Peter the Roman: Blair?

NoTe:  Dammit.  I just don’t have time.  And every time I want to write about something important, there’s SO MUCH background I need to cover… I’m hoping to keep this short, but… please bear with me – this is HUGE.  And I’m treading in this water lightly, because I know that talking about prophets and false prophets is a very dangerous thing to do as a ‘christian’.  Credibility is on the line.  And there can be no middle ground – you either plunge in or you stay dry on the beach.  Personally, I think the beach is highly overrated.

I’ve written about St. Malachy before.  Summing it up quickly, Malachy lived in 1139… which meant he was Catholic, because back then, there wasn’t anything BUT Catholic, thanks to the… Catholics.  ((That’s why they called it the Dark Ages… the ‘c’hurch (aka Catholics) purposely kept the people ignorant and submissive.))  Malachy was a spiritual man who had a diocese of his own, and went to Rome to give a report of the state of things under his… jurisdiction.  While there, he recieved a vision of all of the popes from his time until the end of time.  He wrote down a single phrase for each pope he saw.  We’ve progressed down the list (you can see it here) to the second to the last… Gloria Olivea  – Glory of the Olives… Pope Benedict XVI, whom I tend to call Benny the Rat. ((His name is actually Ratzinger, he changed it to Benedict – after the Benedictines, which he was never one of, but which is an order that uses the olive tree to symbolize their sect.  Thus, Benny the Rat… and thus he fulfills the prophecy.))  And next up… is Peter the Roman.  What we’re watching for is a player on the scene who is priming for the role.  And here’s what Malachy said about him:

During the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church,
the seat will be occupied by Peter the Roman,
who will feed his sheep in many tribulations;
and when these things are finished,
the seven-hilled city will be destroyed,
and the formidable Judge will judge his people.  The End.”

Catholic apologist Ronald L. Conte Jr., who in 2002 suggested that the pope immediately after JPII would be called Benedict suggests that the list ends wth Petrus Romanus because his reign will coincide with the beginning of the first part of the Tribulation.  Which I have suggested started on 1/1/2007.  Although I personally don’t agree with Conte’s suggestion.  And here’s where it gets fun… because I tell you why, AND what’s happening at present, while the world fondly looks back on Heston’s Moses, the present has just seen a glimpse of the Roman False Prophet.

Last year, I presented something I called the “Six Month Suggestion”.  In it, I said that if the Trib started 1/1/2007 with Solana’s 7-year ENPI, then the treaty would be broken three and a half years later, which would be June 2010.  I also said that if we wish to place the Rapture (now no longer a pre-Trib option) before the wrath (which scripture promises – that Christ-Followers will escape the wrath that is to come), AND the Rapture will take place during the two-day feast of Rosh Ha’Shanah (the Feast of the Day No Man Knows)… that means that the Rapture would most likely happen in September of 2010 (with the possibility of being earlier – RH2009 – or later – RH2011).  But 2009 doesn’t give much time for the first set of seven judgments to take place… assuming that the Christ-Followers will, as their Jewish counterparts in Egypt had, go thru the first set of three judgments, but not the latter two.  In Egypt it was three sets of three, in the Trib it’s three sets of seven.  And if the Rapture were 2011, that would put the Christ-Followers a year and three months into the wrath… that’s a helluva long fifth seal, and in congruous with the others.  Thus a 2010 Rosh Ha’Shanah Rapture event.  Take seven judgments and divide them by 3.5 years (or 42 months) and you get six months per judgment.  Hence, my six-month suggestion.

Jan to June 2007:  We saw the ENPI (Solana’s seven year treaty with Israel) go into effect.  Solana being the High Representative of the European Union (EU), the prophesied Revived Roman Empire of the book of Daniel.  He may or may not be the AntiChrist (he’s old, could be assasinated or die, could easily be replaced, but he’s in the right position for it, and from what I read of him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the real deal, just not entered as a host, yet, by the Son of Perdition).  But the ENPI *did* begin, Solana *did* draft and implement the sucker, and Israel was the first nation to sign on the dotted line.  Believe what you want, I think this guy’s the human host in waiting.

