Left Behind: Lies

Like I wouldn’t post about the movies we’ve been watching… and what the problems with them are.  So I thought I’d do a whole blog on it.  Remember, I didn’t read the books, I’m only going on the first three movies.  Which are all that have been released thus far.  So… here we go.

  1. Millions of people will ‘disappear’.   While yes, this number is true, it’s also misleading.  In Tribulation Force, Kirk’s character says “hundreds of millions”.  Actually, we’re talking about seven million worldwide, according to population charts, Barna polls, and other statistical evidence as to the number of true Christ-followers globally.  Seven million is a drop in the bucket.  It’s not even the population of New York City, for pity’s sake (according to 2004 census data).  And considering most of the true Christ-followers are in Asia at this point in history, most of the ‘Western’ nations won’t be affected hardly at all.  Unless you’re related to a ‘fanatical Christian’ or are a Laodicean Christchun, you probably won’t know what’s going on.  Even then, it’ll be easy enough to brush off… because your friendly neighborhood church isn’t going to be empty.
  2. They will disappear and leave their clothes behind.   Um, that’s one of the DUMBEST things I’ve ever heard.  Did Jesus ascend to heaven naked?  Did Elijah strip down before getting in the chariot?  Did Lot leave his clothes in Sodom before running?  Did Noah float au naturale?  Hardly.  Why would our clothes be left behind?  It makes for a shocking picture in a movie, but really… it’s a little misleading, if not completely unprecedented and unBiblical. But people have bought into it.
  3. *All* the children will disappear along with the Christians.  Now I know that the ‘age of accountibility’ is a viable theory as to the destination of children who don’t live to adulthood, but let’s be honest here.  In the trial run of destruction with Noah (who was taken into the ark for seven days before the Judgment)… we will be taken into Heaven for seven years before Armegeddon… and did all the children come aboard like the animals?  If God had intended it, it *could have* happened… but they didn’t.  Only Noah’s kids were aboard – the children of the righteous.  When God destroyed Sodom, did angels take all of the children out of the city?  Nope, there, too.  Only Lot’s children were included in the exodus before the destruction… and not ALL of his children – the grown ones (accountable for their sins) stayed and died.  Precedence set by the Bible shows that the children of nonnies and christchuns (okay, same difference) WON’T be taken out… but the children of the righteous (who are not accountable/grown) will be.  If you’re going to write a book, please use doctrine to base your statements upon, or you’ll be accountable for leading astray millions of people.
  4. A full-scale attack on Israel will come out of nowhere.  The movie never tells why hundreds of warplanes head in to attack Jerusalem.  Which is kinda dumb, I might add.  Although even if they’d come up with some absurd reason, it wouldn’t match what’s going on in reality:  Iran has said that if anyone tries to enforce sanctions or attack them over their nuclear production, they would target Israel.  Iran is being supplied weapons and is an ally of Russia.  This statement by Iran was issued just last week, btw.
  5. The Anti-Christ will be a young, charismatic, handsome man with broodingly dark eyes, known for his humanitarian work to the point where he’s called ‘brother teresa’.  What the HELL is that?!  Okay, think logically.  Do you really think a humanitarian has what it takes to dominate the world?  No political party would put him in a position of power.  They need a diplomat, not a humanitarian.  Not only that, but no political group would *ever* give their top position to some young, dumb fool.  Even in the USA, presidents have to be over 40 or something.  Young isn’t going to hold the cards.  People don’t trust it… they want experience and wisdom.  He might’ve ended up a figurehead – like the Queen of England – at best.  But nobody’d give Carpathia full power.  Now Solana?  Ex-head of NATO?  Foreign Minister in the Quartet?  High Representative of the EU?  Over 50 and well-respected for his diplomacy?  THAT’S the horse the first rider would have to go astride.
  6. Ten countries slated for agricultural use will be the ‘ten kingdoms’ spoken of in Daniel.  While necessary in the eyes of people who *don’t* need a reason for a full-scale attack on Jerusalem (inconsistency, anyone?), there’s no need for this in real life.  The Bible tells of the ten ‘toes’ or ‘heads’ in Daniel, but IN CONTEXT with the references to a Revived Roman Empire… so if there’s already an empire (which there is… and it has 10 nation WEU at the helm), why would we need to come up with some bogus agricultural excuse to single out 10 nations?
