Give it Up, Already!

I got a comment yesterday that made me grin from ear to ear.  And I’ll tell you why after I share the comment:

One question I would propose, theoretically speaking, how many times would it take for you to be wrong about the time of the rapture for you to consider that maybe some presupositions you are holding to are possibly incorrect. Just a thought I had, and I was wondering what your answer would be so I thought I would comment.

This isn’t a new question.  My mother, friends, husband… basically EVERYONE I know wants me to shut the heck up already about the Rapture.  They hate watching me prep for it.  HATE that I won’t make plans beyond it.  HATE that I celebrate the feasts, have given up X-Mess and Ishtar (Christmas and Easter to some of you) as ‘holi’days.  HATE that I go to church on Sabbath instead of the pagan day of the Sun-God… (Sun-day).  I’m pretty sure that they think I’ve lost my mind and shouldn’t have any more children.  In fact, my cousin even sent me an message that said he feels sorry for my children and husband.  My question is… WHY?  Why would anyone feel sorry for us?

First of all, I’m OBEYING SCRIPTURE… hello!  Do the people I know feel averse to my obedience because they feel guilty that they aren’t?  I don’t know, I don’t care… I just don’t get why I can’t my my own choices about my own beliefs without other people having to pass judgment on me for it.  You believe Jesus resurrected on Ishtar… do I come up to you and say, “Y’know, you really aren’t living what you say you believe in celebrating a fertility goddesses ‘holy’ day instead of Firstfruits”…?  Of COURSE not!  I post about (and talk about) what I find out about the Truth and what I choose to do… but I have NEVER told people what to do!  Why do people do that to me?!

Second, how on EARTH can anyone look at what we do and say my family is missing out?!!  My GOSH, turning to God’s way has given us TRIPLE the celebrations and festivities I had before!!  Instead of just X-Mess and Ishtar (which have become present time and candy time to us)… we have Sabbath, Pesach, Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits, Pentecost, Purim, Elul, Counting of the Omer, Rosh Ha’Shana, Yom Kippur, Kol Nidre, Sukkoth, Simchat Torah, Hannukah… hello, just WHO is missing out?!  I’m having dinner this coming Saturday night under our dining room table with the kids in a bedsheet ‘sukkot’, then making a family banner with them, then building a popsicle stick Sukkot for our nativity!  Who – exactly – is missing out!?

Third, regarding the Rapture… since when is it crazy to prepare for the coming of the Lord?  To watch?  To study to shew thyself approved?  Again, that’s mere OBEDIENCE!  You can’t claim to believe something and not LIVE it… that’s not true faith.  If I happen to make sure I have enough oil in my lamp for Rosh Ha’Shana… is that crazy, or wise?  Is it crazy or wise to dig in deep and know what to expect… checking out all of the layers of the feasts and the possibilities?  Or is it smarter to just float on a ‘free pass’ into Heaven?  I’m sorry, I don’t work that way.

Fourth, every person I have encountered has said they’ve noticed a general and overall LACK in the teachings they get from church.  My brother reamed me big for leaving the Baptist church, but a YEAR later, the pastor’s STILL preaching on sanctification/revival… and and my brother in the next breath is griping about how it’s gotten REALLY old.  Everyone I know is hungry for meat, and can’t seem to find it.  So when I find the steakhouse… suddenly I’m a traitor to the hungry?  What is THAT?!  Come with me!!  But I can’t invite them.  If I mention my beliefs, they get angry… stand-offish.  Threatened.  Brian has instructed me not to mention the rapture, our switch from Church to Shul, the feasts, our celebrations or ANYTHING to do with my faith to anyone.  And he reminds me every time we go away.  I’m to hide my light under a bushel because we’re already ostracized enough.  ((THINK about this…))

How long would it take before I give up my ‘suppositions’ about the rapture?  Well, that depends on what you consider to be supposition, wouldn’t it?  First of all, there’s the timing.  Every notable (and lesser known) Bible Scholar hold to the belief that we’re LESS THAN 20 years from the Tribulation.  I can quote world leaders – kings, presidents, prime ministers – who believe it’s less than FIVE years away – and they aren’t even believers.  And if you consider the Biblical timing, we’re at the same point.  Give or take 15 years, we’re at that 6000 year mark.  ((Of course, we don’t know for sure, because of several discrepancies in time-keeping that I’ve blogged about before.))

Certain things in the Bible have to be in place before the end can come.  There must be a Revived Roman Empire.  There must be 10 ‘kingdoms’ in charge of it.  There must be a ‘little horn’ that comes out of it.  There must be a 7-year ‘covenant with many’.  These things are in Daniel, and they MUST be before there can be a Tribulation/Rapture.  Until 1990, there was no organized Revived Roman Empire.  Until 1995, there was no 10-nation WEU running it.  Until 1999, there was no High Representative of the EU.  Until 2005, there was no proposed 7-year treaty – the ENPI.  And now Herb Peters (I trust him in spite of not being overly-fond of him)… is writing column after column about something called the “Alliance of Civilizations”… some sort of uniting of all religions from Rome that is being organized and planned to work hand in hand with the 7-year treaty.  I don’t know much, but I do know that my ‘presuppositions’ aren’t groundless.  I’ve got scripture matching up to current events… and it’s real.

When will I give up my suppositions?  I can’t.  I won’t.  ((grins))  I can’t help it – that’s what living out your faith is.  I’ve examined the timing of the rapture, and found that – while we don’t know the day or the hour (or the year, for that matter)… we HAVE been told it will be during the fall feasts.  I’ve examined my pre-Trib stance, and I’m going to be posting (probably tomorrow) on the possibility of a pre-wrath stance as opposed to my long-held pre-Trib stance… and in doing so, will probably come to a conclusion one way or the other, but whatever decision I end up with, it will be based on scripture wholly.

I just… can’t think like other people.  I’m sorry, I know it’s weird and tough to deal with and that everyone on the face of the earth thinks I’m freakin’ whacked… but I don’t care.  Since when have convictions EVER hinged on the opinions of others?  They have to be firmly rooted in the Truth… and that’s where I go for my info.  That’s where I go to back up my faith.  The faith that I must live, if it’s truly faith.  Claiming something and not taking it with both hands…. that’s not true faith.

Watch out.  Because I have two hands and I’m hanging on for all I’ve got!  ((smiles))

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