Frumpy Women Syndrome

I have been made aware through about half a dozen blogs lately that there is a movement going on among the ‘holier than thou’ chickas.  It’s been dubbed “The Return to Feminity”, and it’s basically that these ‘godly’ women feel that society has gone the way of Sodom and that in order to take it back to a holier level, we must burn our jeans, buy (or, more preferrably, make) feminine, fitted, floral dresses that cover the knee and are reminiscent of Donna Reed, and become ‘modest women’.

Y’wanna know where I stand on this?  I’ll tell you.
This is shit straight from the pit of Hell.  There’s my stance.

What’s worst is that these women claim to have a Biblical Worldview, and want society to ‘return’ to the same view.  ((Has society *ever* really had a Biblical worldview…?  Just wondering, ’cause… I missed it, I think…))  They claim that it’s the Lord’s will that women be modest and feminine and housewifely and cross at the ankle and have ‘that christchun glow’.  But the truth of the matter is that the ‘Biblical Worldview’ that I’ve noticed these women speaking out for DOES NOT SUPPORT the focus on one’s OWN femininity.  It’s supposed to be a focus on God and His plan, not the focus on self and material goods.

I honestly believe this is one of Satan’s prime themes used to trip women of ‘faith’ up… to turn their attention to themselves (in the name of God, of course).  What we wear and what we look like has *nothing* to do with God’s perfect plan, and Jesus said as much in John 7:24 when he said, “Judge not as to the APPEARANCE, but judge righteous judgment.”  Yet what does this ‘femininity movement’ really focus on?  This ‘dress wearing’ phenomena?   It focuses on judging others in regards to what they wear, of course – the appearance.  It’s wholly contradictory to the scriptures they ‘claim’ to be following!

And can you imagine such a ‘godly’ woman witnessing to someone in blood red lipstick, leather biker boots, and black nail polish like me?  *IF* they were even of the mind to associate with a jean-wearing semi-‘goth’ heathen such as I (which would be shocking in itself), they would not only make the person feel inferior by their appearance, but there would be NO WAY the I’m-holier-than-you attitude wouldn’t factor into the conversation with the not-so-Donna Reed person.  Do you think the whore at the well Jesus won for the kingdom would benefit from this movement, or be ostracized and feel further from them for the artificial piety?  And is our job to reach others with the Truth, or to post pictures of our floral print, pleated waist dresses on our sites?  Is it our feminity that matters, or our message?

Further, what does this message say when compared to the scripture mentioned?  It says, “I’m concerned with self to the point where I disregard scripture and my personal message contradicts the faith I’m claiming.  In short, look at me in my dresses – I’m a DAMN HYPOCRITE!!”

I’m sorry.  A woman with a true desire after the things of the Lord wouldn’t delve into the legalism of this… Jesus wore a plain dress/robe.  I wear black leather, blue jeans, and thick mascara.  Both of us are children of the King… and by righteous judgment, will inheirit all that the Father has promised.  That’s my message.  And it’s supported by Truth, doesn’t intimidate anyone (who isn’t self-righteous and legalistic – I purposely wear the black polish to identify the hypocrites, if you must know.), and doesn’t detract from my Biblical Worldview.

And I reckon that’s all I’ve got to say on the subject.

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