Plagues n’ Judgments

I had wanted to wait until I got to Exodus in my TorahClass postings, but since I’ve been taking a break from them for a while, and this has been pressed on me to be posted, I thought I’d write it, anyhow.

I was reading Exodus in my TorahClass lessons a while ago, and I noticed something very interesting.  When Moses went to Pharoah in Egypt and told him to ‘let my people go’… God gave Moses the power to bring judgment upon Egypt in the form of plagues.  Similarly, in the end times, God will tell Satan on Earth to ‘let My people go’… and will bring judgment upon the Earth  in the form of plagues.  Egypt is symbolic of sin/Earth, and Israel is symbolic of God’s chosen people.

Moses brought down on Egypt nine plagues and then the judgment of death.  The judgments were three sets of three, and the last one was always unannounced and unexpected.  Similarly, in the end times, God will bring down twenty-one judgments and then the final judgment day in which Christ will come, bringing death, and will win the final war.  The judgments will be three sets of seven, the last one of each set always unannounced and serving as an opening to the next set.  ((aNNa’S NoTe: Three is the number of unity, while seven is the number of fullness… so the Egyptian Exodus was to unite God’s people and ‘draw them out of’ Egypt… while the Revelation Judgments is to bring to fullness God’s plan.))

Now for the most interesting part.  I’d just started researching pre-wrath rapture information, and ironically, this is what I read just as I was starting to assemble my sources and really study them.  TorahClass stated that it was interesting that Israel was affected by the first three of the nine plagues ONLY… the rest they were ‘kept out of’.  So I wonder… if this pattern is a precedence for what’s predicted in Revelations, then we WOULDN’T be raptured before the Tribulation… if Israel is symbolic of God’s chosen people (re: Christ-followers), then we would be here for the first set of judgments – the seal judgments.  But then the next question is this – we can’t be the ‘sealed’ saints, because only 144,000 from each tribe will be sealed, and we aren’t Jews and number more than 144,000… so does that mean that we’re raptured or ‘taken out of’ the rest of the judgments after the trumpet judgments?

The thing is… it fits, because there is no timeline of when the Revelation judgments take place (except that it’s a 7-year period from AntiChrist to end)… so no man could measure the day or the hour… just watch the Rosh Ha’Shanahs during that time period.  Further, when I get to Part 2 of my pre-wrath posts, we’ll see that – when comparing Revelations to Matthew, the wrath of God doesn’t really begin until AFTER the Trib is in full-swing… AND the saints are taken out.  ((I’ll show you.))

Anyhow, I just found it VERY interesting that the Israelites were affected by a third of the plagues, but not the latter 2/3rds of it… and that while Christians believe they’ll be exempt from all judgments, it doesn’t fit with God’s pattern.  Just… food for thought, eh?

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