The Sabbath – Part 1

((The Solar-Lunar calendar))

It’s finally time for me to write my Sabbath: Saturday or Sunday post!  Actually, the link for this article has been on my sidebar for at LEAST a year, if not longer.  But it’s never been linked… because I never wrote it.  And this is not the first time this has happened to me – where I don’t write something that I *mean* to write, because for one reason or another the Spirit is blocking me.  In this case, it’s because the information I’d believed was wrong.  Apparently the Spirit wanted me to wait for Truth to be revealed.  And thanks to MountainMama… it has.  So which is it?  Saturday or Sunday?

Brace yourselves, because I’m gonna do a boogie all around the topic before getting to the nitty-gritty, but the boogie will be one heckuva ride, if you don’t mind reading a few interesting tidbits ((Anna-cized for your viewing pleasure, of course.))  Think of this post as a rollercoaster ride – we’re starting with a question and arriving at an answer, but we’re gonna do a few twists, turns, and loops to get there.  Having said ALLLLL that…

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a calendar.  It was set up by the Almighty, so it was THE calendar, if you get my drift.  But of course, like all good things set up by the Almighty, it was schmucked up by mankind.  From what I understand, the original plan was to have 360 days in a year – 12 (number of completion) months of 30 days.  ((Thirty’s significant, too, but I’m not sure what lies behind it, and it’s neither here nor there at the moment)).

The calendar Yehovah set up was a SOLAR-LUNAR calendar… meaning that the days were measured by sunlight (from sundown to sundown – see Genesis 1: 5b, 8b, 13, 19, 23, 31b (which, btw, are SIX confirmations of a sundown to sundown ‘day’ – one for EACH day that God created the Earth in).  He said in verse 14 that the LIGHTS (plural) were to mark time and seasons and days.  Stay with me, because this is significant.  Anyhow, as I was saying, days were to be measured SOLAR – sundown to sundown – and months were to be measured LUNAR – new moon to new moon.  Note that BOTH start with darkness… sundown is the time when light leaves the sky, and the new moon is the time when the light of the moon is no longer visible.

I’m guessing that – because there were 360 days to the original calendar, that the original moon phase cycle was 30 days in duration – from new moon to new moon.  Of course, there’s no confirming that at this point (that I know of at this time).  But at any rate – SOLAR and LUNAR.

Then mankind got to be so evil by Genesis 6 that God sent the Flood.  I think the Flood is HIGHLY underrated, because SO MUCH happened that effects us from the Flood.  We studied this in home ed this last week (the Flood), and my kids’ jaws just dropped.  Because everything changed with the Flood.  the FIRST thing that happened with the Flood is that the waters above the Earth (Gen 1:7), which kept people shielded from the aging effects of the sun (that’s why they lived 900 years, hello) fell in.

The SECOND thing that happened is that the waters below the Earth burst forth (Gen 7:11), which is – to my mind – how the continents and the tetonic plates came to be, instead of one large land mass, we have seven continents with rifts/plates that shift where the deep broke open.

The THIRD thing that happened is personal conjecture for all practical purposes, but I believe that the Earth shifted on its axis during this whole thing (we got a minor glimpse of this during the Indonesian quake of 2005, when the planet’s alignment was altered – science proving theory)… which altered the rotational pattern of the sun and moon… which is why we now have 365-ish days (give or take leap years) instead of the original 360.  Which brings us from the calendar to the Flood and back again… roller coaster loop one.

After the Flood comes the account of Babel and Nimrod.  I’ve written about Nimrod before – basically he was the ruler of Babylon and one hell of an evil dude.  His mother declared herself Queen of Heaven and married her son, Nimrod, and he became God of the Sun (or the Sun God)… until what was assumed to be Shem (one of Noah’s sons) got hold of him and cut him into pieces for his pagan bullshit.  Legend says that in order for him to resurrect, they had to find all the pieces of his body, and they never found his penis.  ((Dunno if this is true or not – it’s all paganism)).  Anyhow, so he had to remain in spirit form, and is permanently the “Sun God”.  Egypts ‘Ra’ is based on the same foundational story.