July to Dec 2007:  Seal One, the rider of the white horse, bringing diplomacy.  Churches have always assumed this was the AntiChrist, but that doesn’t make sense, in hindsight.  If the Trib starts with the AntiChrist’s 7-year treaty, then the AntiChrist can’t rise to power AFTER that power brings about the treaty that starts the whole thing.  It’s ridiculous.  So I was watching to see what would happen, both at the START of this 6-month period, and DURING it, since I don’t know the timing of these events within the period.  Four days before July 1st,  Blair was appointed ambassador to the Middle East… an emissary of peace… with weird rumors of him leaving the Church of England and going Catholic.  Four being the number of tests/trials.  I didn’t understand.  But I’ve been watching.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair kindled speculation he was running to be the first president of the European Union by praising the bloc in a speech in Paris as France prepares to oversee the appointment process.  …The post of president of the European Council — which meets at head of state and government level usually four times a year — is due to be created by the 27-nation grouping in the second half of 2008, when France will chair EU ministerial meetings.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair will teach at Yale University in the next academic year starting in September, leading a course on “faith and globalization,” the Ivy League school said on Friday.  He also plans to set up the Blair Faith Foundation, based in London, before taking up his teaching post, the university said.  The foundation aims to examine the role of religion in the modern world and to promote understanding among Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

And this morning, people…

Tony Blair has called for a drive among people of all faiths to “awaken the world’s conscience” over the failure to tackle poverty, illiteracy and poor health in the developing world.  Delivering his first major speech on religion at Westminster Cathedral, the former prime minister, who converted to Catholicism last year, argued that religions of all kinds should be rescued from extremism and irrelevance to help meet a “profound yearning within the human spirit” at a time of unprecedented global turbulence.  He set out plans for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, which is designed to forge closer ties between young people of all major religions, as well as promoting the importance of faith in general.  …He said: “Even 10 years ago, religion was still being written off as a force in the world … But, in fact, at no time since the Enlightenment has religion ever gone away. It has always been at the very core of life for millions of people.”

Which brings us back ’round to Peter the Roman.

The fact that Peter the Roman is associated with the Revived Roman Empire and not the church (within the prophecy) itself is telling.  Because here we have a major player on the scene, with ties to three avenues, the Middle East (as Envoy), the EU (as potential president, although IMO that has NO bearing, as the president answers to the High Representative, which means Solana would trump him in power), and the AoC… the EU group that is pushing for religious unification and tolerance.

Also, the fact that Peter the Roman is connected to the Catholic church via ‘papal succession’ in the prophecy is telling.  Which red flags Blair’s funky conversion to Catholicism upon leaving his prime minister role.  Did he use that position as a launching pad, and if so, might he also use Catholicism as a launching pad… and fly to new and unprecedented heights… like, as in, to False Prophet?

Also the prophecy says the [papal] seat will be OCCUPIED by Peter the Roman.  Makes you wonder if he was actually in line for it, qualified for it, or something different, doesn’t it?  Like maybe this guy (Tony Blair?) happens to be Catholic and the driving force of global religious unity and a natural candidate to take the ‘church’ in a new direction?

Then it says he shall feed HIS sheep… I wonder exactly who ‘his sheep’ will be.  Does this refer to the Catholic church, or the peoples of the entire world (including the Catholic church, of course)?  The possibilities here are endless.  Sounds like he’s got a whole congregation of ‘sheep’ lined up for his sermons, er, lessons at Yale, already.

It seems that – within the specified ‘Seal One’ timeframe, we see some major shifting with a particular man.  And that’s not the only thing – I’ve mentioned the AoC… they had some major changes and moved to the forefront during this time, too.  They have the same agenda as Blair – religious tolerance and unification and globalization.  Will they be the underlying drive for his success?  Will he become the frontrunning representative for this?  Are pieces and processes falling into place?

I’m just reporting what I see.  Because we’re commanded to watch.  Because there are a lot of people NOT watching.  As for me, I’m watching Solana.  I’m watching Blair.  And while Charlton Heston was a great gun advocate and an incredibly dramatic Moses… I’m watching for Peter the Roman.

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