A Warning of Three

I don’t have TV.  We haven’t had TV in almost 12 years.  And the occasions which we have had to watch TV are few and very far between.  I think the last time I sat thru a TV program was when I had Ethan (in the hospital room there was a TV).  And amazingly enough, I got to see Hal Lindsay (end times prophecy teacher.)  Ironic?  Hardly.  I think it was divine timing.  I mean, what are the chances of a non-TV-seeing person just *happening* to turn on a TV and seeing Hal Lindsay?

Having said all of that, there was a TV in our room at Great Wolf Lodge.  And after we got out of the pool Sunday night (8:00pm-ish) and ordered/ate pizza (8:30pm-ish)… we decided to spend a little time cuddled on the bed together – all five of us – and unwind watching a little TV.  Hey, it’s vacation, we can break out and do some different and out-of-the-usual-type things.

The first thing that came on was a commercial.  (I had to explain the concept of a commercial – it’s about something they want you to buy.  We made a game of it after a while – what do they want you to buy in this one? etc.)  Anyhow, the first commercial was two children running into a living room.  The mom comes in and says, “Would you like some popcorn with our special movie night?”  They kids say “YES!”… so the mom turns around to head into the kitchen and sees a man standing outside the window with a crowbar in his hands.  The mom gasps, grabs her children, and herds them into an inner room, locking the door.  Of course this is a commercial for security systems, but because I’ve had this… n.e.e.d. lately to be armed and prepared to protect myself and my kids, this struck a HUGE cord with me.  Lydia and Isaac were VERY upset about the commercial, and we talked about how sometimes things happen and we need to know what to do and how to react to them.

After the commercial came a show on avalanches.  They showed what caused them, what signs the ‘bomb squads’ look for so they can trigger avalanches before people are in their path so that they save lives, and all about what equipment people need to be sure to have in case of an emergency or avalanche up in the mountains.  We only caught the tail end of the show, so I don’t know exactly what was covered in the first parts.

Next up?  What happens if a tornado were to hit Chicago?   (((!!?!?!?!?!))  We saw simulated images of rush hour traffic being swept into the twister, of skyscrapers windows blowing out and people being sucked out, of total devastation.  They said that nobody thinks it could happen, but that it’s a viable possibility and one that could happen at any time.  They also said that the casualties would be unfathomable, since literally millions live in the city.  Then they had the chief of security (or something) come on, and he said that people need to be responsible, and prepare for emergencies with at least 72 hours of supplies/rations tucked away.

Prepare, prepare, prepare.  Imminent Danger.  Imminent Danger.  Imminent Danger.  Three times in succession.  And you know how I am about threes… I believe that God uses them to ‘make a point’ with me – to send a clear message about what I’m supposed to do.  Ironic?  Hardly.  Considering the ‘urges’ I’ve had lately to prepare myself and my family for something I don’t know and can’t explain… I think God is stepping up the message to me.  And I’m sharing it with you.  PREPARE.  What would it hurt to stock up enough tuna and canned goods and a box of powdered milk and somewater in the basement?  What’s wrong with sitting down and discussing a place your family would meet in the event of an emergency (with school, work, etc.)?  What would it hurt to get some batteries for your radio and flashlights and make sure you have some vitamins on hand?  How long would it take to clear out a corner of your basement and create a shelter area?  You might never need it… and if not… fine.  Go on with your life.  But if you *DID* ever need it, and weren’t prepared… what would you do?  Do you know where to go?  How to get there if there’s a crisis and major panic?  They say that the people who live during a catastrophe are the ones who had a plan, who had prepared, and who were ready.  Are you?  For whatever – an earthquake, an F-5 tornado, an EMP (long-term blackout), a terrorist attack, a major epidemic?

I got home tonight and wanted to check one of my sites for information on the lunar eclipse… I wanted to find out if anything unusual happened during it’s phases.  Instead, I was greeted with some unfathomably incredible news about what’s going on in the heavens – I will post about it in the morning.  But everything that’s going on, according to people watching the signs in the sky, point to a VERY imminent clash of some sort –  something big is going to go down very soon.  Perhaps the reason for my ‘urges’ to prepare?  Perhaps the reason I – a nonTV watcher – saw three ‘prepare’ messages on TV in less than an hour?  I don’t know.  But I’m telling you… because it matters.  And I won’t be accused of not telling others what I’ve been told.

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