got an e-mail from… it doesn’t matter who.  It was regarding the free book link I posted here yesterday.  You ought to know that those Princess Diary books are NOTHING like the movie – there’s even a scene where she’s trying to decide whether or not to go to bed with her prom date!  And…?  They’re NOT christian books.  Do you really expect anything less?  If you do, you’re sincerely deluded.  Why is it that Christians insist on not having a realistic view about the world around them?  What is that?!  Girls *do* consider whether or not to sleep with their prom dates.  Regularly, in this society, in this day and age.  Hello…!?!  In a perfect world, maybe people would wait for marriage to go to bed with a guy, but that’s not the way it is.

It’s NO WONDER christian kids are so messed in the head.  They have this parental WALL blocking reality from them, and they aren’t shown the truth… and the moment they get out there in the real world, the are either close-minded, judgmental bigots programmed thus by their moms or they’re so awed by it that they lose direction and end up in places they might have not gone had they been raised with a realistic view of what we’re in and how it is… and how that makes us different.  Instead there are all of these “ooooooooh” taboo things, like SEX and shit…

I personally don’t get it.  Why would we judge nonnies?  Hello, they’re NONNIES.  They aren’t supposed to be virtuous.  The road they’re on – straight to hell – is not a virtuous place.  What do you expect?  For them to be upright, righteous people?  How much damn sense does THAT make?  And y’know, that just tells me exactly what kind of christianity is going on with the people getting their panties in a wad over it.  And I don’t want to have ANYTHING to do with that behavior.  I’m just… I don’t… I can’t think like that.

Do you know what needs judging?  This behavior from Christians that looks down noses at regular, unsaved, worldly people.  Because THEY should know better than to act that way.  It’s NO WONDER nonnies don’t want anything to do with Christ!  Look at the way Christians snip at them and berate them and act like THEY’ve reached some level nobody else could ever attain.  What is that!?  It’s not humility, that’s for DAMN sure.  Jesus said to “Judge righteous judgment” (Jn 7:24).  That means holding those who claim the Name to the faith they ARE claiming.  As for the unrighteous, if they aren’t claiming it, how can you hold them to it?  And further, how can you possibly reach them?  THAT’S why Jesus said “judge not, lest ye be judged”… because they will be judged later, and nothing you judge nonnies for is going to help matters.

This… just burns my butt SOOO bad, btw.  Nevermind.  There’s nothing I can say that will EVER change it.  Christians suck.  Which is why I will NEVER call myself a christian.  Christ-follower, yes, but the modern sect of holy-haughty uneducated disinterested religious people?  You can HAVE them.  I’d rather read Valley of the Horses than keep company with people dishing out that crap.  And that might be harsh, but I can’t overstate how this is HURTING the Gospel.  This pharisaical BS.  *I* wouldn’t want it, either, if I were a nonnie.

Judging/condemning the world is not only forbidden by Christ (Mt 7:1, Jn 3:17), but damn presumptous.  So do me a favor, and if you’re gonna do it, go somewhere else and do it.  But leave me out of it.  Cause it SUCKS.


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