  7. The moment the rapture happens, life as we know it is over.  We will live in a police state.  Now think about this.  If less than the population of NYC is going to disappear worldwide, do you really think the National Guard is going to be called out to monitor the streets, enforce curfews, and manage mass hysteria?  There isn’t going to be any of that.  You’ll wake up, and things will be the same as they were every other day of your life.  The sun might even be shining.  And if it happens over Rosh Ha’Shanah as I suspect and the ENP (start of the Tribulation) doesn’t begin until January 2007, you might not even notice anything.  That’s three months of getting comfortable after the slight skeeriness that made you nervous before the Trib starts.  Ironically, there are ten days between Rosh Ha’Shanah and Judgment Day… and seven are attributed to the Tribulation… but the other three?  And three months between RH2006 and ENP2007… a little ironic, don’t you think?
  8. Any saint that touches the Anti-Christ will see him as he really is – hideous and creature-some.  I can’t think like that.  Do they even *need* to?  Sure, it makes for a freaky movie moment, but I’m highly doubting that this is going to happen to ANYONE.  Anyhow, Satan is an ex-angel of light.  What would it behoove him to be seen as a zombie-dude if he’s trying to decieve mankind and even the very elect?
  9. Angels are women dressed in white singing hymns.  Every reference to angels in scriptures include a masculine name.  They were described as ordinary looking men – the gays in Sodom wanted to bone them, the servants of Abraham didn’t even know they were angels.  That is *such* a joke.  If you wanted to come off as credible, you’d have made them un-‘angelic’.  What was even more laughable is that Ray (a believer) needed the angel singing to make him invisible to the guards at the wailing wall… but President Jerry (a believer) was invisible to the guards at Carpathia’s headquarters without hymn OR angel.  Consistency, people…!
  10. Communion wine is the antidote to the Anti-Christ’s epidemic.  ?!?!?!!  Hello…?  What is this, other than some really weird, not smart stuff?  What appears to have happened is that they wrote themselves into a corner with the whole God’s Judgment thing, and then had to show His mercy to balance it out, so they did the wine defeats poison thing.  It’s the TRIBULATION.  It’s not a time of mercy, hello.  There won’t be an antidote.  People are GOING to DIE.  Period.
  11. The AntiChrist will be on the thirteenth floor of a building.  LoL.  Not going here.  C.h.e.e.s.e.
  12. When Satan/AntiChrist takes Buck to the top of a skyscraper and offers him the media ‘world’ if he’ll agree to work for Satan, it’s okay to do it.  If I remember the story correctly, Satan ‘tempted’ Jesus this way.  He took Christ to a lookout over Jerusalem and offered Him the world if He ceded authority to Satan.  Jesus Christ said NO.  If we are to emulate Christ, we say NO.  Period.  Buck knew who he was dealing with… and he still did the unthinkable… ‘in the name of Christ’.  What is THAT?!?  Besides anti-scriptural?!  Wha, I about lost it on that one.  It’s okay to work for Satan if it’s for God?  Hello….!  As if God’s agenda couldn’t be worked without Buck working for Satan?
  13. The two witnesses will be held by the military at the wailing wall – all access to civilians denied.  Now praytell how does that work, considering the witnesses roast alive anyone who tries to harm them?  They wouldn’t be held by anyone… and since their message is FOR civilians, it’s not likely they would be deterred from their mission.  Really, really lame and also anti-scriptural.   And where does it say that the two witnesses will appear at the wailing wall, anyhow?
  14. The AntiChrist will try to set himself up as the Messiah.  I don’t see it happening.  I guess it’s possible, but even LaHaye saw the glaring holes in it – he would have to be born in Bethlehem (hard for a European to pull off) and have been betrayed for 30 pieces of silver to be the Messiah.  There goes the Merovingian bloodline…!
  15. The AntiChrist will convince all nations to get rid of all weapons… so that he can launch a surprise worldwide attack on all nations simulatneously.  First of all, there is NO nation that would ever do that, not even in the name of peace.  Look at Palestine, for an real-time example.  In the name of ‘peace with Israel’ they ceasefire… which means cuts down the attacks by a third.  ?!?!   And we’re supposed to believe they’ll set down their weapons entirely for European pretty-boy Carpathia?  Hardly!  Second, why would the AC launch a worldwide attack?  If he’s already conquered on a peace horse, there’s no need for this, especially BEFORE the first half of the Trib is over.  It’s not logical.

Anyhow, that’s off the top of my head.  There’s more, but fifteen is a good stopping point, don’ t you think?  I mean, there are some GLARING issues with the series… and the reason they are issues is because they have set Christians up to believe things that aren’t going to happen, and that discredits the actual Truth.  Because if you pass a lie off as Truth, when crunch time comes, people are disillusioned by the revelation of the lie and *can’t* believe the Truth.  It’s dangerous.  Hugely.  Not that anyone really cares.  Sensationalism reigns… and LaHaye’s bank account is fattened.  Nevermind Truth…

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