Missions: A Religious Racket

Another Religious Racket

‘Confused Answers’ asked me about a week or so ago to talk more about why I don’t like mission trips.

Sure.  Look out your window, at the house across the street.  At the house to the left, and to the right.  At the place across your back yard.  Are your neighbors following Christ?  Your child’s soccer coach, your sister in law’s family, the girlfriend you reconnected with thru Facebook… do they eagerly desire to grow in the Lord daily?

Then why are people flying across the world to Kenya and Peru and Laos to build churches or schools or medical facilities?  Don’t you think you’ve been put in the correct place at the correct time to do a work here?

Yes, a hundred years ago, there was a need to spread the word to those who hadn’t heard in other nations.  But with technology the way it is, that’s not necessary any longer.  The (VERY) few people groups who do not know who Messiah is can be reached by those nearer to them (in distance and culture) far better than by us.

Today, mission trips are freebies to other nations.  They show up, and pretend to care about our god, and we’ll give them books, food, supplies, medicines, and more.  We’ll BUILD so they don’t have to!  My cousin John found out about that, even right here in the states.  Show up at a church, tell them you’ve five mouths to feed and haven’t got a job at the moment, and HELL, they’ll BUY you a car!  He got an entire house of furnishings that way.  Then just move on to the next church.  The gullible suckers think they’re doing a service for the Lord, so it’s a win-win, isn’t it?

I don’t mean to be cynical, but I stopped supporting World Vision when they spent more money on glossy covered magazines showing us how wonderful they are than they did on the kids I sponsored… who were just in it for the education, meds, and food supplements.  Send ’em a card in the mail to placate the donors, and you’re set!  And I should know – I supported three children for fifteen years through both World Vision and Compassion International.

The thing is, I know that in this day and age, people have resources, and if they don’t, it’s pretty easy to get to them.  If you have drought in your land, or a lack of jobs, you do like everyone else and go where there’s NOT drought, or where there ARE jobs… you don’t sit and wait for Worshipful Welfare to hit your block.  It’s ridiculous.  And don’t tell me they don’t have resources and technology there – I tend freakin’ Lil Green Patches from Zimbabwe, for pity’s sake.

I just don’t believe what’s going on right now is what Yah intended.  Churchianity has perverted helping the widows, children, and homeless into a racket to help the sedentary people in the pews feel fulfilled from a week-long spurt of giving in some far off place.  It gives the person a sense of self-satisfaction.  But is SELF satisfaction really what needs to be going on?  Should we REALLY be deserting our children, our husbands, our jobs and our neighbors – the things Yahweh has given us to minister to and in – so that we can schlep off to Madagascar and commune with the natives for a few days?

I see Satan really getting off on this.  It’s great fun, run the idiot ‘believers’ round the world doling out United Nations style care and a Bible for free, while their grandmother’s dying and going to hell in a forsaken corner of America – the nation where true faith is only found in 7% of the CHURCH-GOING population.  That’s right – NINETY-THREE percent of the people giving towards your mission trip are going to hell.  Still think you’re goals are Yahweh’s plan?  ‘Cuz I don’t.

That’s NOT what we were called to do.  Not today.  Not when the dying are in your back yard.

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