Anna on Attitude

I feel led to write this.  I don’t want to.  ‘Nuf said on that.

A while ago, this chick who subscribed, then left, then subscribed to me… she left a comment in my guestbook.  It said, “I’ve got to stop subscribing to you, and I felt I had to tell you why: it’s because you claim to be a Christian and are such a bad example… you have a terrible attitude and you’re too defiant and nasty.”  (roughly paraphrased.)

Now, I don’t care that she’s gone.  I don’t.  She didn’t seem very… *stable* anyhow, coming and going the way she did.  But why would I want someone who doesn’t even…

Okay.  First of all, I’ve NEVER called myself a ‘Christian’.  I’m a Christ-follower.  Don’t lump me in with those other people.  Half of them haven’t a clue what walking with Christ is about.

Secondly, do you REALLY think that people are all happy-happy all of the time?  That they never show the rough spots, the troubles, the angst, the sorrow, the anger?  Hello… Jesus in the temple, Jesus with the mobs, Jesus in the garden, Jesus turning over tables, Jesus weeping?  It’s the people who DON’T show anything more than a sugar-smile that aren’t being honest.  Would you rather I lied?  I wouldn’t!

Third, do you really think that fighting the good fight can be done without SOME defiance?  c’mon…!  Why do you think the Pharisees wanted Jesus dead… why do you think the disciples were ALL tortured and martyred?  Why do you think this chick took the position she did against *me*?  ‘Nuff said there, too.

Y’know, I just had to say something about this.  I don’t CARE if I don’t fit the mold you want me to fit.  Or if I don’t measure up to the image of a Christian that you have in your mind.  My goal isn’t to please you.  And I’m sorry if that means you have to hitch up your skirts and your noses and walk away from this site.

But don’t ever think for a moment I won’t be true to my calling, to my heart… and to my Lord.  That’s what I want to be about.  And that’s all.  I just felt it was time to state my stance.   So.  There it is.  Have a great Sunday.

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