Profanity and Nonnies

I have to be honest… I’m biting HOLES thru my tongue trying very hard not to light into the ASSES of the people in my Sunday School class.  And I’m not not NOT sending my children to VBS there.  And I’m questioning the wisdom in sending my kids to Sunday School, too, since we’re being blunt.  The legalism in ‘c’hurch is about DRIVING me FREEEEEKIN’ crazy!!!  ((And yes, I said ASSES on purpose.))

We’re studying the Ten Commandments.  Very interesting, since I go in having read up on the Messianic side as well as the ‘chrischun’ side of things before hand.  I’m learning a LOT this way.  ((I always tend to learn the most from the classes and/or sermons that are the LEAST scripturally sound, though, have you noticed that, too?))

So we’re studying ‘thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain’.  I’m totally good with that, and while I have no qualms with ‘shit’, ‘piss’, ‘hell’, or ‘damn’… I never take the Lord’s name in vain.  I don’t even say ‘God bless you’ when folks sneeze, because frankly I feel it’s a flippant use and too close to not only breaking the Law but hurting the Lord.  I don’t even post OMG…osh unless the ‘osh’ is connectedly unbreakably to the initials.  And I wince when people type it ‘osh’-less on my site.  This is a BIG BIG BIG no-no in Anna’s book.

What pisseth me off ((haha.)) in Sunday school was when people started applying it to the people around them.  “I work with this guy… every sentence has to start with the Lord’s name in vain.”  Or, “I’ve been listening for it this past week, and the people at school are just terrible… I hear it all day long.”

((For those of you who need clarification, taking the Lord’s name in vain is when you say “OhMyGAWD!!” or “JE-sus!”  or something similar as an exclamation with no reverence or thought as to the Deity it addresses.  For me, that’s also “I swear t’God!” and “Gadzuhnheit” (or however you spell ‘God bless you’ in German.).  Enough of that, my skin is totally crawling.

Anyhow… these church-goin’ folk are all goin’ off about how the people at school and work and on TV and on the news and in the movies use the Lord’s name…. HELLO, they’re the world!  They’re depraved.  That’s what depraved people do!!  It’s not ignorance, it’s choice.  They *know* who God is… they don’t need a reminder.  They simply do what they want because they haven’t been convicted by the Holy Spirit.  And last I heard, it’s the Holy Spirit who does the convicting, not us holier-than-thous who *sniff* at our co-workers over their words.  They’re GONNA break the commandments… because they aren’t worried about the One who gave the commandments.  Nonnies are still under judgment… which is why Christ Jesus said, “Judge not, lest ye be judged”… you don’t judge people who are already under judgment.  It’s called overkill and interference.  It’s also why Jesus clarified that statement in Matthew with one in John 7:24… “judge righteous judgment”.  We are to judge (2 Timothy 4 says ‘correct, rebuke with long suffering and sound doctrine’) the RIGHTEOUS.  Don’t be holding the nonnies accountable… they’re already being held as such, thanks.  By God.  His deal.  Period.

Once a rich young ruler came up to Jesus and asked how he could be saved.  Jesus said ‘obey the ten commandments.’  The kid said, “Yeah, okay, I’ve done that.”  RIGHT THERE… he broke two of the commandments… he LIED (for none are righteous, no not one) and he WORSHIPPED ANOTHER GOD(elevated himself before God, as perfect).  Did Jesus say to this very ignorant young sap – ‘Dude, you just broke two commandments!’?  No, He didn’t.  The kid was ALREADY under judgment.  Without saying another word, I’ve proven my point.  We are to emulate Christ… and He didn’t judge the kid… yet the whole damn Sunday School class is judging their co-workers, students, classmates, and carpools?!  I… can’t… be that legalistic.

And OF COURSE the conversation didn’t just stick to the Lord’s name in vain… it moved on to cover ALL ‘curse’ words.  (((grits teeth))).  Let’s not ADD to scripture or anything, on top of what’s already been done…  but we won’t go into this.  I’ve posted waaaaayyyy too many blogs on language and why chrischuns drive me nuts with their legalistic, unscriptural demands already.

Next week is the Sabbath.  I’m already researching it extensively.  And I have a feeling I might not have *ANY* tongue left by the time class is over…

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