It gets deeper – his mother’s name is Ishtar (pronounced Easter) and supposedly had a child with the Sun God (the first immaculate conception) and named him Tammuz. Tammuz was a great warrior until he was killed by a wild pig… which is why people eat ham on Easter… which is the first Sun-day after the spring equinox, and NOT the day Yehovah set aside for Christ’s resurrection.  The bunnies, eggs, and other fun things associated with Easter are all based on the fertility properties of Ishtar’s pagan diety.  BTW, Christmas is the Sun God’s feast day – December 25th – and legend says that when Ishtar died, they planted an evergreen on her grave, and it never died… which is where we get ‘christmas trees’ from… also note that the OT references to “Ashterah poles” is reference to Ishtar – just a different spelling of her name.

This is the root of all pagan religions, in case this is all new to you – most of the statues in Rome of ‘the Virgin with Child’ are actually Ishtar and Tammuz (or Ashterah and her son, or whatever other name the other nations gave her)… they just slapped a ‘chrischun’ name on it… much like CHRISTmass and Easter/Rez SUNday.  And that’s supposed to make Yahoveh happy, or something.  Don’t get me started.  ANYHOW… back to Nimrod – with his mother, they adopted a NEW calendar to replace Yahoveh’s… it’s an exclusively LUNAR calendar… which is why the new moons, equinoxes and other alignments (think astrology and those fun things) became so popular.  They took HALF of what God had given and threw out the other half, adapting things to suit their purposes.

Fast forward several thousand years to the Roman Empire and rise of Catholicism.  ((Which actually stems from Nimrod’s Babylonian paganism – Julius Ceasar moved the ‘headquarters’ of that belief system to Rome and declared himself the new ‘high priest’ of it – in Latin, Ponifis Maximus… aka the title of the pope.))  A nice little monk named Gregory decided that the pagan calendar wasn’t working so hot and didn’t give due to the Catholic church, so he ‘fixed’ things up and made the Gregorian calendar…

…A SOLAR based calendar.  Days became sunrise to sunrise, and months were named after Roman rulers, and they made adjustments for the no-longer-360 day calendar by adding leap years every four years.  Months didn’t start with new moons, anymore, and were ‘adjusted’ to have 30 OR 31 days to try to make up for the mess things were in.  But note that NEITHER calendar is complete.  One is SOLAR, one is LUNAR… Satan just pulled apart Yehovah’s original plan and gave people half n’ half… which, on their own,  never make a whole.  Loop #2 on our roller coaster ride – from calendar to Nimrod to the calendar.

As for the Jews… they TRIED to keep God’s calendar.  I’ll give them that.  The Hebrew calendar (found on my sidebar at the top) has 30 days per month, each day begins at sunset, and each month still begins with the new moon – as Yehovah commanded.  HOWEVER, because of the shift of the Earth’s rotation in relation to the sun, there are extra days to be accounted for (365 plus ‘leap years’, remember?).  In addition, the moon’s rotation shifted, and the moon does NOT rotate around the center of the Earth, but the bericenter…  so the cycle of the moon phases is 27.33 days long, not 30 days, anymore.  Which means there are extra days there, too.  And so the Jews add a whole MONTH every four years to account for these extra days… but still, it’s FAR closer to the real calendar Yehovah instituted.  It’s still a SOLAR-LUNAR calendar.  And it still follows the commands laid out in the Old Testament.

Which brings us to a poll that was posted at MountainMama’s site.  She asked if Yehovah’s calendar was solar or lunar, and went on in her post to say that Yehovah’s calendar is Lunar.  She’s wrong.  The pagan calendar is lunar, the Gregorian calendar is solar-based, and Yehovah’s calendar is Solar-Lunarcomplete.  And I’m stopping here because this is long and PACKED with information, and we needed to establish this shtuff before getting to Shabbat.  Tune in tomorrow for more!

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