The Sabbath – Part 2

((Saturday, Sunday, or Something else?))

G’morning!  Sorry for the one-day delay on this.  It’s been a while since I went into a spiritual series, and I found myself a little overwhelmed.  I know, I know… I should do more, then, right?  I have at LEAST six topics I do want to write about that are of a Biblical nature, but I’ve never intended this site to be SOLELY for the purpose of ‘teaching’.  I can teach a little (when the Spirit moves) and it comes out coherent, but if I don’t share WHO I am and WHAT I feel and HOW I think in between… along with fulfilling my calling to share prophecy in light of current events (aka NoteWorthy News)… then I’m an almanac, and a real DRAG to read.

The goal here is to be human at the same time as inspiring and educating.  Or if you prefer, to show LOVE in three of its four forms to my readers:  spiritually (Biblical insight), intellectually (NoteWorthy News), and relationally (Tids n’ Tads, Bullet Blogs, rants/vents, pictures).  It’s kind of hard to show love physically via Internet, so let’s not go there… be happy you saw a belly shot from my pregnancy.  That was WAY stretching for me.  LoL!!

ANYHOOOO… In part one, I had to lay a little groundwork about how Yehovah’s calendar works… that it’s SOLAR (sundown to sundown) daily  and at the same time how it’s LUNAR (new moon to new moon) monthly.  I also had to clarify how it got messed up.  First by sin, in that part of the judgment rained down during The Flood screwed it up – knocking the Earth’s rotation around the sun off (thus making it MORE than the 360-day year it was supposed to be) and knocking the moon out of rotation (making its rotation 27.33 days intstead of 30 days).

Since writing that, I’ve also found out that because the moon is out of rotation around a planet that’s out of rotation, it has to make up extra distance, as well.  So the lunar cycle isn’t *just* 27.33 days off – it’s 29.5 days off, to make up for the distance when both out-of-rotations meet (r’something… I’m a little blonde when it comes to that much whackage.)  Secondly, we looked at how Satan further schmucked things up by cutting the SOLARLUNAR calendar in two, and creating a LUNAR-based system for paganism (revolving around solstices, equinoxes, and moon cycles), and also a SOLAR-based system… which *WE* use via the Gregorian calendar.

The problem comes in trying to ‘reconcile’ Yahoveh’s calendar with our calendar.  After all, we can’t just jump OUT of society completely, and to stay in our society and at the same time try to swap over to a LUNAR-monthly calendar (and expect not to be confused as hell) just doesn’t happen.  For example… we’re in October, right?  October 18th, the middle-ish part of the month.  That’s great, BUT…!… the new moon was October 11th, which means the Hebrew month of Heshvan/Bul started weeks AFTER the Gregorian calendar… and today’s the 6th, not the 18th.  Based on a SOLAR-LUNAR calendar.  That doesn’t reconcile out, now does it?  ((snort)).

Which is why we can’t put our finger on ONE day that’s Passover every year… the feast dates end up falling on different ‘days’ of our calendar… Rosh Ha’Shanah could be September 13-14 one year and September 27-28 another year.  Unlike the oh-so-easy X-Mess, which is December 25 every year, or the Fourth of July or Halloween (October 31st).  Yahoveh’s ‘Floater’ feast days are a pain in the groin because they don’t ‘reconcile’ with the pagan calendar we use… because we forsake HIS plan in the first place!  ((And we grumble because of our own stOOpidity…))

KEY POINT:  Which is why I immediately green-lighted on MountainMama’s observance that Shabbat could not be Saturday OR Sunday – because both are based on a SOLAR calendar that doesn’t match new moons to months... just like the feasts never land on the same Gregorian date(although they’re on the same Hebrew date)… Shabbat cannot land on the same day, either.  But then, when *is* Shabbat?

This is where I ran into trouble:  even if we used HIS calendar instead, marking off the months as beginning with new moons… things weren’t lining up for me.  The allegation was that you’d find that Sabbath falls on the same dates every month – because ‘six days shall ye labor, but the seventh is holy, and ye shall rest’, right?  So if Day One of the month is the new moon, and we have six ‘work’ days before Shabbat, then Shabbat will *always* be on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th of the Hebrew month.  But the PROBLEM with that is that from the 29th of the Hebrew month to the next new moon is… um, HOW many days?  Not seven!  Further, we mentioned above that the moon’s rotation takes 29.5 days… so where does that half day go?  Because it’s not being accounted for, and that’d be six days lost a year… do they figure into the extra month later on down the line?  So I went looking for answers… and I figured out about the half day…!  You see, there are several months (I made them green) that have 30 days… six of them.  Six days per 12 months (year) is .5 days per month.  So by adding a day to six of the months, we ‘account for’ the half days.  That makes sense, now.

