Name Above all Names

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a REALLY long time now, but… since it’s just me rambling and not really *meat*… rather just food for thought… I dunno.  I just felt like it was silly to even bring it up, even though it’s been pricking and prodding from within.

I’ve been having trouble with the Name above all Names.  Messiah’s name.  What I always *thought*  was “Jesus”.  It’s not.  “Jesus” is Greek.  Messiah was not Greek.  He never even WENT to Greece (that we know of).  He was a Jew – and therefore His name would’ve been Hebrew.  And Messiah’s name in Hebrew is “Yeshua/Yahshua”, NOT Jesus.

So… that brings us to the question:  Why would we call Him “Jesus” when we KNOW that He wasn’t Greek and that He was never referred to by “Jesus” during His time on Earth?  It’s not like we don’t have access to His name in Hebrew, for pity’s sake.  And if you want to blur things up and defend the “Jesus” stance, why not call Him “Joshua”… that’s what Yeshua is in English.  I’m having a TERRIBLE time with this, because it feels wrong to me to call Him something other than what His name is.

My name, for example, is Anna.  In Hebrew and in English.  In Russian, it’s Anya.  In Spanish, Anita.  Would you call me Anita?  Or Anya?  No – because my name is Anna.  My cousin John’s name is John.  In Gaelic (correction: Scots), it’d be Sean (Gaelic is Ian), in French it’d be Jaques, in Spanish it’d be Juan.  Would you call my cousin Jaques?  Hell, no!  His parents gave him the name John, it’s what he’s called, and any other name wouldn’t be the same.  Yet we’ve changed Yeshua’s name to “Jesus”, and that’s okay, somehow?  I… I’m sorry, I just have issues with that.

Worse is the name of the Lord.  Our creator is the one true God… out of many gods.  Let’s face it – to Muslims, Allah is God.  To Mormons, Dad is God (to be).  To Egyptians, Ra is God.  To Catholics, the Pope is God.  ((Hell, who else could claim infallibility?))  To Christian Scientists, Tom Cruise is God.  So to call the Lord “God” is… well, generic, don’t you think?  It’d be like me calling Brian “man”.  He’s *my* man, out of many men, none of which have any claim on me at all.  I wouldn’t walk up to you and say, “This is my husband, Man.”  That’d be ridiculous.  If I tried to get his attention by calling out to him, “Man!  Man!”  Do you think I’d have a better chance than if I called out his name?  If I called “Brian, come look at this!” it’d probably get his attention far quicker, wouldn’t it?

Why do we call Yahweh “God”?  He GAVE US His name for a reason.  The Bible always talks about people ‘calling on the name of the Lord’… but who do you know nowadays in ‘churchy’ circles that even use His name once?  We don’t call on the name of the Lord anymore – we have all but forgotten it, replacing it with the generic (and tacky) “God”.  What *IS* that?!

MountainMama calls Him “Yah” on her site, and at first that REALLY offended me.  It was good with me that she threw out the generic “God” (criminy, I can’t even say that without seeing it my head as “Gawd”)… but Yah sounded almost… erm, sacriligeous to me.  Like a nickname, and it didn’t seem… kosher, right, proper, reverencing to call him “Yah”.  But after a few weeks of hearing it, it’s starting to grow on me.  It’s the root… Yah is the root, so to speak.  YAHovah.  YAHshua.  The source.  So YAH truly does fit.  ((It also fits in songs as a replacement for the generic “God”… and yes, that’s an issue for us in our schooling.  ((shakes head and laughs ruefully))

But then we come to another interesting point – if the name of the Lord is Yahovah, then what happens to the commandment, “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain”?  I always thought that meant that saying “OhMyGawd” was an abhorrent sin.  But “God” (or Gawd, for that matter) *ISN’T* His name, now is it?  Or when people say, ‘Jee-sus Christ!’… it’s not His name – His name is Messiah Yeshua.  Oh, they’re referring to the Father and Son, but they aren’t taking the names in vain – they didn’t even USE the names at all!

MountainMama contends that by ‘throwing out’ His name completely, we break that commandment.  I’m not sure I see that, personally.  And I’m not sure I’m okay with people saying OMG or JC even with it being wrong – it’s still in reference to them, and it’s still profaning it to my mind, so I guess for me it’s still wrong and I don’t tolerate it well… but I don’t know exactly what to do with that commandment, now.

She did tell me one interesting thing, though – and that’s that whenever the KJV Bible has “The LORD” written in it with ‘LORD’ in all caps like that?  … the writers did that on purpose, and it’s ‘code’ (so to speak) for the fact that ‘Yahovah’ was the word used in that passage in Hebrew.  Isn’t that kewl?  Turns out that Yahovah is used in the original Hebrew thousands and thousands of times, and was translated into (aka watered down to) ‘the Lord’.  But the KJV dudes were clever and put in a code to know where it was SUPPOSED to say Yahovah.  Dunno why they did that, but it’s just another reason for me to LOVE the KJV (and I do… I’m a KJV-only kinda chicka).  Y’learn something new everyday.

Anyhow… that’s just me, talking out loud, here.  I don’t know much, but I do know that this has been weighing heavily on me for quite some time, and that I think about it (try to sort it out, work it out in my head) often.  What are your thoughts?

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