SMS: Seal Two Fulfilled

I have a confession to make.  I’ve been dodging you on an issue.  The issue being my six-month suggestion.

For those of you who don’t remember, about a year and a half ago, I woke up with an idea planted in my head.  It wasn’t MY idea – and frankly, this happens often with the Lord and me.  I get these ‘lightbulbs’ and they reveal ideas or link events or something similar.  And at that time, the idea was this:  If the ENPI (Solana’s 7-year treaty with the Middle Eastern nations) was the ‘covenant with many’ from Daniel 9, and it started on 1/1/07, then each ‘seal’ would open thereafter in six-month increments.  I did the math and this is what I came up with:


 ENPI :  7-year ‘covenant’ by Solana/Trib begins


 Seal 1:  Diplomat given power in the name of peace


 Seal 2:  Rider of Red Horse  (war begins)


 Seal 3:  Rider of Black Horse   (famine begins)


 Seal 4:  Rider of Pale Horse:  (death/sickness begins)


 Seal 5:  Martyrs beheaded for their faith begins


 Seal 6:  Cataclysm begins


 Seal 7:  Mid-Trib Point exactly.

Having said, I did NOT post in the past six months about the red horse seal.  Frankly, because I didn’t get the war I was expecting.  I thought maybe Iran would hit us with an EMP, or Damascus would hit Israel, or Iran would hit Israel… something along those lines.  And it didn’t happen.  And according to what I’d been told, war had to happen between 1/1/08 and 7/1/08.  My problem was that… it didn’t happen.  So what did that mean?  Did it mean that my message was coming from somewhere else?  ((THAT scared the hell out of me.))  Or maybe the Lord was trying to confuse me or trip me up (but He isn’t supposed to operate that way) – and I am NOT a false prophet… because it’s not MY message – I didn’t come up with it.  So what did it MEAN, to have a message, and have that message NOT be true?  And what was I going to tell YOU?

Just wait.

So I did.  I just waited.  And waited.  And waited.  And damn it, if the WHOLE six months didn’t go by, and there was no devastating war.  So what the hell?!?!?!  I’m NOT a patient person, and frankly, I wasn’t seeing ANYTHING posted on Fulfilled Prophecy, on my news sources… nada.  Not even escalating tensions (above the usual, anyhow).  Waiting is not my forte.

Then last week something happened.  The night the Olympic games began, while the world was watching the atheletes in China, Russia entered Georgia and started attacking the sattelite state.  My antenna perked up… but something was WRONG.  WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.  It was 8/8/08, NOT in my timeframe.  That’s wrong.

Then I got a message from someone on one of my survivalist boards, and it went something like this:   “Russia is reconstituting the USSRand when this nuclear exchange comes… they will have the Ukraine, Georgia, Azakstan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan….ALL the satellite nations BACK INSIDE the Iron Curtain.  …Russian army units are holding the city of Gori at present and are moving along the road toward Tblisi. They will take Tblisi. Why?  Because Gori and Tblisi are on the major highway and railroad thoroughfares through Georgia and into Turkey. They are setting up to move massive amounts of troops and equipment through Georgia and Turkey to Lebanon and the border of Israel to support the Super Jihad invasion of Israel per the prophecy of Ezekiel 38/39 concerning the war.  Georgian cities of Gori and Tblisis seem to be important passage points, yes. It is most notable that these two cities are OUTSIDE of the South Ossetia area – which was the REASON GIVEN for the invasion that 70,000 Russian citizens in South Ossetia wanted to be part of Russia again. Russian motives were clearly otherwise, or at least in addition.”

Wow, did THAT set off a big red flag with me!  So I went on a hunt to find out more information.  Is Russia trying to go back to the way it was before?  If so, when did this begin?  For that matter, when did the trouble with Georgia start?  And could it be that the start of Seal 2 (which is commonly thought to be a reference to the more detailed account of war in Ez 38-39) actually DID start in the past six months, and I just missed it… which is why I was told to wait?  Worth looking into, anyhow…

The 2008 Georgian – Russia crisis began on March 6, 2008 when Russia announced that it would no longer participate in the Commonwealth of Independent States economic sanctions imposed on Abkhazia in 1996. The crisis has been linked to the push for Georgia to receive a NATO Membership Action Plan and the unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo.  …Responding to Kosovo’s recent declaration of independence, Russian officials declared Moscow should “reshape its relations with self-proclaimed republics”. 
aNNa’S NoTe:  Wow, look at that.  Halfway through my timeframe, Russian decides to ‘reshape’ it’s relations.  And if you read the rest of the timeline, they just start moving their military in from there.  That decision would be a definite red horse.  But what else did I find?  Some very interesting things, actually…

When looking at the Georgian-Russian flare-up from an Israeli perspective, there are a couple of key things to keep in mind. The first is that this is not about us, and although there is an Israeli angle in that local companies have sold arms to Tbilisi and trained units of the Georgian army, there is not a significant Israeli component to this story.  The second thing to remember is that, unfortunately, life is not black-or-white. Although for historic, emotional and sentimental reasons, the Israeli tendency is to back the pro-Western, pro-American Georgians in this conflict – the David in this fight – Israel has a real strategic interest in not infuriating the Russians.

