Left Behind: For Itching Ears

I’ll be frank:  it’s 3:30am.  I would rather be sleeping.  Brian’s been puking up one side of my house and down the other for two days straight.  I’m on the road all morning, cleaning and disinfecting all afternoon and then entertaining a pastor all night… I need the rest.  Why I’m up and at this machine is TOTAL God, and not me.  Just for the record.  ((!!))  Am I the only person in the world who gets constant messages from the Lord?  It’s not even messages… He’s rather more insistent.  GET UP.  POST.  I fought it for almost an hour before Brian told me that if that’s what I’m supposed to do, I’d better stop fighting it, because I’m not going to sleep until I obey.  ((And for that matter, neither will he.))  So…! Here we are.

At at this point I get to share another lovely tidbit with you:  He’s pressing me into prophesying again.  The Lord, that is.  Frankly, I don’t want to.  My site activity is down, nobody really thinks I’m anything but weird, anyhow, and it doesn’t make any sense, but I’ve felt… frantic… to get the Truth out again lately.  I don’t know what the deal is.  It literally pulls at me, shoves me into action… it’s the strangest thing, and it’s this whole urgency building up inside of me that won’t be quelled.  Or whatever the word is.  Cut me slack – it’s the middle of the freakin’ night.

I have neatly avoided the Left Behind series for ten years.  When the phenomena hit, I was given the book for X-Mess, opened it, got sixteen red flags (on top of having to FORCE myself thru what little I did read), and ended up closing the damn book in disgust.  Never looked back.  So why now – after all this time – am I compelled to watch the videos all of a sudden?  How much sense does THAT make, please tell me.  ((?!?!))  But it’s been so strong that I couldn’t even wait for Blockbuster to send me the durn things… I had to go down and BUY them (albeit at the dollar store).  A waste of money to my mind before I even got the suckers, and yet the… frantic-ness of my heart said, “GO.  NOW.”  So I went.  Like I said, I get these messages all of the time, and I have to obey.  It doesn’t make a lick of sense to me, but there it is.

NoTe:  Pastor is coming over tomorrow night.  I’ve been given the STRONG… need to share the Truth with him… about Solana, ‘watching’ as Christ said to watch, the EU, the CGM movement… the whole sha-bang.  I don’t want to… just another person to look at me like I’ve got six heads, and dismiss me as some weird lunatic housewife who’s been cooped up with small children to the point of insanity, but I *have* to do it.  So prayers would be nice… because I’m basically going to let Him tell me what to say, and TRY not to worry about being earmarked as a raving lunatic.

I know, I know… a long lotta talkin’ here, and I haven’t even gotten to the ‘itching ears’ part.  Well, I’m sorry.  I write what comes, and I think all of this is important and relevant.  Because if MORE people had a frantic-ness, if MORE people actually ‘watched’ like Christ told them to, books/movies like “Left Behind” would never make any money at all.  Because we would be so on top of things that we wouldn’t stand for anything less than the Truth.  And yet here’s this… completely fiction… WORSE, MISLEADING anti-Christ series that is straight from the bowels of hell… and Christchianity (spelled wrong on purpose) jumped up and embraced it with open arms, because it’s what they wanted to hear.  Their itching ears adored it.  And I have to be honest… I can’t watch the thing and not want to cry for Laodicea and their total mindlessness.  And I don’t mean *in* the movie… I mean in real life.

Do any of you even believe me?  When I post about the Pals, Israel, Iran, the EU, Solana, the ENP, Rosh Ha’Shanah… do you blow me off as some fruit-loop?  You don’t have to answer that.  I know a lot of people read here just to see what off-the-wall freaky thang Anna is going to come up with next, but does *anyone* believe me?  Because I’m not sure how anyone could… and believe what the churches say at the same time.  It’s not possible.  And I don’t feel like I’m making a dent in anyone’s life most of the time.  I’m not an ‘itching ears’ kinda gal.  I don’t play it safe and say ‘no man knows’ like everyone else.  I say “the time is NOW and I believe it will be IN MY LIFETIME and the pieces are in place and WAKE UP and LOOK AT THIS and WHERE IS THE CHURCH and everyone just kinda lets it go and says, ‘hm, these are really interesting’ and that’s… it.  I know… but still… I just don’t know if anyone HEARS and SEES what’s going on, or if I’m like that alarm that you want to sleep thru… just click the ‘x’ and snooze a little longer…

So here’s a question: what happens when a sliver of the population – barely even noticeable – turns up missing?  Ninety-seven percent of the people in churches are still here, all nonnie babies are still here, there *aren’t* cars crashing and planes making emergency landings… life is just like every other day, the minute percent of people who are gone is barely noticeable… will people believe it?  Or will they say ‘Oh, THAT couldn’t be the rapture… the BABIES are still here!  The churches are still full.  No planes crashed, there’s not worldwide chaos over the missing… that’s not what Left Behind says will happen!!!

See, that’s the danger in making fiction out of Truth.  People can’t differentiate.  That’s why christchuns are so up in arms about The DaVinci Code… yeah, it’s just a story, but people don’t differentiate between fiction and reality when the fiction is about reality.   You can’t.  Especially if your itching ears WANT to hear what the fiction holds.  If you WANT to believe that all babies will be raptured, if you WANT to believe there are so many Christ-followers that it will throw the world into utter chaos, if you WANT to believe that the anti-Christ is a 20-something handsome young man with dark, brooding eyes… you end up sacrificing Truth for what your itching ears want to hear, and when reality comes, you weren’t looking for Truth and you miss it for the lie you bought.  THAT’S dangerous.  THAT’S selling the world a lie.

And true, Christ-followers should know better.  They should be weaning themSELVES off the milk the church keeps them on, but it’s too easy to let religion spoon-feed them, and so they don’t grow, don’t strive, don’t fight, don’t learn, don’t chew… and don’t watch.  And sadly, that’s exactly where we are right now.  And I swear, it drives me out of my mind.  You can blame the church – and you’re right.  Pastors SHOULD BE spreading the word about the Truth.  But it’s YOUR responsibility, too… and nobody seems to want to wake up when I shake them.  I don’t understand it.

I suppose none of this makes a lick of sense, because I’m typing at 4am (now) and I’m sure my thoughts are about as coherent as mud… but I just had to say something.  Because if I’m RIGHT… if the Lord is putting the squeeze on my heart for a reason and it’s for real and I’m NOT psycho and insane and weird and over-mommed… then there’s a grimness ahead in the not so distant future that I can’t even begin to get my heart around.  And it’s because we’ve exchanged Truth for a pretty tale wrapped up in Hollywood eye candy that tells us what we want to hear.

I’m not actually writing on Left Behind per se in this post… we’re only halfway thru the first film, and believe you me, I’ll have a BLOG ENTRY on the movie when we’re done (in a day or two)… but I had to preface it with this.  Because I believe people need to be shaken awake.  The time is NOW.  There’s never before been an EU with a single leader given power thru a document numbered 666 with a draft in his hand for a 7-year international peace treaty with Israel’s name on the first dotted line.  And it’s dated January 2007.  So I’ll say it again.  The time is NOW.  Believe me or not.  It’s the Truth.  Regardless of what itching ears want to hear.

And with that, I’m calling it a night.  Or morning.  Whatever.  G’nite.

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