1000 Years of Technology

I’ve been doing some reading, and something’s really got my mind in a muddle.  It’s technology.

See, it took God only 1000 years to get to the point where He was ready to destroy this Earth.  That was the Flood.  Since then, there’s been 5000 years in getting us to the second (and final) destruction of this Earth.

I can’t help wondering… were they as advanced as we?  Before the Flood?  Were they?  I mean, they were obviously as warped, wicked, and wayward as we… but is it possible they could’ve been as advanced?

Then I got to thinking… a thousand years ago it was the year 1006.  That’s before the dark ages.  Before America was discovered.  Before electricity, cars, computers, planes, technology.  It only took us the last 200 years to get where we’ve gotten.  Before that, things were (give or take) about the same.  Animals for transportation, fire for heat, and hunting for food.  Two hundred years from that to where we are, now.  And they had a thousand years from Adam to Noah.

Is it possible that they could’ve made it beyond that before the Flood, do you think?
Things that make ya go hrm….  okay, I’ll go do something productive now.  ((wink!))

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