Israel wants to support Georgia, wants to help Georgia, but also has to maintain a very special relationship with Russia. The reason is simple: Moscow is a major supplier of arms to Syria and Iran, and Israel would like to keep Russia from selling arms to those two countries that could tilt the region’s strategic balance.
aNNa’S NoTe:  The problem is that Israel doesn’t accept Revelation as prophetic, and therefore don’t believe that the USSR (King of the North) is going to join with her enemies and attack, anyhow.  There *is* no balance.  But that’s moot, at this point.  We’re not there, yet.

Georgia, bordering the Black Sea between Turkey and Russia, was ruled by Moscow for most of the two centuries preceding the 1991 breakup of the Soviet Union. Russia has distributed passports to most in South Ossetia and Abkhazia and stationed troops they call peacekeepers there since the early 1990s. Georgia’s Interior Ministry accused Russia of using Iskander short-range missiles on the Black Sea port of Poti and in the central city of Gori. Ministry official Shota Utiashvili showed reporters images of what he said were shrapnel and remains of the missiles. There was no immediate response from Russian officials.

Nogovitsyn would not comment on the Russian presence in Poti, saying only that Russian forces were operating within their “area of responsibility.” He also shrugged off as “nonsense” Ukraine’s order restricting Russia’s navy from moving freely in Ukraine’s Black Sea waters.
aNNa’S NoTe: So this IS key to getting to the Middle East.  Very interesting, that!  And further, (you haven’t heard much about it, but) Ukraine has made statements saying that they aren’t going to let Russia’s military into their ports on the Black Sea.  Think we might be brewing for something bigger?

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev told his Ukrainian counterpart on Friday that Kiev’s plans to join NATO run counter to the bilateral treaty on friendship, Russia’s foreign minister said on Friday. Medvedev also cautioned Viktor Yushchenko at a meeting near St. Petersburg against unilateral steps to expel Russia’s Black Sea Fleet from naval facilities leased from Ukraine, Sergei Lavrov said after the meeting. “Ukraine’s membership in such an alliance [NATO] cannot be treated as friendly toward Russia,” Lavrov said.

Ukraine’s Western-leaning leaders failed to secure membership in an action plan paving the way to accession to the bloc at a NATO summit in spring, but were told the decision would be reviewed in December. Ukraine’s plans to join NATO and to review the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s presence in the Crimean Peninsula ahead of 2017, when the lease agreement expires, have angered Moscow. Russian parliament said earlier this month Moscow could terminate the 1997 friendship treaty with Ukraine if the ex-Soviet state joined NATO. Lawmakers said this would be tantamount to the unilateral withdrawal from the treaty. Some politicians said Russia could claim back the Crimea, part of Russia’s Soviet republic until 1954, if Ukraine is admitted to NATO.
aNNa’S NoTe: Coupla things here… remember Victor of the Ukraine?  A few years ago, I posted before and after pictures of the poor guy.  He was running for presidency in Ukraine, and Russia didn’t like his friendliness to the West… and somehow he got poisoned, and his face literally turned stone gray and cracked into painful crevices.  It was weird, dude.  Well, that’s this guy.  And he applied to be in NATO, and Putin showed up at the NATO summit and said, “No – and don’t cross me.”  And NATO didn’t cross him.  Now Ukraine is thinking of blocking Russia’s ships, and analysts are discussing the possibility of Russian reclaiming the Crimea.  Wow – how’s THAT for ‘reconstituting the USSR?’

Georgia’s president said early Wednesday that he agreed to the “general principals” of a plan for ending fighting with Russian troops in his country.  The cease-fire plan brokered by President Nicolas Sarkozy of France calls for both Russian and Georgian troops to return to their positions before fighting erupted around the breakaway province of South Ossetia last week. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev agreed to the proposal in a meeting with Sarkozy in Moscow. The French leader then traveled to Tbilisi where he spent several hours ironing it out with Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili.