Hebrew names of the months with their lengths

Number Hebrew Length
1 Nisan 30 days
2 Iyar 29 days
3 Sivan 30 days
4 Tammuz 29 days
5 Av 30 days
6 Elul 29 days
7 Tishrei 30 days
8 Heshvan 29 days
9 Kislev 29 (30) days
10 Tevet 29 days
11 Shevat 30 days
12* Adar I* 30 days
12 / 13* Adar II* 29 days

But there’s that floating 13th month… so I had to research that, too.  When do they add an extra month, and why?  It’s because our months (Gregorian) are 30/31 days long, and Hebrew months are 29/30 days long… so every three years or so they add the extra month in (instead of ‘leap year’ day-adding like we do).  So that makes sense, too.  See, you just need to step back and approach things one step at a time to verify how it works.

But what about the fact that between the 29th sabbath and the 1st sabbath there’s not seven days?  Well, frankly… I still don’t know.  The only thing I could figure is that the first is a new moon sabbath, which is different than a regular sabbath. That leaves four regular sabbaths (one for each week) PLUS the new moon sabbath.  It would make sense to me, since every verse I read on this separates the ‘new moons’ from the ‘sabbaths’ when talking about them.  But do you celebrate the new moon AS a Sabbath, and if you did, wouldn’t that be two Sabbaths in a row?

Then there was another problem.  Some of you pointed out that Yom Kippur falls on the 10th of the month… that’s NOT a Sabbath, and the contention of most Lunar Sabbath papers was that every feast landed on a new/full moon.  Did you know that it’s INTENTIONALLY not a Sabbath?

According to JewFAQYom Kippur should not fall adjacent to Shabbat, because this would cause difficulties in coordinating the fast with Shabbat… A day is added to the month of Cheshvan or subtracted from the month of Kislev of the previous year to prevent these things from happening. This process is sometimes referred to as “fixing” Rosh Hashanah. 

Yom Kippur is the one feast day that cannot be a Sabbath, because it’s a day of fasting… and they actually add ANOTHER day to a month to prevent it from happening… so THAT’S what the (30) in parenthesis on my chart is for!!  Although I must also add that everything I’ve read says still says (in spite of the fasting thing) that Yom Kippur is set aside as “The Sabbath of sabbaths”. I don’t know why, and I can’t figure out if that means this is an ADDITIONAL sabbath specifically set apart because of… whatever reason they say it’s ‘The Sabbath of Sabbaths”. I don’t know. And I’ve read a PECK of papers on this.  I’m still working on a few things, myself, via my own sources, because…

Well, frankly, the links on MountainMama’s sites gave me so many red flags that I couldn’t even finish reading them.  That guy is whacked… just as whacked as some of the people trying to prove him wrong and just sputtering all over the screen with no real data, verses (that were relevant or true verification to their claims)… what a MESS.  There is *one* paper that made total sense to me, and the author (John D. Keyser) doesn’t have an available e-mail to ask him about the 29th/1st sabbath.  Some other whack-job guy put the .pdf of John’s work on his site, and I’ve e-mailed him, but the rest of what he has on there is so freakin’ weird I need to clarify NOW that it’s Keyser I green-lighted on – the site his doc is on is a HUGE red flag, and the maintenance guy is a fruit loop.  But I’ll be studying Keyser’s paper further, because it’s WHOLLY grounded in scripture and is written logically, factually, and ‘green lights’ with me.

So… back to the original question:  Is Sabbath on Sunday, Saturday, or Something Else?  It’s on something else.  Because Sunday and Saturday are Gregorian time-keeping tools… and God doesn’t use a half-ass calendar – He ordained something far better, far stronger, far more complete.  And while it’s screwed up (our fault), it’s still fully useable, because of the fact that it is based on new moons (which are cyclic) and has been adjusted to account for the screwage from The Flood.  Further, it makes sense… except for the 29th/1st thing, and I’m GOING to find out about that.

So what does all of this mean?  It means that the 8th of Cheshvan is the next true Sabbath… which is Friday night thru Saturday night.  And yes, that’s a ‘Saturday’ sabbath.  But it won’t remain that way… our months aren’t the same length as Jewish months, because we aren’t LUNAR based.

And I know that it’s all very startling and you probably have a TON of questions… ((so do I!!))… I will do my best to answer them tomorrow.  Today is town day, and I’ve GOT to skoot.  I’ll be gone to my mom’s, but the comment section is open, and I’ll address what I can in the a.m., k?  (((Thanks for understanding!!)))

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