Demons vs. Aliens

Friday I made some statements about using non-believing (obtuse wording, that) prophets, and how I believe the are chosen for use because those who are ‘on board for the Lord’ are too damn strung up in their preconceived notions and added commandments that they’re of no use to Him at all.  Having said, I return the line of thinking to George Ure and his prophecies… and I believe there is a reason he is being used – because what he has to say would be immediately rejected by a chrischun prophet.  In other words, I believe YOU will reject this blog.  And for the same reason Ure had to be used… because you won’t like the content or explore the ideas I’m about to cover.

I received a prophetic message some time ago that, if the ENPI gone into effect January 1, 2007 by Javier Solana WAS INDEED the 7-year covenant with many foretold in Daniel, then the seals of Revelation six would be opened in a very methodical fashion: one every six months, leading up to the mid-point of the Tribulation… which would be mid 2010, of course.  I call this the “Six Month Suggestion”, and so far we’re dead on – everything has fit it perfectly.  NOT my doing, btw.

Presently, we’re in the January thru June 2009 six-month period, which is seal four – sickness, death, pandemic.  As we are moving closer and closer to the end of this six-month period, need to look at July thru December 2009, which is Seal 5 – Martyrs.  There is some debate in churchianity about what this entails, from people being tattooed with the number “666” and herded Holocaust-style into prisons and such to churches being raided on Sunday morning and congregants being herded to guillotines.  ((Hardly, darling.  Sheeple are the LEAST worrisome of people to *any* society.))  Anyhow, I was very eager to hear what George had to say about this… especially since it WOULDN’T be scripturally based.

The first thing George said was that starting in May we would start to see NASA revealing secrets.  And this week, his first link was to an article about a statute found in the 1970s carved of moon rock on the moon… a statue of an angel.  Now I can’t say I was moved one way or another – or that I believe it, but I do believe NASA hides a TON of stuff from us.  And while I don’t believe in aliens, George was setting us up for ‘visitors’ from ‘outer space’.  And my being brought up programmed as a chrischun, we automatically shut down anything that has to do with silly little green men from ‘outer space’… right?  Stay with me.  Please.

The next day, George linked to another site – this time the site was about crop circles that have showed up this past month.  Anyhow, the idea is that ‘something’ out there (aliens, whatever) are giving us messages, and that they’re rather important.  Half of the crop circles have to do with the moon or the sun, and apparently there’s going to be a massive solar flare on July 7th (during a full-moon apogee).  Time will tell, won’t it?  I’m not looking for that, so it’s periphrial to me… but will be interesting to watch.  We’re commanded to watch, you know, and to test the spirits.

And frankly, do you honestly believe demons/angels are on the same plane as we are?  That the New Heaven, New Jerusalem, and New Earth are going to be on the same plane?  I’m just throwing things out there for you to think about.  Because while I don’t believe in aliens, I believe in angels (fallen and heavenly) and in other dimensions that are unseen/unknown to us.  Yah is bigger than we can fathom, remember.

What George is saying is that he sees the possibility of mankind – THIS FALL – having a bunch of disappearances, and it having to do with demonic activity, passed off as ‘alien’ encounters.  Only see, aliens are from outer space, while demons are from another dimension.  But because man doesn’t LIKE the idea of demons, they ‘soften’ them down to ‘alien encounters’.  In other words… are demons and aliens the same thing, just different versions of each other?  Interesting to think about.

Especially since there’s an extremely good chance of a Rosh Ha’Shana rapture – wouldn’t ‘alien abduction’ be a GREAT way to ration away the phenomenon?  And if not that, a way to explain the ‘disappearances’ of people who are being martyred?  Although some people have suggested that we don’t need that nutty kind of rationale – if there’s going to be a pandemic and people are home sick/dying, nobody’s going to notice those who aren’t around, suddenly, are they?  Just to give you some ideas to mull over.

To be honest, this is a concept I never considered before – that Heaven/Sheol/Hell might be in the heavens as a different dimension, and that these things that happen that chrischuns posh off as preposterous… well, they might be significant spiritual activity that has something to do with what is coming.

I wish I had a better handle on it – my eyes have been opened a bit more to a few things I was closed to previously through this.  And frankly, this is poorly written, but I’m still trying to think through it, so you have my apologies… I just hope it was coherent enough to spark some discussion or thoughts on the matter.

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