Sarkozy, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the European Union, said the EU could send peacekeepers to Georgia if all parties agreed to the plan.  “Could Europe be involved in a peacekeeping mission? Europe is available to do that of course,” Sarkozy said at a news conference in Moscow earlier.
aNNa’S NoTe:  Whoa, whoa, whoa… where’s Solana?!  Okay, it makes sense that Sarkozy is a biggie on the EU scene – France has the rotating presidency for six months (one of the big three ironically in charge for this!)… but Solana’s our peace man.  What’s happened to Solana?

Brussels – Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday confirmed to the European Union’s highest foreign-policy official that he had ordered a ceasefire in Georgia, officials in Brussels said a day before the EU was expected to discuss the crisis.  Medvedev confirmed in a phone conversation with EU High Representative Javier Solana that he had decided to stop all military operations in Georgia, Solana’s spokeswoman Cristina Gallach said.

Other EU members say that they are waiting for the outcome of talks between Medvedev and his French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy, who currently holds the EU’s presidency, in Moscow. Sarkozy reached Moscow on Tuesday morning to call for a ceasefire, minutes after Medvedev had in fact announced one.
aNNa’S NoTe:  Ah, did you catch that?  Sarkozy’s got the plan, man, but MINUTES before he called for cease-fire with a plan, Russia’s on the phone with – none other than – Solana.  How about THOSE beans?  ((grins))  That sly fox.  He always beats them to the punch.  He’s really something else, I’m telling ya.  I’ve been watching the man for YEARS now, and there’s NOBODY like Javier.

The European Union’s High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana returned empty-handed from his June 6 talks with Abkhaz secessionist leaders in Sokhumi. Solana held talks with Georgian leaders first, while en route to Sokhumi; and briefed Georgian leaders afterward, before returning to Brussels.

Solana described his visit as a high-level harbinger of the EU’s intentions to become involved in efforts toward settling the conflict. “It is my first visit but will not be the last one,” he said. With only one year remaining in Solana’s term of office, such a statement could imply that he regards conflict-resolution in Abkhazia as a possible legacy issue. It has certainly not been a priority issue for Solana at any point during his term; but legacy issues sometimes tend to rise suddenly to priority status in the final year, not only of Solana.
aNNa’S NoTe:  I’ve lost track of time.  Solana’s term is almost up.  We can talk about that later (I believe he’ll get a re-vamped position of High Representative – slash – Permanent EU President – slash – god), but this is interesting.  And ‘6’ is such an interesting number… this first meeting being 6/6, of course…

TBILISI, Georgia (CNN) — Russia has likely moved additional troops into Georgia and its breakaway provinces over the past several days, several administration officials told CNN on Wednesday.  The officials said Russia probably has at least 15,000 troops in the region. The U.S. government had estimated 8,000 to 10,000 Russian troops had moved into Georgia when fighting began last week. A Bush administration official stressed that the scope of Russia’s military effort remains unclear.

…Bush said he was told the Russian military had blocked Georgia’s major east-west highway and had soldiers at the main port at Poti, and there were reports that some ships had been attacked.  Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said … that Russia’s operations are “aimed at ensuring the peace-enforcement operation in respect to the Georgian side, which violates all of its obligations,” and his office denied that Russia had violated the cease-fire. The six-point deal between the sides, negotiated by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, was meant to end the fighting over the breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Russia sent its tanks into South Ossetia on Friday, saying it needed to protect Russian citizens living in the enclave, and quickly pushed back the Georgian forces. Russian forces also moved into Abkhazia, another breakaway Georgian region.
aNNa’S NoTe:  First, look at the orange words.  FIGHTING BEGAN.  That’s fact, there.  Then we move to the bold words – Russia’s blocked the main highway.  The we get the joke:  Russia’s operations (see aforementioned orange [FIGHTING] and bold [BLOCKING]) are ‘aimed a ensuring peace enforcement.  What is that?!?!  And now they’ve moved inot Abkhazia, too.  ((Another satellite.))  Sure looks like the USSR’s trying to re-absorb it’s break-offs, don’t it?

And then we get the ‘a-ha’.  The cease-fire failed.  And who takes the fall?  Not the EU’s Solana.  He never takes a fall.  It’s Sarkozy whose whiz-bang plan didn’t work.  And don’t think for a moment Solana didn’t know that was going to happen.  He probably stepped back and allowed it to.  Remember when he ‘acted drunk’ at that one summit, and while everyone else was making this really stOOpid mistake, he grew very quiet and sober and didn’t participate… and then came away as the only one who didn’t have egg on his face?  The man is keen, he let Sarkozy take this bomb down.  Man, I like watching him…!

So if I’m right, this ‘King of the North’ thing is the beginning of the attacks that are to come.  It’s the start of the thing.  And just like everything else, it started low-key… so low that I missed it.  But man, is it taking off now.  I will definitely be watching this!

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