The Four Seasons

Today we worked on our seasons chart.  This is important to me, because yes, my kids know the four seasons, and yes, they can call off the months of the year in sing-song, but I wanted them to see how they fit, see how the WHOLE picture is, where we are, and I learned some interesting things, myself, in doing this.  So naturally, I’m bringing it here to share.

This is the chart we made – cutting out trees, coloring, labeling, and decorating.  It was actually a lot of fun:

((My scanner cut it a little, but you get the idea.  I’ll leave it enlargeable.))

In the beginning, the earth did NOT rotate off-kilter.  It’s route around the moon wasn’t off, it wasn’t the way it is now.  Originally, there were 30 days in all 12 months.  360 days in a year.  We’re off, now, because of what happened during The Great Flood, when the heavens collapsed, the waters broke forth, the earth shook, and the rotation went off-track, altering the amount of days in a year.  But back then… things were different.

The first thing you might note is that I started with the fall.  The reason I did this is because Yah’s calender begins with Rosh Ha’Shana, which typically is in September.  You will also find that – if the twelve months are divided into the four seasons, you get three months for each season.  January is in the MIDDLE of the winter months.  You can’t start with that, it doesn’t work.  Which would be because that’s NOT the way Yahweh created it to work (not that it makes a difference to people).  If you start with September, it’s the FIRST of the fall months.

But as I was looking at this, I saw something else.  Something totally incredible.  I want to point out is the progression of the leaves.  If we start with the fall – we’re in synch with scripture.  Remember, Genesis also starts with ‘the Fall’.  ((grins))  It progresses into the winter, which is exile (physically and spiritually) for mankind.  Sin is ‘covered’, but not cleansed away.  Then Yeshua came, and New Life began.  Are you following?  Now the harvest is plentiful, and we’re headed towards the time (prophetically) that the wheat will be separated from the tares and the Lord will bring in His own.  Fits my calendar pretty well!

Who knew such a simple homeschooling project could yeild such a wealth of learning – even for me!!

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