Church & State

Today we went to Menards to get 2x4s, and we ran into a couple from our old church.

((NoTe:  When I say ‘old’ church, I mean the Christian Missionary Alliance church we got married in.  Then we moved north for 10 years and went to three other churches which are also ‘old’ churches of ours, but not THE old church in question.  When we moved back here, we tried to return to the cm&a church, but it didn’t work, as they have a CGM hypocrite who teaches pured unadulterated fluff and the body itself has decayed into painful and disasterous spiritual lethargy which we will not re-cover in this blog.  Just know that we went, we left, we went back, we left… and when we left, it was NOT on good terms with said CGM hypocrie who teaches pure unadulterated flufff.  Tangent, sorry, let’s continue.))

Long story short, while in Menards today for 2x4s, we ran into a couple from our old church who, with just about everyone, have always been very friendly and warm.  They were NOT friendly OR warm with us.  It was… obviously strained.  And although I talked a mile a minute (I do that when nervous, and it was definitely uncomfortable, so I started doing my weird Anna thang), it was… erm, really bad.  And when they (as quickly as they could) excused themselves, Brian said, “Wow, with him being deacon at CM&A church, it’s obvious CGM hypocrite yada-yada pastor has said something about us, isn’t it?”  Or something to that effect.

And to be honest, I was pretty hurt.  First, that CGM hypo-blah-blah pastor would talk about us as an issue with the deacons (if that’s what happened, which, knowing CGMP, probably *did* happen), and second, that this couple that I’d always admired would actually buy what CGM bastard was selling second-hand, hello.  I mean, they didn’t even ask us why we left or if things were okay with us or ANYTHING, just cold, not-really-smiles, let’s-get-out-of-here type behavior.  It sucked.

And then Brian made the comment.  “Y’know, church is just like government.  People let someone else make the calls and decisions and they follow blindly because it’s big and it can’t possibly be argued with because it’s authority and they buy everything they’re told and are caught up to their ears in it whether right or wrong with no desire to find out Truth for themselves.”

W.H.A.   Ohmigosh, do you know how SPOT ON that is?!  It is.  It is SOOO true.  Church is a great big organization that feeds you what they want you to spiritually believe and has you schnookered into letting them call the shots, and you’re expected just to go along with what they tell you and stand when they say “All rise” and set when they say “You may be seated”… I used to keep my eyes open and glare at the pastors when they said, “Bow your heads, all eyes closed.”  Show me where it says that in the Bible, dude, and I’ll comply, but I’ll be DAMNED if I’m gonna play puppet to your strings.  ((I have issues with authority these days.  *Blush!*))

Anyhow, Brian SOOO nailed it, and right on the heels of my Constitution, The-government-wants-to-control-you-and-if-you-don’t-comply-they’ll-make-you-miserable-until-you-do post.  The church is the SAME WAY!!!!  They want to control you and if you don’t comply, they’ll ask you to leave, ask people to “pray for you because blah-blah-gossip-blah”, blacklist you as being ‘renegade’ or having ‘strange ideas’ or whatever… it sucks!  ((Did I say that already?  That it sucks?  Because it does.))

I told Brian I was mostly upset because I wanted more for that couple.  I see them, and I see SUCH potential… such a great pair that could really have enthusiasm and a heart for Truth… if only they could take off the blinders the church has put on them to keep them from KNOWING the Truth… and it just… ((yes, I’m getting repetitive, it’s late)) SUCKS!!

Venting.  Late night venting.  Sorry, going now… just… hadda share about how church and government are both way too powerful and way too big for their own good and people subjected to BOTH have gotta wake up and start taking stock of just what’s going on.  I’ll muse more on that while trying to get to sleep.

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