Is it Really Evil?

I’ve had some questions the past week or so, and they’ve been culminating to the point where… I don’t know where to go with it.  It has to do with things we are told are ‘evil’.  I… don’t know.  I have a hard time with this.  There are so many things we’re told are ‘evil’ that really aren’t.Cards, for example.  I’ve gone to churches that said playing cards/dice was ‘evil’ because it was ‘gambling’ – even Go Fish and Uno were considered of the devil.  ((I’ve been to some churches that would make your head spin.))  Then what would they do with the disciples casting lots to discern the Lord’s choices as to the two new additions to the twelve?  Or the Urim and Thummim of the High Priest?  ((<< church response to that would be: ‘uh… what’s Urim and Thummim?))

Another example is the stars, and you know I’ve gone off about this before.  The church teaches that you shouldn’t look to the stars to read things, it’s evil – the zodiac and the astronomy… but are the signs in the stars really evil?  What about the three sages that followed the signs in the stars to the Messiah, or the fact that the 12 tribes correspond to the twelve ‘zodiac’ signs…?  I believe He puts definite things in the stars to tell us what’s going to happen… Biblical Astronomy.  We should be watching the signs in the heavens.

The church taught me from early on (back when I was reading about the evils of rock music and how children were being sold to satan every time you played Madonna on your tape recorder, and no, I’m not shitting you)… that yoga was evil.  It was emptying your mind and allowing satan to come in, and the postures were used to connect the goddess of your mind to the snake spirit in your ‘core’, and when alignment was achieved, satan would be contacted.  What?!?!??!   What about the Bible telling a woman to ‘gird her loins’ – the loins are your ‘core’ and to gird is to strengthen.  Not to mention it’s proven that the key to good health is a strong core?  Now I understand that if someone is meditating on leaving their body or welcoming weird energies or spirits in, that’s bad.  But the meditating/welcoming is wrong, NOT the stretches.   How can strength in the body be evil?  And then along come the church.  Instead of stretching and strengthening, the church teaches women that – when they’re hungry they shouldn’t eat, they should pray.  Starvation salvation, that.  Something’s very wrong.  They’re JUST STRETCHES… and I have a sneaking suspicion that the church has demonized something that shouldn’t have been, based on wrong beliefs.

So astronomy is good and of the Lord, but astrology is its evil counterpart?  Stretching is good and of the Lord, but yoga is its evil counterpart?  Casting lots is good and of the Lord, but gambling is its evil counterpart?  This is what I’m coming away with, and …I… have a hard time with this.

Frankly, what I’m seeing is that the church in their superstitious stupidity and added ‘rules’ has thrown out important things, and satan has seen this and snatched up those things.  He’s no idiot.  He knows what’s beneficial, what’s useful and empowering, and he isn’t going to waste opportunity.

Which brings me to something new.  I’m reading a few fantasy-type novels about weird creatures like wraiths and portal-keepers and witches (the hex-kind) and other things… and the one thing I’ve noticed is that they use ‘the earth’ to draw strength from.  Nature is where power is drawn from – lavender to calm, chamomile to soothe, peppermint to aid in digestion/refresh/purify, and so forth.  And the thing is, anyone who heals with herbs or even just supplements food with these things knows that… well, THIS IS TRUE!!  These elements and what they do to the body… it’s all true.

My question is… why doesn’t the Bible say anything about nature’s usefulness… like herbs?  Or using the earth to heal or right things?  OBVIOUSLY the Lord made these things with their characteristic qualities for a reason.  He gave us so many resources… but there’s not a word about any of them.  We aren’t told to use them, or how to use them, and you know ALL things are given for the glory of God…  Hello, He made the earth and all that is in it BEFORE HE MADE US!!!  For a purpose!  Shouldn’t we have some knowledge of it?  But there’s nothing!

So why?  Why aren’t we told?  Why aren’t we using it?  Why is it considered ‘extra-Biblical’ or even ‘spiritual’ (<< and I don’t mean that in a ‘holy’, ‘of God’ kind of way)?  And of course people wig out when you mention potions or infusions.  Incense is for witches, no respectable fortune teller would go without it burning in their inner sanctum.  Personally I can’t stand incense, but I don’t understand how burning compacted herbs could be ‘evil’.  Or drinking a tea with echinea in it or adding garlic to get over a sickness.  Yes, a seance or game of ouija is definitely evil, because it calls up spirits… but incense does nothing more than smell, hello.  Not familiar with the sin of stink, personally.

In this novel, white candles are for purification, while black and red are more potent and used when making charms (soaking something in herbs to help a person’s clarity of thinking, stress, or whatever).  IT’S A COLOR!!  What is so damn evil about black or red?  Did you know there’s more RED on the High Priest’s breastplate than any other color?  And in the walls of Heaven, according to Revelation?  Why is it ‘evil’?  I don’t understand… christians freak and run or gasp… when they should be TAKING IT BACK!  These things belonged to Yahweh before satan had them – take them back!  Fire was for purification in the temple, burning the dross of sin away, at every shabbat table before it was used in wrought iron candelabras lit with demon-summoning flames flickered.

I’m not saying there isn’t real evil.  That satan isn’t a viable foe or that demons aren’t around us – I’ve had enough head-ons with them (literally) not to underestimate their threat.  But hello, greater is He that is in me than ANYTHING they can dish out… I’m guaranteed a win before they even show.  And anyhow, what does rolling dice, lighting a candle, touching your toes or a ginger infusion have to do with that, anyhow?!?!

I’m just… very confused about things.  Mostly where nature’s place is in the Lord’s scheme.  Herbs, the four elements, the heavens… I want to know more, but I’d be hard-pressed to find out ANYTHING from ‘church’ sources.  They’re so tightly strung about things that just aren’t in scripture (light, healing, water, fire, earth, etc.) and what *is* there I’m just not well enough acquainted with…

…talking out loud…

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