Survival and the Six Month Suggestion

There are many reasons people are jumping on the survivalist bandwagon.  The economy is headed full-on for a major depression, possibly to make 1929 look like tea-time with the Queen.  Some look at global warming and think we’re headed for the next ice age.  Others think ‘SHTF’ refers to nuclear war.  I’ve read some people’s thoughts that world hunger and disease will end the world as we know it.  While some are thinking total annihilation of the human population, others are thinking short-term economic down-cycling that will re-bounce in a decade.

Me?  You know where I stand.  But in trying to relocate my post on the Six Month Suggestion, I found that it was geared towards long-time readers and people familiar with Bible prophecy, and not the average Joe on the street (or G.I. Joe on the survivalist blogs).  So while this might be a repeat to some of you, I’m doing it for the sake of those NOT up on end times events per scripture.

The Bible foretells TEOTWAWKI, or the end of the world as we know it.  Contrary to some popular teachers of churchianity, it is NOT the END of the world, period.  ((Some folk also say that the Mayan date of 12/12/2012 is the END, too, but it’s actually the end of the present cycle, or TEOTWAWKI.))  The ‘as we know it’ thang is important.  And while I take most things extra-Biblical with a grain of salt, I believe that the Mayan date and the Scriptures fit together well, in light of current events.  I’ll fit them together for you, as I see it.

The Bible says (Daniel 2) that before TEOTWAWKI, there must be six world empires – Yahoveh’s final ’empire’ will be the seventh (Yahoveh favors sevens).  They are:  1) Egyptian 2) Babylonian, 3) Medo-Persian, 4) Greek, 5) Roman, and 6) Revived Roman.  It wasn’t until 2003 that the European Union, twenty-seven nations made up of the original Roman Empires conquests, became a globally accepted entity.  The Bible says it will be a mix of ‘iron and clay’, that it tries to come together, but keeps having issues being ‘one’.  If that doesn’t describe the EU to a ‘T’, I don’t know what does.

The Bible says that out of that Revived Roman Empire, a man will arise and have great authority (Daniel 7:24).  It also says (Revelation 13:18) that his number will be 666.  ((NoTe: 666 is the number by which he gets his authority – it’s NOT some mystical code to Satan or something like the horror flicks and some churches imply.))  Right now, the High Representative of the EU is a man named Javier Solana.  And there happens to be a document called “Recommendation 666” that states that in times of crises or emergency, the High Representative will have all authority to control all 27 nations.  And no, I’m not making this up.

The Bible says (Daniel 9:27) that this man will make a ‘covenant with many’ for seven years.  Churchianity has said that it’s a treaty with Israel, but since Israel is one nation and not many, that isn’t logical.  Ironically, Javier Solana of the EU drafted something he called the ‘European Neighborhood Policy Initiative’… it’s a treaty with the Middle Eastern nations that allow them ‘perks’ for signing a pact with the EU.  Israel (believe it or not) was the first to sign on.  And whaddya know, but the ENPI’s inital time frame is 1/1/2007 thru 12/31/2013… exactly seven years.  And yes, I do believe that as of January 2007 we have entered the ‘Tribulation’ of Bible Prophecy.

The Bible says (also Daniel 9:27) that halfway thru the 7 years, the treaty will be broken, and all hell will break loose.  This runs contrary to the church’s teaching that the Tribulation is exactly seven years long… if the treaty is broken, it stops, and what happens after that may or may not fit the original timeframe.  Personally, I see it all going down a LOT faster once the midpoint is hit… which would be halfway thru 2009, if you’re following along on your fingers.  So the Mayan date of 12/12/2012 is completely viable as a reset date.

Churchianity says that the christchuns will be raptured out BEFORE the seven-year treaty goes into effect, so of course they don’t believe anything I do, fight adamantly against it (they don’t like pain, and being here might mean pain, you know).  But when Moses led Israel out of Egypt, there were three sets of three ‘tribulations’/plagues, and Israel was part of the first set, but not the second two.  I believe likewise, that of the three sets of seven tribualations/plagues in Revelation, the followers of Messiah will endure the first set, but not the second two.

