Patterns and Intelligent Design

“We’ve talked about patterns quite a bit in this class, because they are crucial in understanding scripture.  Because God has created a Universe and system of life that emulates Himself, it is of course orderly and not chaotic.  Secular humanists know instinctively that if our Universe and the system of life on our planet are NOT chaotic and random, then it DOES have order.  And, if it has order, who or what has created that order?

“Relatively new theories of physics…. which, by the way, are now the generally accepted theories… have show that 1) many more dimensions of existence than the 4 we are familiar with (length, width, height, and time) are a mathematical reality, and 2) or Universe and system of life IS orderly and not random or chaotic.  It is full of patterns and cycles that seem to repeat infinitely.

“Therefore, faced with the inevitable conclusion that if the Universe has been ordered, by definition there MUST be a central order-er.  Yet, the same scientific community that subscribes to these new theories cannot bring themselves to use the term ‘God’, so, they have coined the term ‘Intelligent Design’… refusing to discuss just WHO the intelligent designer might be.

“Unfortunately for the scientific community, using the rather detached and neutral terminology of Intelligent Design has not allowed them to avoid the controversy their findings have caused.  A school in Pennsylvania has been teaching its students about the decade old (or so) finding of intelligent design of the Universe in it’s science classes… along, of course, with the obligatory  theory of evolution, the result is a huge court battle over whether the students can even be told of the intelligent design discoveries.  Keep an eye on this battle and read what you can about it.  You will be astounded at the twisted claims and mental gymnastics that those who brought the lawsuit are alleging.  You will be astounded at the institutions and people who you might never have associated with atheism and vehement secular humanism.  Even more you will learn just how much of a minority you (as a Believer) are in our nation and our world…”

           excerpted from, Genesis, Wk 26, chpt 26

aNNa’S NoTe:  Now you know why I like this class I’m taking so well… it’s so relevant to the times, covers so much more than just ‘the Old Testament’, and challenges my thinking processes…  if you haven’t tried it and are looking for REAL MEAT, I highly recommend you go over and take a look.

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