The Bible says (1 Thessalonians 2: 3-8) that the man won’t gain his power until the ‘withholder’ is taken out of the way.  So if we’re here for the first set of seven tribulations, they have to occur in the first 3.5 years of the treaty.  Meaning that the ‘Seal Judgments’ of Revelation 6 would have to fit into a 3.5 year period.  Which ends up being one judgment every six months. This is how it would work:

    • Jan-June 2007 – Seven-year treaty begins Tribulation.  ENPI goes into effect.
    • July-Dec 2007Seal 1: Bringer of Peace.  AoC hold first-ever summit. ((Alliance of Civilizations is a coming together of world nations to promote peace and blending of religions/cultures)).  The church claims this bringer of peace is the AntiChrist, but none of the other seals are people, so that’s incongruous.  Further, the Antichrist’s appearance has to be BEFORE seal one is opened, because it kicks off the seals.
    • Jan-June 2008 – Seal 2: Bringer of War.  I’m expecting a major war with Israel, probably involving Syria.  At this point, sources are stating that things in the Middle East haven’t been this bad since the war of 1967 (ironically when Israel became a nation again).  George Ure (not at ALL Biblical) says the web-bots are predicting a major war event in the next three months.
    • July-Dec 2008 – Seal 3: Bringer of Famine.  Every major news syndication and broadcast network is reporting that there is a shortage of wheat and incredible inflation going on due to ethanol, the dollar decline, rising prices in oil, and population.  The Bible (Revelation 6:6) goes on to say “A measure of wheat for a denarion, and three measures of barley for a denarion, but do not hurt the oil and the wine.”  A denarion was a day’s wages… would be equal to about $100 for us.  That’s WAY higher than our inflation has set us.  But notice something else:  Wheat and barley grow on the ground.  Wine (grapes) and oil (olives) grow OFF the ground on trees and vines/bushes.  I’m personally expecting the supervolcano in Yellowstone to blow this summer, or something similar.  The ash would cover the majority of the MidWest – our farmland – and coat the ground.  But the things growing on trees, bushes, and vines would be okay.
    • Jan-June 2009Seal 4 : Bringer of Death.  The Bible (Revelation 6:8) says it will be death by hunger, by the sword, and by critter.  Death by hunger would be the following result of famine.  So would death by the sword (man)… that and the on-going activities of seal two.  Death by critter gets interesting.  Because January thru June is flu season.  I’m expecting the bird flu to hit it’s epidemic strength in 2009.  Personal opinion, of course.
    • July-Sept 2009 – Seal 5: Martyrs.  Much speculation has been made about this, that if you don’t have “666” on you (or in you, possibly Verichip RFID techonology), you won’t be able to buy food, own a house, travel, and you’ll be killed on the scale of a Holocaust.  I try not to speculate, but rather watch RFID technology with interest and expect to need to bunker down.  THIS is why I prep.  Because after June of this year, I think what food stores I have and what sustainable living equiptment we have will be what we will exist on until…
    • Rosh Ha’Shanah 2009 – Seal 6:  CataclysmTHIS in my opinion is the time of the Rapture.  Which has the ‘church’ up on its hackles, because we aren’t supposed to have a DATE for the Rapture… “it will come like a thief” (1 Thessalonians 5:2)… only they don’t read the REST of the verses, because it says that those who are vigilant WON’T be taken by surprise (1 Thessalonians 5:4).  They claim “no man knows the day or the hour”… but they don’t realize that Rosh Ha’Shana is known to the Jews (who don’t believe in Christ) as “The Feast of the Day no Man Knows”… He was TELLING us when it was by saying that.  And Rosh Ha’Shana is a 2-day feast, so no man knows which day or which hour.  Interestingly enough, most of the survivalists I read are predicting a September 2009 SHTF target date for all hell breaking loose.  Fits perfectly with scripture, too, actually.  And if – at this point – a major catastrophic event happens… Revelation 6:12-17 says the sun will become black, the moon red, the stars will fall, the sky will be rolled back, and islands will be moved out of their places.  That would certainly be reason for Recommendation 666 to kick in, for the EU’s High Rep to take total power and for TEOTWAWKI to swing into high-gear.

Another note – The Bible says that there will be two witnesses (most likely Moses and Elijah back from the grave) who will walk the streets in Jerusalem and fry anyone that tries to kill them while prophesying about the end.  I have been watching for them for years now, because they are supposed to do that for 3.5 years, then be killed (left in the streets to rot while the world parties over it… only to rise from the dead three days later).  If they don’t show up in the next month or so in the news (I expect their arrival to be on Passover, which is March 20th this year), then I’m gonna be a *little* confused, because should my six-month suggestion be right, this is the LAST year for them to show up in ordr to be taken out before the second two sets of judgments start up.

And that’s the gist of what I believe.  Time will show how it all really plays out, but I feel very strongly led to share these observations and thoughts.  And again last night, I was prompted to re-post this in a more generically useful format.  So… there ya have it.

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